Leon Britton At 11 Years Old Pretending to be Ryan Giggs In TV Advert [VIDEO]

Did you know that when Swansea City midfield maestro Leon Britton was 11 years old, he appeared in a public service TV commercial, pretending to be Ryan Giggs?

Britton revealed the secret while heading to the United States on tour (where they play Colorado Rapids tonight). Leon Britton starred in the British TV commercial that promoted road safety. With famous commentator Brian Moore providing the voiceover, we see Leon Britton pretending to be Ryan Giggs, running down a Manchester street set in 1983, kicking a can and using his imagination to play along with the commentary.

As Brian Moore said in the commercial, “He’s got a great future ahead of him.” Those words certainly came true for Leon Britton last season, when he became Europe’s most accurate passer, beating the likes of Xavi and Iniesta.

At the time that the TV commercial was filmed, Leon Britton was a trainee at Arsenal. He later joined West Ham United as a 16-year-old, and tben joined Swansea City in 2003.

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    1. We’ve been writing about Swansea’s tour in the daily news section each morning. We’re planning on doing more coverage once news becomes available. Unfortunately neither ESPN or FOX Soccer have decided to televise Swansea’s 3 games. I don’t think the economics are there. They would end up losing money on the deal. I wish they were on, trust me.

      The Gaffer

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