André Villas-Boas Hits Out After New Gareth Bale Injury; Plus More EPL News and Links

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas is incensed at Liverpool’s Charlie Adam for his tough tackle against Gareth Bale in yesterday’s friendly. In the 18th minute, Adam came in fromt behind and hit Bale’s ankle, causing the young Welshman to receive treatment and then hobble around for the rest of the first half before being substituted at half-time. No news yet regarding how long Bale will be out of action as a result of the injury.

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8 thoughts on “André Villas-Boas Hits Out After New Gareth Bale Injury; Plus More EPL News and Links”

  1. Maybe if Bale had been rested following his previous injury, and not prancing around in a meaningless friendly… then AVB would have nothing to moan about. As it is, he was out there playing… expect hard tackles and exposure to injury. Think AVB will fit right in at Spurs. Maybe they’ll sue Liverpool now.

  2. Its not the first time Adam has tackled Bale badly. When Blackpool played spurs at WHL he almost snapped his leg in half. He’s too slow for the premier league, thank god Brendan Rodgers is in charge of Liverpool because we won’t be seeing him in his team and therefore badly injuring players that are faster than him (which is every player including Emile Heskey)

    Hopefully the 8 week rumor is complete bull crap. He’s vital for Wales and spurs and great for the premier league.

    1. Perhaps you shouldn’t be assuming. The FA checked Bale over, and agreed with spurs that he was injured. As for Karma blarma shlarma, who gives a crap, there’s no excuse for tackles like that in a friendly, no-one deserves to be injured.

      1. I watched the Adam-Bale incident just a few minutes ago, and Adam is lucky he didn’t get red carded. He didn’t even attempt to go for the ball. He went straight for the back of his ankle, from behind.

        The ref, who was right there, didn’t even award a yellow card.

        The Gaffer

  3. say what you want about Bale but Adam is a hack hope Rodgers will see slow and no talent will land him down a League.

  4. Adam and Bale have a history. Adam hacked Bale last season at WHL when Spurs played Liverpool. Adam should have been sent off and I think AVB is right in compalining to the FA about Adam. Should Liverpool be successful in signing Joe Allen then Adam will be the first to be sent packing.

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