5 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur Friendly In Baltimore, In Pictures [PHOTO]”

  1. Word from friends that went to the match is that they piped in Spurs chants through the speakers and yet still no one was singing. Spurs trying to gain a foothold here in the States is laughable. They should go to Africa or India and not waste their time here. It is too late when you have won anything for so long.

  2. Fred, your ignorance knows no bounds. Firstly, you weren’t even there. In fact the ground was about 75% Liverpool, which is not surprising given the foothold and head-start Liverpool has worldwide. However, Spurs fans congregated from all over the states, and europe, and were fantastic. We sang through the whole game and you can clearly tell even from the ESPN coverage that Spurs made plenty, if not more noise. If you actually were a football fan you’d know that Spurs fans everywhere have a decent rep, take thousands more away fans than most, sing the whole time, and are a country mile about our less worthy rivals in the noise states. Now, I’m not going to say that all ‘Pool fans in the states are plastics – they’re clearly not, and we met many that were great. Actually, the whole game, bar Adam’s butchery, was really good mannered, and quite why you’d want to bring you own, particularly despicable form of cynicism into this, well, beyond me. Jog on.

    1. ^^^ Cosigns with this. Being a neutral fan sitting in a section with both Liverpool and Spurs supporters made it a very lively game.

      Agreed…if you wasn’t there…you wasn’t there.

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