2012 London Olympics, Opening Ceremony: Open Thread

The opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympic Games begins at 4pm today and runs through until 7pm ET.

Whether you’re watching it live, or watching it on tape-delay beginning at 7:30pm ET on NBC in the United States, feel free to post your remarks, questions and observations about the opening ceremony, the footballers representing their country, or David Beckham’s remarkable way that he’ll be helping with the lighting of the Olympic flame.

Today is a historic day for Brits and ex-pats. It’s the first time in my lifetime that the Olympic Games has been held in Great Britain. And the excitement and anticipation for today’s opening ceremony is unbelievable.

In a city where so many of our Premier League teams play, the capital of England will be captivated with the Olympic Games for the next several weeks.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know what surprises are in store for tonight’s Olympic Games opening ceremony, you may want to come back later to add your commentary.

48 thoughts on “2012 London Olympics, Opening Ceremony: Open Thread”

  1. I support the National Health Service, but that was a bit too much for me — had to take a break, but hopefully it’ll pick back up again.

    The Gaffer

    1. If I tune into this later on and they start dragging out people from coranation street I’m not going to be a happy camper. Now if Del boy and Rodey make a apperance I’d be quite happy.

  2. The NHS is actually quite a marvel, lots of people (1.7 million) working their asses off. Be synical if you want, but unless you have used a health provider in another county and had to pay for treatment that isn’t any better than the NHS then you should probably button it.

  3. Good lord, again with the NHS. I’m totally a supporter of this over the alternatives (couch cough US cough cough – having lived in both places) but this is getting to be a bit much.

  4. It wasn’t very accurate historically, It showed the Windrush, the ship that bought immigrants over to Britain from the West Indies between 1948 and 1970. But had black and Asian people on the field already and in the 18th and 19th century that wouldn’t have been the case. at the beginning in the 1700’s and 1800’s when that wouldn’t have been the case. If they were trying to show Britain through the times factually, they should have had white people on the field, then showed the ship, Windrush, and then had the black and Asian actors join in.
    I felt the whole Windrush scene of the show was wasted and lost.
    The NHS scene annoyed me, I don’t have a problem with the NHS but I don’t think it should have been part of the Olympic opening.
    I just felt the whole thing was maybe too British, this was going out around the world and much of it, such as the NHS and soap opera clips would have been lost on a world wide audience.
    Dizzy Rascal is crap, if he’d have been the only person representing British music live in the stadium I would have been p**sed, especially when you consider the great bands this country has produced over the last 60 years. Overall I preferred the latter part of the show when the athletes came out, the arctic monkeys played and the fireworks started, I was worried that after the first 30 minutes this was going to be an absolute shocker of an opening show

    1. You sound like such a pessimistic, cynical tool, can’t you just enjoy it for what it was? Firstly the NHS part was mainly dedicated to the people who volunteer, in my opinion a very worthy subject to dedicate to.
      Secondly Dizzee Rascal was there to show that genres like grime originated in Britain and lasted under five minutes, its not as if his music was the only to be played, there was something for everyone as they worked their way through the decades. Lastly they had black people in the pre industrial revolution scene, it’s not a big deal, yeah there might not have been many black people in Britain at the time but if that ruined the opening ceremony for you then I feel sorry for you, you must enjoy very little.

  5. Yes, but only with things that the rest of the world will understand though. Talking about starting the industrial revolution and inventing the world wide web is one thing, talking about the health care system and soap operas past and present is another.

    These are the things the world will know about:

    Industrial revolution
    JK Rowling
    British pop/rock music,
    James Bond

    These are the things that will have people around the world scratching their heads saying WTF

    The NHS
    Coranation Street
    Great Ormond Street Hospital
    Abide with me song
    Jerusalem song

    1. Pete has a point. The ceremony should at least try not to show too much obscure things that the rest of the world won’t understand nor care about.

  6. The Streets? No-love? Artic Monkeys pleasant surprise

    as someone from a different country watching I have to agree some parts were confusing- but it’s the Olympic opening ceremony so par for the course. IU don’t believe Mary Poppins could defeat Voldamort.

    Why was Mohamed Ali there? That was a painful few seconds and he did nothing, so why make the man make the long trek to London when he probably isn’t healthy enough

  7. Overall, I thought the opening ceremony was tremendous. It had more heart, soul, art and beauty than Beijing. The Chinese opening ceremony seemed more militaristic and more like a machine. Having said that, I preferred the Beijing opening ceremony just because it was out of this world, something I had never seen before.

    But congratulations to Great Britain on a flawless opening ceremony. Made me proud to be British.

    As for NBC’s tape-delay version of the opening ceremony, it’s sad that viewers in the US missed parts of the opening ceremony. NBC cut out lots of different pieces of the opening ceremony even though NBC turned the 3 hour opening ceremony into a 4.5 hour extravaganza.

    The Gaffer

    1. All the bloody commercials distracted from the performance’s and the mood intended by Danny boyle. I watched the bbc and then the NBC coverage, they left out all kinds of things on the commentary, didn’t even recognize the suffragettes and the Caribbean influx of workers on the 50’s that were pivotal in rebuilding London after the war. They begrudgingly acknowledged Tim burners Lee. I thought the NBC interpretation was an embarrassment, award winning team…lol.. the bbc coverage blew it away.

