Legend Ledley King Retires After 14 years in Tottenham First Team; Plus More EPL Headlines

Tottenham Hotspur legend Ledley King today announced his retirement from football. The incredibly gifted defender with a long history of knee injuries has decided to hang up his boots and will now become a club ambassador.

There’s no doubting how skilled Ledley King was, and how much of an impact he had on the team. For a good glimpse at how influential of a player he was, read EPL Talk’s article Long Live The King: How Crucial Ledley King Is To Tottenham Hotspur.

Here are the Premier League news-related headlines for today:

11 thoughts on “Legend Ledley King Retires After 14 years in Tottenham First Team; Plus More EPL Headlines”

        1. Even in terms of talent and reading the game he still wouldn’t be ahead of ferinand and I’m not saying that Just because I’m a utd fan.

          Unfortunately we will neve know how good king could have been with his injury issues over the years. Always sad to see good players from any team forced to retire early through injury.

  1. A real shame his knee hindered his true potential, especially on the international stage, clearly a more voted defender than anyone else, it was s pleasure watching him at the lane all this years ago.

  2. Ledley King was also a rare player who stayed with one team during his prime years. You also to give him a hand for coming back from injuries and most likely having to play in considerable pain as well.

    1. Hopefully for his sake he hasn’t put his long term health at risk playing so long on bad knees. Good to see spurs will keep him involved in the club.

  3. Much respect to Ledley. He was phenomenal when fit and on form. Best of his generation? I would disagree simply on his number of performances but had he been fit more consistently def in with a shout.

    To be inolved for 14 years at the top level with those injurys and Spurs to keep him on says allot.

  4. Eight yellow cards in his whole career! Thats a measure of the type of defender he was, a real Rolls Royce of a centre-half.

  5. Impressed with Spurs’ class in keeping him on. I think it is a smart move, but they certainly didn’t have to do that.

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