Great Britain vs United Arab Emirates, Olympic Soccer: Open Thread

Better late than never, here’s an open thread for today’s Olympic soccer game between Great Britain vs United Arab Emirates (UAE).

During or after today’s Olympic soccer match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

With Uruguay losing to Senegal, Team GB’s group is an open one. If Team GB can manage a win today, it’ll help them go into their last match against Uruguay with a chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

21 thoughts on “Great Britain vs United Arab Emirates, Olympic Soccer: Open Thread”

  1. United Arab Emirates looks very lively in the second half. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these long range shots goes in, at this rate.

    Very open game so far.

    The Gaffer

    1. Great goal by UAE. They could go on to win this one if Team GB keeps fluffing its chances in front of goal.

      The Gaffer

      1. Speaking about upsets it looks like Spain could be on their way out. Losing to Honduras 0-1 with 25 minutes to go.

  2. Swansea City’s Scott Sinclair to the rescue!

    However, Team GB better be careful. UAE look incredibly dangerous.

    The Gaffer

      1. It looks like it is limited to GB vs UEA stream Other channels are fine. Great service overall wish they had less Michael Phelps ads though.

  3. Good goal by sturidge

    What’s up with these Welsh players not singing the national anthem? How can the captain not even sing it? Sad to see it happen.

    1. I think they’re making a statement by not trying to sing it. I’m certain that they all know most of the words.

      The Gaffer

      1. They should rename the team from Team GB to Team England with begrudging support from the welsh FA on the condition they don’t sing the anthem. Or is that too long? How does the captain not sing? It’s not cool, it’s embarrassing I think.

        1. why the fuss about not singing the anthem. So you would rather players be demonstrative and sing it rather than just listening to the anthem??
          I think focus should be more on the good football that the team is playing.

  4. Team GB have a good chance of not only progressing but getting a medal. Brazil are favorites for the gold but Team GB could get silver or bronze. I wonder what Gareth Bale will think about that since it is thought he didn’t want to play for them because he didn’t think they had a chance for a medal.

    As long as the Welsh contingency plays well Team GB can do well in the tournament.

  5. I fell asleep last night and missed this game. Glad to see a positive result though.

    As far as the anthem, the fact is Welsh and Scottish players (if there was any) will always see the British anthem as the English anthem. You could solve this two ways:

    1) Have the English anthem as something like Land of hope and glory, or
    2) Play as a GB team all the time and scrap the separate nations.

    Both unlikely to happen though

  6. Everyone knew Team GB was only going to be a one off thing due to London being the host city; I dunno what the Scots & N.Irish are bleating about. Well done to the Welsh lads for playing and making and impact too. Given all the anti-UK sentiment among the developing nations, it’s unlikely that a British city will get to host again in our lifetime, so everbody should embrace this event.

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