Martin Keown and Terry Venables Offer Their Football Inspirations


Martin Keown’s words about his hero. It’s always great to hear a star speak about their heros and their inspirations. What do they look for in a player? What drives them on and builds their personal drive is a nice insight into the mind of Martin.


Terry’s comments about ‘taking your place’ show the mentality that has taken him so far in football. Whether you agree or disagree the mentality has bought him a wealth of respect and memories, I wonder if he’d give the same advice now to a young footballer now.

Wembley FC’s game on 11 August will now be streamed live on the Budweiser Facebook page:

This is a an extra preliminary round tie of the FA Cup on August 11 and as well as getting them ready, the mentors might be selected to the match squad. More information about the Wembley FC project can all be found here:


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