Arsenal Reject Manchester United Bid for Robin van Persie; Plus Today’s EPL News Stories

Just 12 hours after publishing an article about what’s next for Robin van Persie, we’ve learned this morning that Manchester United has opened the bidding for Robin van Persie, but the Gunners have rejected the initial bid. Arsenal want at least £20m for striker, so I wouldn’t be surprised if United comes back with another bid. At the same time, there are reports that Manchester City and Juventus have tabled bids, too. Plus, we’re hearing that Robin van Persie will not be joining Arsenal on their Far East tour. It sounds like it’s only a matter of days or weeks before Van Persie officially leaves Arsenal Football Club.

Here are the Premier League news stories of the day:

22 thoughts on “Arsenal Reject Manchester United Bid for Robin van Persie; Plus Today’s EPL News Stories”

  1. £20m to a rival ? HA HA HA HIE HE HE HA HA HA I thought my jukes are better. Fergerson can’t get him unless he pay no less than £30m so we can afford to buy replacement.

  2. I think 20 million is more than enough for arsenal to sell van persie
    @beje you can only dream of selling van persie for 30 million because no one would give 30 million for a player who is going to be 29 in a month or two

    1. Sufiyan do you think the best premier league captain and attacker will cost only £20m to a rival? We can sell him to Juventus for £20m but not to Man U. RvP says he willl end his football years like Giggs so he has 6-7 years left to retier.

  3. I dont understand this bid to be honest. United needs reinforcement @ LB, RB, CB, and CM. but they are after another forward….

    1. they dont need him…they are just trying to weaken they opposition just like was done in the case of berbatoff…Ferguson is a sick bastard

        1. Sorry!

          You’re not missing much, though, to be honest. It’s a pretty one-sided game with very little atmosphere.

          The Gaffer

  4. Stuart Pearce is a Genius. To be such a bad coach and be able to get 4 year extensions on top of it requires a touch of genius.

    1. I agree.

      How the heck he got the Team GB job, and then had the balls to push hard for the England job, I don’t know. He’s clueless.

      This is going to be an awful Olympics for Team GB if they play like this in the tournament.

      The Gaffer

  5. United only bid 8m, Juve 10m and City 12m. Which to be fair, I believe is not ridiculous considering his age, his public statement and one year remaining on his contract. I think it will end up at 15m but to Juve. If City or United want him, it will cost 20m. I’m sure City had already offered the agent Vos the largest weekly wage some time ago. We will see if Robin cares about money more than trophies. City will pay him the most and there will be trophies but United and Juve will win and are much larger clubs.

    1. Wow check out the insider info! Well thank you Bucky we know the prices the wages are you really his agent in disguise? Lol.

      City have absolutely no interest in RVP. They haven’t made any offers at all the only bid for him is by Utd, how do we know this? By using our brains and not gutter press ramblings. Arsenal have let slip a bid fro
      Utd to try and drum up interest in the injury prone 29 year old, if other clubs had bid they would have also made sure the press knew, it’s free advertising.

      What’s ‘we will see if Robin cares out money more than trophies’ all about if he went to. City he would certainly win trophies and dont you think Utd pay big wages? They have the highest paid player the country in Rooney! As for juve

    2. they can pay as much as any English clubs because of the Tax rates in the UK.
      I love the way you kinda contradict yourself in this by the way, it’s like you started the first part of the comment in 2009 when it was all ‘player only go to city for money as they’ll never win anything’ and the realised that they did win things and actually now look most likely to do so again so reverted to 2012 but it just doesnt work mate! If RVP had a choice he would go for the money and trophies unless he’s a total wing nut, but not at city as both are there but they have absolutely no need for him.

      Sorry about the two parts but it seems my fingers are to big for the iPhone lol

  6. i really can’t see arsenal selling him to manU…….idk if i was van persie i would go to juve i mean he’ll definitely start there……..theres so much competititon at city and united

    1. Arsenal will sell to the highest bidder, if of course RVP wants to go there. Arsenal are a business and make sure that every body knows it. Profits are what they want it would be stupid not to sell to the highest bidder.

    1. not only is RVP older and in last year of his contract but not every club is reckless enough to spend silly money on average players like Liverpool did.

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