Gareth Bale Could Be Banned From Playing For Spurs; Plus More EPL News and Links

Who would have expected that last night’s draw between LA Galaxy and Tottenham Hotspur would have created so much controversy? Gareth Bale, the man who was such a centerpiece of the Team GB football Olympic squad, ruled himself out of the team about a month ago with a back and hip injury. But he shoved his loyalty for his country in the faces of the Team GB Olympic organizing committee last night by playing in a friendly in Los Angeles and scoring.

So much for that injury.

Now Sepp Blatter has come out this morning and has said that if the FA wants to make a complaint to FIFA, then Gareth Bale will be banned from playing for Tottenham Hotspur while the Olympics are being played. Whether that’s the FA of Wales and of England, we’ll have to wait and see. But Gareth Bale could be made an example of.

What do you think? Should he be banned from playing for Tottenham while the Olympic football tournament goes on? Or should the FA just ignore the story.

Meanwhile, here are the top Premier League stories of the day. And there’s a lot of them:

33 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Could Be Banned From Playing For Spurs; Plus More EPL News and Links”

  1. Fat Sepp should get back to his buffet and worrying about who’s pocket to pick next. Bale should be free to do whatever he wants and if that means having fun in LA with his team, so be it.

  2. FIrst, his loyalty for county is with Wales, not GB. 2nd, he has been injured and I’m not sure that a 45 minute run out in pre-season really says much besides it’s part of the rehab program.

      1. Agree 100%. Not sure this was a jab at GB though, I mean he was one of the few players that spoke out in favor of GB and even did some marketing for team GB (as shown in the pic above).

        But let ‘s be serious…Did you see his interview at half time? He was exhausted… to me a 45 minute run in a pre season friendly isn’t the same thing as a match and he shouldn’t be penalized for this. What good would he be to GB not being able to get past 45 minutes?

    1. His loyalty should be (1) Spurs + Wales (100000) GB.

      I can’t believe the fuss that has been made. Surely he could just say he didn’t want to play for gb. The way Sepp Blatter spoke it was as if he thought spurs weren’t letting him go. As for him doing some marketing, he was forced to wear the shirt like Ramsey. They’re both contracted to adidas and had to wear what they told them too.

    2. Wales fits the defintion of a nation not a country. A counrty or nation/state would be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Wales like England are nations within a state.

      1. Matthew, Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and Great Britain. To say Wales isn’t a country is disrespectful to Welsh people. I know what you’re trying to say, and I do think it is complicated. Wales is not completely a self-governing entity, but has a form of self-government where the country has the power to decide how to spend and administer the budget for Wales. I would argue that Wales is a country within a country (Great Britain and/or United Kingdom).

        The Gaffer

        1. Just the historian in me and the proper usage of makes a nation as compared to a state that has full sovereignty over everyone. In the United States the American Indians are considered nations within a state. I understand my mother is half English and Welsh. No disrespected intended. On a historical side note and England and Wales have been more closely link political than Scotland and Ireland ( now Northern Ireland), since the times of Edward I.

  3. Of course he should be. It was a sanctioned event for U-23 aged players. He should be there. If he’s not, he should be sitting at home nursing that “injury”.

  4. Part of me thinks I’m not bothered, it’s only GB in the Olympics but players faking injury because they can’t be bothered to play for their country is one of my pet hates, so the other part of me says ban him. Players who are selected for England and claim to be injured are not allowed to play for their clubs so maybe they do have a case

  5. Well if Sepp Blatter weighs in on something relating to rules or integrity or honesty or whatever then you know there is some serious moral authority being thrown around.

    C’mon Sepp, take the pastries out of your mouth and get about awarding the 2026 World Cup to North Korea or Myanmar or Syria or some such.

  6. Had Bale simply said he didn’t want to play for the GB team that would have been fine. After all this is his right to do whatever he wants. However he decided to hide behind politically correct ‘injury’ and got caught so he would need to face the consequences.

  7. As much as I hate players leaving their clubs for country as it has the risk of an injury or that often they are meaningless games, in this instance given that it is the Olympics he should not have played for Spurs in the friendly and therefore am in favor of a ban.

