Andy Carroll Will Resist West Ham Deal to Sign Him From Liverpool; Plus More EPL News and Links

Despite reports of Liverpool agreeing a loan deal with West Ham United for Andy Carroll, the talismanic striker is insistent on resisting the deal and wants a move to Newcastle United instead. While Newcastle is his hometown club, I personally feel he’d be better suited at West Ham where he’d get more playing time and would better fit into that squad compared to Newcastle, where the Toon has changed its playing style quite considerably since Carroll left.

With less than three weeks to go before the season kicks off, there are plenty of transfers threatening to happen, including these major stories today:

16 thoughts on “Andy Carroll Will Resist West Ham Deal to Sign Him From Liverpool; Plus More EPL News and Links”

  1. Not sure what us Liverpool fans are remotrly interested in what you think about Carroll.

    What club would get rid of Carroll & Kuyt for baroni & Dempsy.

    Brenden Rodgers will make us a mid table team.

    I’ll give him to Christmas.

    Sell Carroll at your peril BR

    1. This Liverpool supporter believes Brendan Rodgers is doing the right thing. We are already a mid-table team, thanks to the likes of Carroll, who couldn’t score in a brothel. Dirk was a great servant but not a very effective player the past couple of seasons. It was time for him to move on. You may not think Dempsey and Borini are upgrades, but many of sure think they are.

      1. Kuyt was an absolute workhorse who wasn’t utilized by Daglish. It is an absolute shame that Kuyt was let go!

        As far as selling Carroll for a loss, I don’t see the point in letting go of players after they haven’t developed in just 18 months, for large losses. We paid for developed players, but we got developing players. Yes, Carroll was frustrating as heck to watch, but so was Lucas a number of years ago. Enough with the revolving door policy!

  2. Hate to break it to you but youre already a mid table team. The damage Kenny Dalglish did to this squad is now just begining to show. All that money wasted on average players and now they can’t afford to bring in top players. Nothing against Dempsey or Joe Allan but neither are going to make that big of a difference to this team right now. They need a proven goal scorer who’s going to get them 20+ goals this season and I don’t see this Italian lad Broini being that guy.

    All this hype about Rodgers and his playing style is going to end up hurting them this season. With liverpools tough opening month of fixtures they better pray they get of to a good start.

  3. The problem with selling Carroll for around 20 million is that the clubs who pay 20+ million for players, like City, United, Chelsea, etc., aren’t interested in buying him. Only clubs like West Ham and Newcastle are interested and they don’t buy players who cost 20 million. Liverpool have no choice but to sell at a huge loss if they want to sell Carroll.

    Dempsey, Borini and Allen aren’t an upgrade to Carroll in my opinion.

    1. How is Dempsey not an upgrade? 23 goals in 46 appearances last season. How is that not a far superior return than that of Carroll? Dempsey has better feet, better vision, better movement, and a poacher’s instinct. And he fits Rodgers’ style of play. I’ll be ecstatic is he signs for Liverpool.

  4. LOL…the whole thing is a sham, a mess, I have to say I’m surprised, Rodgers looks as tho he is overwhelmed with the task ahead. Liverpool fans will have to wait and see how it all turns out, it could end up being just fine. The owners may be saying the right things now, but lets say that the first year of Rodgers tenure they finish out of the top 12, how understanding will everyone be then?

    in their final preseason game before a competitive game in the europa league they looked pretty bad against a spurs side missing some key players and only half way through their preparations. Doesn’t look good for LFC.

    1. Dust, Spurs didn’t look any better, and Liverpool outplayed them in the second half. Gerrard only played 30 minutes, and no Suarez. So, let’s not make it out like Liverpool played their first team. A handful of those guys will play in the reserves this year or get loaned out.

      The owners, and hopefully the supporters, will be patient with Rodgers. I heard nothing but support for him in Boston and Baltimore.

      1. i guess we will have to agree to disagree, suarez I’ll give you, but it was LFC final preseason game before they play something competitive, and Gerrard didn’t look good. The defensive pairings of spurs were not starting 11 neither was the midfield, with a 19 year old Harry Kane up front. Spurs moved the ball much better and looked fitter all with half the prep time.

        Bale skipping past players when not even close to match fit resulting in adams lunging out with a studs up challenge on bales inner ankle as he was to slow. Do you honestly think Liverpool looked good?

        Perhaps Rogers will turn it around and the competitive games in the europa league may help before the start of the season. But in no way did Liverpool play better than Spurs, in any half…but that was quite a funny statement thank you for the laughs.

        1. Yes, Liverpool was the better side in the second half. Bale skipping past players? Yes, when he wasn’t having the ball taken off of him by Spearing. BTW, one could say both Sterling and Borini easily skipped past Spurs players as well in the second half.

          Kane started for Spurs, Morgan started for LFC. What’s the difference?

          Rodgers also didn’t play Pacheco or Suso, both of whom looked very good in the previous two matches.

          But, no, I don’t think Liverpool looked good. Neither did Spurs. It’s preseason and we saw a lot players not likely to feature this season. Liverpool certainly didn’t use the Spurs match as a tune up for its trip to Belarus this week.

          I wouldn’t get so cocky, Dust. Your club is a Modric move away from trouble.

          1. LoL, hardly…i dont think modric leaving is as big a deal as the football press is making out, the bigger it seems the more money spurs get and we are able to replace him.

  5. This is clearly an idea narrowed in focus by my bias, but if Liverpool is listening to offers on Carroll, Tottenham should be in play here.
    With the Adebayor wage figures apparently growing out of reasonable perspective (for a player I’m personally not enamored with) it would make sense to spend the money on a younger, pony-tailed (but I can overlook it) and potentially more potent alternative like AC.
    The player would clearly prefer to play competitive football at White Hart Lane than labor to avoid relegation with The Hammers and Spurs fans would welcome a homegrown scorer with more than open arms.
    My only concerns would be AVB’s interest in Carroll’s quality (I heard a rumor this new manager might be difficult to work with at times with players he doesn’t fancy) and if this money could better be spent, in combination with even more funds from the now-inevitable sale of Luca Modric, on an even more compelling target like Fernando Llorente…

  6. Not sure he is a great fit for even West Ham… Sam plays a lone striker with two attacking midfielders on the wing… and frankly last thing we need is another striker. As we stand now, we will struggle to stay up.

  7. You can only perform/score if you get time on the pitch. Carroll, in my opinion, did not get the starts or sufficient playing time last season to do either.

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