Chelsea vs MLS All-Star Team, Friendly: Open Thread

Get ready for the MLS hype machine to go into overdrive tonight. The annual MLS All-Star Game is always an opportunity that MLS embraces, to brag about their progress, recognize their official sponsors and showcase their top players to the viewing public. And with tonight’s opponents being Chelsea, champions of Europe, the hype may go off the charts.

Chelsea is, so far, undefeated on their 2012 US summer tour after beating Seattle Sounders and drawing Paris Saint-Germain. With Chelsea’s fitness levels improving in the past week, I would expect Chelsea to come out firing on all cylinders to put the match out of reach of their American opponents.

Roberto Di Matteo says some players could play the whole game against the MLS All-Stars on Wednesday, as they continue their preparations in America for the forthcoming season.

“We will have two or more players that might play the whole game, and some others up to 60,” said the manager. “We have had many players coming back at different times due to the European Championship and we have to manage this and consider these factors in our friendly games we are going to play.

“We are looking for a good performance and good workout, to transfer all the things we have been doing in training,” Di Matteo continued. “It’s a team quite settled from last season and there won’t be radical changes overnight. We are trying to integrate the new players but it’s always nice to get a win, so we will try to do both.

“For us it’s important we continue our plan for this pre-season in terms of physical workout. We are also trying to implement a few changes in the way we want to play and will work on this.

“It’s too early to play our strongest team. We didn’t have a big amount of players starting on day one so you won’t see the team until the Community Shield or Premier League, but there are a lot of senior players involved [tonight].”

Fernando Torres, however, will not be involved in the game after only joining the Chelsea squad earlier this week.

For tonight’s friendly, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

23 thoughts on “Chelsea vs MLS All-Star Team, Friendly: Open Thread”

  1. I know it’s only pre-season, but Chelsea seem so slow moving forward. Gone is the speed from a couple of seasons ago when Florent Malouda was on fire.

    The Gaffer

    1. Essien is a shadow of his former self, Benayoun and Lampard are on the wrong side of thirty, and we don’t have people like Mata, Hazard, and Sturridge playing right now.

  2. The League really needs to stop meddling in team affairs. You don’t need signal entity to have a fiscally responsible league. It’s called a salary cap and revenue sharing. And I’m sorry once a player is sold he should be able to come back to any team one team should have his rights anymore.

  3. wtf was wrong with the interviewer monica who just interviewed beckham…she sounded like has something stuck in her you know what…anyway what the heck is wrong with beckham “we was not playing good!!!” is that the how the brits talk??

  4. Not a bad showing by the MLS All-Stars. Chelsea certainly didn’t come out firing as predicted, but clearly they are not treating the game with the same intensity level as the MLS squad. Lukaku does not impress me and as a Chelsea fan I am supremely worried with Lukaku, Torres and Sturredge as our attacking options at the moment. I do love the additions of Marin and Hazard so far.

  5. Rayo – Agreed regarding Lukaku. He keeps making very passive runs and demanding the ball/looking frustrated when he doesn’t receive it, which kills me. We might be dipping in the market for a true striker still along with a right back.

    At the end of the day we still aren’t putting out the best 11 yet, I’m excited to see it.

    1. Are you serious about going into market for yet another striker?? Chelsea and Man city can freaking start your own f’ league with amount of good players in your squad who are not even getting a look in.
      Ever wonder why other fans hate your teams? its not because you have money its because you guys hoard players and drive up sh1tty player values out there.

      1. I’m not serious about anything. Perhaps we’ll sign Michael Owen, he’s looked real good lately.

        What strikers do we have that are so sought after? Danny Sturridge won’t cough up the ball, ever, you can have him. Torres, if back to his best, would be only one, and no one is confident in his best this year. Lukaku? Simply not good enough yet. So… yes we might look for a striker, but they don’t ask me.

        1. Sturridge is a very selfish player. Lukaku is young and if if if Torres has his head on straight that may be good enough. I love the move to a younger midfield with Oscar, Marin and Hazard…especially paired with Mata and Ramires. However, I wonder if the five of them combined could move Ya Ya Toure. The physical play of the EPL is going to take its toll.

          We still have defensive issues…for goodness sake every time I look up Luiz is at the freaking 18…although god I love to watch him play…heh.

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