FOX Soccer Report to Re-Launch As FOX Soccer News On August 17 [VIDEO]

Just in time for the 2012-13 Premier League season, FOX Soccer will re-launch FOX Soccer Report on August 17, 2012 as FOX Soccer News, the new nightly soccer news round-up show beginning at 10pm ET.

FOX Soccer News will feature new talent and a new look in time for the new soccer season. While FOX Soccer Report is filmed in Winnipeg, Canada, the new show will be televised live from Toronto, Canada and will be produced by Rogers Media. The final show of FOX Soccer Report is expected to run on Thursday, August 16.

Between FOX Soccer Report and FOX Soccer News, I much prefer the FOX Soccer News name. We’ll have to wait and see how the new show looks. But the video promo (shown above) looks enticing.

H/T Oliver Tse.

24 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Report to Re-Launch As FOX Soccer News On August 17 [VIDEO]”

    1. Craig Forrest should be available as a studio pundit if needed . He should be good enough, though I don’t expect him to be Bobby McMahon.

      I will reserve judgment on the new female anchor (whom I expect to be) Kara Lang, until I actually watch her anchor. I expect Kara to learn on the job and become good over time.

      Remember that Michelle Lissel and Jeremy St. Louis were not very good when they first became available to U.S. viewers in 2002. Word got back to them from south of the 49th parallel that everyone in Winnipeg had to become much better in order to retain the audience. They had the luxury of time because there was no other alternative at the time.

      Expectations are much higher in 2012 because broadband Internet has made linear news and highlights shows optional viewing even for diehard fans. There are too many other ways for soccer fans to get news and highlights, which are completely stale by 10pm Eastern Time

  1. Where else can you get your J League updates… And sets from my high school…

    Any update is welcomed, maybe the writing can be majorly updated as well. That show was so difficult to watch, and listen to… And the highlights seemed run off a VHS vtr.

    I love when they run SkyNews. SkySport is great as well, but getting a live feed of English news is refreshing, even if it is Sky.

    1. Skysport isnt that great, way too much time devoted to non football( which is to be expected, considering it is a general sports program), and the vacuous eye candy presenters who give no depth of reportage.

  2. Bobby McMahon is the best pundit in North America. To not have him on a channel that is severly lacking in talent is a very bad move. I hope he ends up back on television soon. Perhaps beinsports?

    1. I understand that beIN SPORT 1 USA (and probably Canada as well) is looking for a studio pundit on October 6-7 for Barcelona vs Real Madrid and AC Milan vs Inter.

      Bobby McMahon is a possibility though the cost of having to sponsor an O-1B visa application for him to work 1 weekend may be cost prohibitive.

      I understand that Kasey Keller turned down the opportunity several weeks ago, and that Brandi Chastain hasn’t decided whether to pursue the opportunity as she is busy with London 2012.

      I would be surprised if the freelancer fee to work one weekend as a pundit on beIN SPORT 1 USA would exceed the $1200-1600 range so there isn’t a whole lot of money involved in the gig.

  3. the new show is horrible………..

    if there was another option for soccer highlights is hd i wouuld never watch it again..

    bring back the old report along with michelle and eoin

  4. This dude Brendan Dunlop sucks!!!!!!!! Bobby must be asking himself “What the hell have I gotten myself into sitting beside this Kyle Martino generic issue and his vacuous Barbie sidekick?” The kid is just not appealing to a football person (unlike Eoin, Michelle, Asa, Carlos and the entire line up of prior FSC Report announcers). Too stylized and no depth in substance. As for the new chick, you can almost hear the wind whistling as it passes through her head from one ear to the other. There’s just no chemistry around the three of them. I feel it for poor Bobby. He’s probably thinking he’s living through a really bad dream. BTW, the old crew are supposedly being repackaged for a tv show in Canada called Soccer Central.

  5. Good to hear that the old crew is working on a new show. Not that I will be able to see it, but they were too good to have on the air. I agree, the new show is pretty bad. I don’t really like the lead. I really can’t stand his hair. And the fact that he pretty much is the only one talking is pretty bad. I really don’t like the banter zone idea either. It ust doesn’t do anything for me. At least Bobby is still on. That guy rules.

  6. I have to agree with Vic and Paul that the new show stinks so far. Brendan and Kara add nothing to the show and I would not even watch except for Bobby. You have to wonder what genius at Fox thought that it would be a good idea to replace the old show with this current offering? Some MBA trying to justify his/her position and salary at the Network? Do TV stations employ people who advise the on-air talent how to dress? Dunlop`s hair and clothes are a joke.You don`t have to wear a tuxedo in order to look sharp and professional whenever you are in front of the camera. Someone tell this chump to get his act together as far as his appearance is concerned. At the very least take a look at a Land`s End or L.L. Bean catalog once in a while to get some idea of good fashion sense.

  7. I try to give any new football news show the benefit of time and I know this isn’t much of a grace period but it’s COMPLETELY unwatchable. I refuse to take any flack for being masogonistic cause some of SKY’s best footie anchors are female but I’m not even going to google “Kara Lang” to read her CV! Anyone (male or female being irrelevant) who mispronounces so many very common words (see her butcher ‘Merseyside’ or just this minute have 3 ways to say ‘Modric’). The anchor is a JV version of Kyle Martino and the 1st team Kyle Martino is a pretentious douche. I miss the old show. And by feedback I’ve read and other ex-pats spoken too, I’m not alone.

  8. This new show is a disgrace to football highlight shows everywhere…I can’t watch it. I truly feel pain while trying to watch it. And that annoying bastard with the little bow tie is the worst thing ever. Please someone find a way we can petition the show to stop it, it’s just awful. That’s only word to describe it: awful.

  9. I have to agree with all of you! This new zero calorie show is tasteless, and utterly devoid of talent Bobby excluded of coarse. The rest remind me of a bad assortment of locker room towel boys who have been given an outlet for useless ramblings by some dork at corporate! The top dweeb is the bow tie clown. This guy is a real knee slapper, all wind and smoke! His side kick is either his nephew or a love interest. Wish fox would can them all save Bobby, and bring on the old gang! Besides our old team deserved the (hd) as well as new spiffy looking surroundings. Wake up fox, pull your heads out of each others a**’* and wipe the s*** from your eyes so you can see this crap for what it is! BRING BACK THE OLD GUARD!

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