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EA’s FIFA 13: More Details About FIFA 13′s Career Mode

It seems that EA is pulling out all of the stops to make FIFA 13 more than a roster update.

For example, the MLS All Stars will be unlockable, which is a good move considering that for some of us in the US, it’s becoming a good mid-summer classic after the MLB All Star game.

This season, there will be no Player–Manager option. You must choose one or the other. If this works, I may actually save my money on buying FIFA Manager!

With some new features that EA claims that they are adding into career mode, it’s looking like they are taking some pages (maybe literally if you believe the accusations) from PES’s books to make career mode feel more like an ACTUAL career:

- International play for both Players and Managers

- In match live updates. You TOO can feel the bitter disappointment as your Man Utd team learns via in-game audio that you lost the league!

- Player stories and feedback, which will now have an impact based on managerial decisions

- If your player is low rated, you will not be in the Starting XI and actually can be sent out on loan!

- Transfer negotiations AI has been re-written and you can even now offer cash plus player for exchanges.

There is a lot that EA is promising to add within this mode all by itself to make it feel more like a career mode and if the company does what is promised, then I think PES will really be hard pressed to counter it yet again.

FIFA 13 will be released on September 28, 2012.

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9 Responses to EA’s FIFA 13: More Details About FIFA 13′s Career Mode

  1. curt says:

    Any word on if it will include CONCACAF Champions League in the career mode if you are playing with an MLS team?

  2. CitySpaniard says:

    How about team creation? And hopfully player wont transfer as easily

  3. Marc says:

    Any new teams or leagues added this Year

  4. harry cee says:

    The best I can tell you is to go to EA’s direct site and find out the rest of the news from there.


  5. NeilO says:

    Not looking forward to financial regulations though. it’ll be even harder to add good (therefore, expensive) players to a modestly budgeted team. But I guess this can be tweeked with a little bit.

  6. Christian says:

    Wait, so I can no longer both play for the club and run the club? Wow that’s a terrible decision.

  7. Frill Artist says:

    What about Pro Club and Pro Ranked Match improvements???

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