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West Ham Lodge £18m Andy Carroll Bid; Fulham Receives Planning Permission; Plus More EPL News And Links

west ham olympic stadium West Ham Lodge £18m Andy Carroll Bid; Fulham Receives Planning Permission; Plus More EPL News And Links

West Ham United have made a cheeky bid for Liverpool’s Andy Carroll. They’ve offered to take Andy Carroll on loan for a fee of £2m, with a further £16m added if they avoid relegation. It’s a shame that the deal probably won’t go through because Andy Carroll would be a great fit for the Hammers, who prefer to play a more physical and direct approach than Liverpool.

In other news, Fulham has received planning permission to increase the capacity of its Craven Cottage ground to 30,000. The main change will be adding a new tier to the Riverside Stand.

Meanwhile, here are the latest Premier League news stories of the day:

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11 Responses to West Ham Lodge £18m Andy Carroll Bid; Fulham Receives Planning Permission; Plus More EPL News And Links

  1. Guy says:

    Carroll at West Ham would never work. You can’t have two “Big”s on one team.

  2. Alex Wolcott says:

    My understanding is that the loan would become permanent if the Hammers avoid relegation. So a total of 18m to Liverpool when they paid something like twice that to Newcastle less than 2 years ago?

    No, even LFCs brain-dead management wouldn’t go for that. I’d say just hold on to Carroll and put a bottle in his hand. Guy was way more effective prior to becoming “clean and sober.”

  3. Paul says:

    Why wouldn’t Liverpool not take the deal? There’s a team even more crazier then them willing to pay 18 million for Carroll. They won’t find a better deal than that(unless there’s another sucker willing to pay 18 million upfront).

    • Nonsense says:


    • Pete says:

      Liverpool might want the money now, not in 12 months. Plus it says ‘if they avoid relegation’ so in other words if West Ham go down, Carroll is on his way back to Liverpool. Throw in the fact that even if everything works out, it’s still half what Liverpool paid

  4. dust says:


  5. dominjon says:

    Liverpool are very light on strikers as it is, especially as Rodgers plays 4-3-3. Borini is in, but Kuyt/Maxi have left. So if Carroll left he would need to be replaced. Liverpool are living within their means, so if Allen is bought, that would empty their upfront budget, meaning you would need to find a new striker for 2 million.
    I say keep Carroll, work with him, and see how the land lies in January.
    I think Carroll might well surprise a lot of people this year.

    • Yespage says:

      Agreed. Carroll is still very young. Lucas wasn’t the greatest three or four years ago, but has developed as a great midfielder. Liverpool spent money on these players, might as well develop them into the talents they paid up front for.

  6. Sam says:

    When does uefa Europa league start on foxsoccer tv online? I want to watch the Liverpool game. Gaffe any news?? Also when is the on demand available on the iPad app? Espn has it and fox has been promising it in the near future. It’s been a year!,,,

    • The Gaffer says:

      Sam, currently neither FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus nor FOXSoccer 2Go are planning on showing the Liverpool game, but the schedules are subject to change.

      No word on when the on-demand feature for the iPad app will be available either.

      The Gaffer

  7. Craig says:

    Carroll has stated that he will only move to a club that is playing in Europe. So that rules out West Ham. It does mean that Newcastle is his probable destination. Given all of Pardew’s talk this week about how Liverpool should just accept a big loss on Carroll, it may have been a setup to get Andy for 15-18 million. Andy had his best spell at Newcastle and being a local lad he would be more ineterested in going back to Newcastle than anywhere else. If Liverpool are intent on selling him and if he says he will only move to Newcastle then expect a transfer fee of 15-18 million. I expect the Andy Carroll saga to end before the beginning of the season.

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