      Why they left out the memorial to the dead from the terrorist attack in London that happened the day after the announcement of the Olympic games is just disrespectful, perhaps they were upset at the IOC for not including s minute of silence for the Munich disaster. Either way it wasn’t right in my opinion, for a country all about free speech they certainly manipulate / censor a lot.

  8. I thought it was terrible, historically inaccurate, political in the sense of using the NHS and to a certain extent racist. The UK has a 90+% white population and last night you would have been hard pushed to believe it was even 40% white. This can only mean that white men, women and children were excluded from taking part for non white men, women and children.
    If Britain had a 90+% black and Asian population and the ceremony had mostly white men, women and children we would never hear the end of it, shouts of racism would be heard far and wide from the rooftops yet because the opposite is true, it is some how acceptable.
    I’d say it was saved by the last hour with the athletes walking around the stadium, the torch show and the fireworks, otherwise It would have to go down as one of the worst opening ceremonies in history.
    I commend all the volunteers for doing their best in what was a bad situation but did this show give an accurate and positive representation of Britain through the centuries? No it didn’t and I presume that was the idea

    1. You sound ignorant and completely miss the point and the message of the Olympic games, as for your claim it is historically inaccurate, You should elaborate and embarrass yourself more. LoL.. “Pete” on epl talk disagrees with the British Olympic organization backed by the IOC and the British government and creatively executed in a dramatic but entertaining way by an acadamy award winning director that has generated more national pride than anything in the uk since the Euro’s. Looks like you are are in the minority… Perhaps you should write to them and set them straight…

      what’s up with the problem you have including people of different races at varying points during a theatrical performance?

      1. Historically inaccurate –

        Having black and Asian people playing cricket and dancing round a pole in a pre-industrial revolution period when immigrants didn’t even enter the country until after WW2.
        If you don’t know your history I suggest you keep your retarded mouth shut.
        Census in the UK has a 92% white population, I failed to see a 92% white population in the ceremony last night. Or were you watching something different to me.

        ‘what’s up with the problem you have including people of different races at varying points during a theatrical performance?’

        It’s about accurate and true to a period in time, you don’t have a film about Nelson Mandela played by a 23 yr old white guy so why show why show black and Asian people playing cricket in the 18th and 19th century when they weren’t even in the country at that time?

        1. LOL….of course there weren’t….but the fact you take that as a historical in accuracy instead of taking it as it was intended, reflecting britains multicultural society today shows you are more hung up on race than anything. It was an artistic interpretation, big smoke stacks never grew from the ground either, and glastonburry tor doesnt have flags all around it.

          You are sad, you should stay inside and away from sharp objects.

          1. So you claim that I’m talking rubbish by describing it as historically inaccurate and then when proven wrong you admit that it was historically inaccurate. Do you even engage your tiny brain before writing or do you just spout sh*t for the sake of it? You’re retarded, you know absolutely nothing about anything as far as I can see from your previous posts.
            As far as ‘reflecting Britain’s multicultural society today’, that’s the problem, it didn’t. 8% non white was not reflected in the ceremony you dumb f*ck

    2. So Pete, the thing that bothered you was the fact that there weren’t enough white people? This event took place in London, which had a “non-white” population of over 30% in 2009!

      Maybe the white people didn’t want to volunteer? What do you think Petey? Were you expecting a bunch of John Terry’s? Sorry Petey. Time to grow up.

      I was watching the event, which I thought was really well done. I wasn’t looking at the colour of peoples’ skin.

      Good job LOC.

  9. The show post 1950 did not bother me as black and Asian men and women were in the country at that time, but I do expect people to be true to a certain point in history and at the beginning of the show when they were focusing on the 18th and 19th century that was not the case. Immigrants did not come to this country until 1948, that is a historical fact it should not be changed for PC purposes, so don’t show people who are black and asian playing cricket in Britain during the 1800’s when they weren’t here at that time.
    Do you expect Nelson Mandela to be played by a black man or would you be happy with him being played by a white man? There is a reason why artists/actors are allowed to be selected on race and that is so the film/show can stay true to events and historical facts.

  10. I have to agree with Pete. Coming from an American, I thought the opening ceremony was pretty vague, parochial and even cocky. Cocky as to think Mary Poppins and Voldemort were things to brag about. Just think if America were to do all the thing we contributed to the (i.e. inventions, movies, etc.) we’d be going for days. And don’t get me started on the whole NHS thing. The whole thing reeked of liberal bias. Most of my friends thought we were watching an opening ceremony from George Orwell 1984s “Ingsoc” England instead of Great Britain. I also agree, there were way too many blacks and asians. This is not racist, this is just fact; there are not that many black and asians in England. It’s fair to say ethnic Britons were not proportionately represented fairly at all. Add on to that the technology age with the house….what was that?? I swear I saw an advertisement for a TV show or something (with the white mom and black dad). It made no sense to me. Why advertise for a TV show that 99.9% of the world’s viewers will not get even in their cable channels. Safe to say we all couldn’t wait for it to be over and the parade of athletes to begin.

    1. Yes that is because Danny Boyle is a massive socialist and clearly wanted to be a selfish arse, using this opening ceremony to deliver his political message. I also picked up on the fact that a large number of asians and blacks were featured right through the 16th/17th, 18th and 19th centuries, I too thought it was ridiculous, not because I’m a racist but because it isn’t even remotely factual…it didn’t happen! What is the point of lying to appear more PC?!

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    The Gaffer

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