13 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Paris Saint-Germain From Yankee Stadium, In Pictures [PHOTO]”

  1. I actually was drinking and singing at The Dugout with that guy that is flipping the bird behind that Inter supporter lol. I believe he was an Ohio Blue.

  2. I always kind of give people an unofficial score for whatever kit they show up in for matches like this. Extra points for age and/or rarity of kit. Even more points for a player that has been off the team for quite a few years. Deduction for anything that is widely on sale in every sporting goods store in the world (i.e. Barcelona or Man United, unless one of them is actually in the match.)

    So that said, the guy in the Jimmy Hasselbaink shirt gets top points for what I can see from these photos.

    1. Yeah, I had to grab a photo of the Hasselbaink shirt. I saw a handful of Zola jerseys. I was hoping someone would be sporting a Flo shirt, but alas I didn’t see any.

      1. I saw a PSG fan wearing a Claude Makélélé and told him he was the only PSG fan that I respected that night lol.

  3. Hi, I’m one the Bermuda ladies you took a pic of from the bar after the game. I don’t see the pic up. Love the blog b

    1. Sanya, I’ve gone ahead and updated the article to include the photo of you and your lovely friends. For some reason, the photo got excluded the first go round. My apologies. Thanks for being part of the photo.

      The Gaffer

  4. Bermuda was there in full attire and in full game spirit! Ladies trip to watch Chelsea was amazing.
    Got to see my number 15 – LOVE FLORENT MALOUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As we Bermudian supporters say – CHELSEA FC ALL DAY

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