Why Manchester United Should Break the Bank to Sign Lucas Moura

Throughout the past few weeks, there has been ongoing speculation that Manchester United have been negotiating with Brazilian club Sao Paulo to sign attacking midfielder Lucas Moura. United have reportedly offered a hefty €35 million for the 19-year-old, a bid that appears to have been rejected. Since the bid, United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed his interest in the midfielder, saying that negotiations are ongoing. It appears that a bid of at least €40 million will be necessary to secure the Brazilian’s signature, a staggering price that has many pundits and fans alike wondering whether an unproven commodity is worth such a fee.

While Moura may not be the finished product, one look on YouTube of his game action skills shows exactly why United are willing to pay as much as Tottenham are asking for a more proven player like Luka Modric. Moura has dazzling footwork, exceptional ball skills, and lightning speed. While he is known as a selfish player who sometimes lacks a finished product, no one doubts his potential. While Moura wouldn’t be a perfectly polished player at the moment, his skills, as well as his selfishness, brings to mind the attributes of an 18-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, whom United signed for €15 million in 2003. While United paid significantly less money for Ronaldo, considering the direction the transfer market has gone in terms of spending, and the fact that Ronaldo was in financial terms their best signing of the decade given his resale value, Moura’s fee is not that outrageous. While it is unlikely that Moura will ever become as complete a player as Ronaldo, he would provide the flair that Manchester United have missed since they sold their biggest superstar. While they have managed to maintain a high level of success since the sale of Ronaldo, United have distinctly lacked flair and stardust. While Wayne Rooney has become an exceptional goalscorer, Valencia has become an effective winger, and Nani has been brilliant at times, if consistently inconsistent, they have never really replaced Ronaldo. While it would be unfair to place such heavy expectations on Lucas Moura, if Ferguson were to sign him, United would finally have a player who truly catches the eye and who can put people in the stands single-handed.

It can be argued that Manchester United should focus on spending the €35-40 million they have available on a proven midfielder, a position that has been the focus of criticism even before Ronaldo’s departure. With the likes of Modric and Sneijder available for around that price, it would be easy to go for the safer option. However, both Modric and Sneijder are already in the prime of their careers and have likely reached their maximum potential. Moura, in contrast, could be a United mainstay for the next decade. While there is no doubt that Lucas Moura represents a risk considering the price tag, if United ever want to get back to the heights that Cristiano Ronaldo took them, he is there best chance to acquire a player who can lead them there.

15 thoughts on “Why Manchester United Should Break the Bank to Sign Lucas Moura”

  1. Although I agree that he could be a great prospect/talent, I don’t think or agree that this is the type of player Man Utd. need at the moment for that kind of a fee for an unproven youngster. From what I’ve seen, he’s predominately a winger type of a player and prefers such a position where he can take players on out on the flank selfishly, rather than create and or link passes through the middle. United are well covered on the wings w/Valencia, Nani and Young. Plus, when was the last time a Brazilian has really become a superstar in the EPL or taken the league by storm and dominated? I can’t even think of one to be honest. Brazilians usually stay away from England for a reason, it doesn’t suit their football or their lifestyle (i.e. Robinho most recently). It’s a big gamble that United really can’t afford to lose at this point.

    With the recent signings of Kagawa (looks great so far) and Powell, United in my opinion, should be looking to fill the deeper lying def. mf role and defense. With Fletcher looking more and more doubtful of ever recovering from his illness and returning and the aging Carrick never seeming to find the kind of consistency that SAF has long been expecting, the ideal candidate who is reportedly currently on their radar would be young Dutchman Kevin Strootman. He could easily break into the first team almost immediately and would only improve under United’s guidance. He’s also of great value and age and wouldn’t be demanding a breaking of the bank in transfer fees (est $15M). Given the club’s current debt issues and renewed struggles w/their stock flotation plan, Strootman seems the wiser choice. But then again, who am I to question SAF’s judgement?

    1. I agree with you that signing a defensive midfielder would certainly improve man united more in the short term. My point is that at some point, in order to compete with the likes of Madrid and Barca, they need to sign some players with world class skill and flair that can create goals out of nothing and can attract fans and even more great players to the club, Lucas has the potential to be that guy in the long term under the guidance of Sir Alex, who taught Ronaldo to be less selfish and harnessed his potential.

  2. Saf,please be serious n fast in signing moura lucas cause he’s the type of player need.

    1. i also want dat lucas moura at man u ,but its seems dat his valuation is getting higher everyday .who is lucas moura dat his amount is so high,i think saf should go for other option than wasting his time on unproven talent,i think if ferguson use dat #40 million pounds to look for other option dat will be good.there are other talented people in europe,olympics that is morebetter than lucas moura.ferguson should please acts wisely

    2. Massive fan of man u but long gone r the days we can spend big on a player of real quality ss city just out bid us even samri nasri only cost 24 million but wr could not compete not a lot in these days but still city got him will b the same for any one we r interested in just get out bid and wont pay the high wages which is standard now a days i think 3rd next season mark my words no more signings for us this season.

  3. King Eric ma brother your so deep in this and i want to remind that how dare Moura high quality than Neymar/Ganso his national teammates?and where are they right now?also how come Moura valueable than Kagawa who’s significants has been seen
    i join you that Moura isn’t the type of player United bids

  4. I think, Man U needs a midfielder with the energy to last for some time. MOURA is over hipped both in talent and price. Lets SAF go for cheaper d proven guy

  5. does anyone remember that we need players on defense? Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra aren’t getting any younger!!!

  6. Guys are ye for real?? 1. Juninho,Silva and Elano?all done very well in the EPL off the top of my head..2 SAF has stated that he loves everything about david petrucci and sees him as an ideal canditate for cm alongside Cleverly/anderson in the years too come,he has been trying to sign strootman for 2 years behind the scenes believe it or not,and the lad wants to join (and I think will) after his months holiday in Oz..3 Lucas Moura has the same if not more Quality as (the great) NEYMAR.. dont make me laugh I would buy Lucas everytime over Neymar,word on the street is even Barca are backing off him because of the storys of wild partying in Brasil(and we all no them Brazilians love a party!..P.S Strootman,Moura,Azpilcueta..You heard it here first

  7. Hey united fans,my bro is rob heffernan hes in the olympics,where goin to the Brasil game tmro and just watched them leaving there base,Neymar and Ganso where both teasing Lucas Moura by singing glory glory Man United in low tones!! every1 around us heard them.fingers crossed :)..the lad is gifted in my opinion,the great Rivaldo says he will be 1 of the very best.

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