  8. “Now Sepp Blatter has come out this morning and has said that if the FA wants to make a complaint to FIFA, then Gareth Bale will be banned from playing for Tottenham Hotspur while the Olympics are being played. Whether that’s the FA of Wales and of England, we’ll have to wait and see. But Gareth Bale could be made an example of.”

    Since Olympics football runs from today till August 11, wouldn’t all the Hotspur games during this time be just friendlies?
    Sepp Blatter should mind his own business rather than messing with these friendlies. Does FIFA even have jurisdiction over these games?

    1. Bale would miss the upcoming friendlies, correct. Tottenham is in the group stages of the Europa League, but those aren’t scheduled until after the Premier League kicks off. FIFA has jurisdiction in terms of his player license, I believe, to stop him from playing if the FA lodges a formal complaint with FIFA.

      I’m not so sure that the Welsh FA would want to create a hornet’s nest, though — unless they got pressure from the Team GB Olympic Committee/iorganizers.

      The Gaffer

      1. Its the FA who have to complain (which isn’t even his association, which makes it even more of a joke), they’re in charge of the British nonsense, not the FAW. They’re having nothing to do with the Olympics.

  9. This is really just Blatter spewing hot air. Stuart Pierce isn’t going to do anything. There isn’t any real proof that Bale wasn’t actually injured. And I seem to recall lots of other players — Steven Gerrard, for one — avoiding interational competition with dubious “injuries” in the past.

    It’s a non-issue with a flashy headline, and Blatter needs to just shut up.

  10. Not usually a conspirator but it’s a bit odd that he has a back injury and new contract before te Olympics, which he was supposed to star in.. Maybe there is a clause in his contract that forbids him from playing at the Games? After all, he is the club’s most valuable asset.

  11. I just lost all my respect for Gareth Bale… If he had just said that he did not wish to play in the Olympics and had not hid behind an injuring, I would have had no problem with it. But why would you not want to play in the Olympics as a Welsh international?

  12. What a joke. So he has a back injury and rules himself out, so lets say he is ready, who does pearce kick out now that Bale is ready? Just because he is ready he hasn’t trained with the team, I would think that team GB would be a little more professional than that.

    I was at the game, and fortunate to be very very close to the pitch and subs bench and he was playing at about 60 percent of his capacity, as were most of the team mainly because of fitness levels as they go through pre-season.The exceptions being fringe players trying to make a statement.

    Cahill could have played with a Brace and protective gear after just 10 days of the initial incident, Why wasn’t he rushed out to the euro’s? or punished for not making himself available. Absolute tosh!

    Blatter compounded his status as a moron with statements like this, as do the people who “lodged the complaint”.

    Anyone that knows Bale will tell you straight up he is not dishonest, given the choice of believing some FA cronies, Stuart Pearce,Sep Blatter or Gareth Bale, I choose Gareth.

  13. You can’t compare Cahill to Bale, Cahill broke his jaw, he wasn’t faking injury and he also wasn’t playing for his club while England was playing in the Euro’s. England players have faked injury to avoid playing for England in friendly games but they know better than to try and play for their club while claiming to be too injured to play for their country.
    If Bale wanted to give GB a miss he should have put his feet up on the beach until after the Olympics had started, all he’s done now is tell everyone he was faking it.

  14. I think everyone is missing one major point. Bale wasn’t even selected for team GB. It’s not like he was selected and pulled out. HE WASN’T SELECTED so what’s all the fuss? Also, please don’t forget Bale has been public about his support for team GB. He actually modeled the shirt for them… one of the few to take a stand about the unity of team GB.

    You are all just like Sepp, running your mouths and making a mountain out of nothing.

    1. Gareth Bale would have been the first name on the squad selection list if he didn’t say he was unfit due to his back and hip injury.

      The Gaffer

      1. My comment here is that it wasn’t Bale that said he was unfit. He underwent an MRI and the results were given to the olympic medical team and they deicded not to select him. With that said, yes, completely healthy he would have been first choice and he would have been there.

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