Great Britain vs South Korea, Olympic Soccer: Open Thread

Team GB faces a massive match today when they play South Korea in the Olympic men’s soccer tournament. A win and Team GB will be in the semi-final. A loss, and they’ll make the short trip home.

You could argue that Team GB has exceeded expectations thus far. With manager Stuart Pearce in charge, everyone expected a dire tournament especially after the way Team GB played so poorly against Brazil in the pre-tournament friendly. But I’d argue that it’s been the Team GB players who have lifted this side rather than anything in particular that Pearce has done. The former Manchester City manager is merely a spectator.

That may sound harsh, but I’d like to see Pearce having to make a critical decision today to see whether he has what it takes to be a manager at this level. Against a very tough South Korea side, we may see that happening today.

For viewers in the United States, the match will be shown live on MSNBC, NBC’s soccer channel, and the NBC Live Extra app.

By now, you know the drill. Before, during and after today’s game, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

40 thoughts on “Great Britain vs South Korea, Olympic Soccer: Open Thread”

  1. Supercilious of us to think that the win is “guaranteed.” This happens in every tournament for England—I am fully aware that this is TEAM GB, but they are after all cut from the same thread—and we go out in the semis or in the quarterfinals.

    When Stuart Pierce was asked by a journalist who will SK’s major threats, he answered: “I don’t know much about their players but they’re good players and we’ll try our best to win.” This is his attitude, and the attitude of the players.

  2. Giggs is on the bench for this game. GB should have enough to beat S. Korea easily and setup a date with Brazil on Tuesday.

    1. Now thats a shame.
      Even with Giggs, GB didnt have enough to overcome S. Korea. Not to emphasise the ‘easily’
      Feel sorry for you

  3. Why was Jack Butland trying to punch that shot? He should have just palmed it away but in general GB have been so flat and uninspired out there so far, Have to step their game up now

    1. This is very interesting point. Given how soft the second penalty call was there will be that next penalty for team GB in this game.

  4. This guy stays with the clichés with his commentary. Saying Sordell would provide better options as he is a “traditional” centre-forward. He obviously hasn’t watched Sordell play for the U21.

    And WTF is “being on frame”? who says that. If you say something and you know it is corny, why repeat it over and over again?

    1. It’s a pet peeve of mine too. I hate it. Both Kyle Martino and Taylor Twellman say it all the time.

      Not only does it sound stupid, but it doesn’t make sense. A frame of a goal would be the posts and crossbar, so if someone is hitting it “on frame,” it’s not going on goal.

      It seems to be something that comes from MLS, as far as I can tell. I hate it.

      The Gaffer

    1. Nope, you’re correct. Did he eat some blue sweets or something before going into the penalty kicks? Butland used the same tactics that Hart did, with the demon stare and tongue hanging out. It didn’t work for either man.

      Nevertheless, I was impressed overall with Butland’s performances during this tournament.

      The Gaffer

      1. I can see the genius in it. Any little thing could throw off a penalty taker in that environment, but it seems these guys are just too good. Didn’t some guy pull his pants down at the Euros during a shoot out and fail?

        My guess is that he used one of those painted lollipop candies.

  5. The Koreans sure know how to take penalties. Butland never got close to saving any of them.

    Sturridge is a good player but he is very selfish and doesn’t like passing to teammates even if they are in a better position. And missing the penalty was just terrible with that stupid stutter step.

  6. YESSSS! Go Korea!!! I’ll be cheering you on in the bronze medal match with my Korean flag!!

    No more team gb football team in the future now, please.

  7. Penalties are a joke to decide a match. A penalty is awarded for an infringement, a punishment if you like for a wrongdoing. If FIFA insist this is correct way to decide a match, it would be better if they are taken before the match starts, but only used if the game ends in a draw, giving extra incentive not to play for a draw.

    1. Congratulations on a well-deserved win. I’m a lot more optimistic about Asia’s future as a soccer power than I am about England and USA.

      The Gaffer

        1. I’ve been more impressed with Japan than I have South Korea. Both teams have done so well in the men’s Olympic soccer tournament, while the Japan women’s team is also through to the final four in the Olympics.

          For anyone who is interested in how and why Asia is so successful, listen to the series of interviews that the Beyond The Pitch podcast has done with Tom Byer, an American who has completely transformed soccer in Japan. It’s an incredible story and well worth the listen at:


          1. yea i heard that podcast already. beyondthepitch is probably the best football based podcast there is.

            Japan’s is building their football program the same way spain did. I reckon in a 2-4 years when Japan starts to make a name for itself, more people will start to take notice.

            1. I prefer the EPL Talk Podcast, but I’m biased and it’s a totally different format than BTP.

              The Gaffer

  8. Too bad for Team GB, but congratulations to South Korea. I felt that after a poor start we got back in the game and were in with a chance. England vs Italy this was not. I had no greater delusions than a possible bronze medal. I seem to be in a minority but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the GB men’s and women’s football, and am sad that it’s unlikely to happen again. I would have loved some Scottish and Northern Irish participation, a fit Bale, and the availability of some of the England Euro squad. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Ramsey took the second penalty during normal time after such a tame first kick. And Sturridge’s hesitation was the kiss of death. The other nine penalties were well taken.

  9. I agree with Gaffer, I can’t comment on England as I wish them nothing but the worst, but Japan’s player development and their style of football is miles ahead of the USA right now. USA is currently relying on German-born players at the moment

  10. If Brazil play like they did today against Honduras then I can see an all Asian final. Still see Brazil beating Korea but you never know.

  11. MAN.

    GB should have won easily under those circumstances.
    really shame.

  12. I definitely agree with XDXD. it is a great shame for GB to have home advantage and bribed columbian referee and still lost. How could a referee be so blind for the first penalty kick call unless he was bribed. GB should have won the game with their talent. However, the way GB players played winning was not an option. Shame on GB.

  13. Disappointed to see team GB out last night. Thought Bellamy should have taken the penalties during the match. Fair play to Ramsey for stepping up. He has received a lot of back lash from a section of Arsenal fans over the past season, but at the end of the day he still has the guts to step up. Still have high hopes for Ramsey.

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