Introducing PES 2013: On The Pitch (Episode 2) [VIDEO]

The release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013) isn’t until October, but judging by the latest demo from Konami, PES 2013 looks like it could be one of the best in the series in a very long time.

The above video features some very familiar goals — some of the best ones scored in Euro 2012. As you can see from the gameplay and graphics, the video game version of the goals looks like the next best thing.

By the way, the song — which is very addictive — that’s played in the video is “They Call Me” by Rednek. Here’s the official video for the song.

What do you think of PES 2013 based on the above video? Are you thinking about buying it when it comes out?

4 thoughts on “Introducing PES 2013: On The Pitch (Episode 2) [VIDEO]”

  1. Looks really good, but I always get the feeling with PES that the player movement is not as fluid as it is in FIFA. While PES has gone a long way from the old days of just being able to move in a few basic directions, it is still not (in my opinion anyway) up to par with FIFA’s 360 degree movement. That alone still gives the game a bit of an old generation vibe. Yes the graphics are great, yes the players look great. But honestly, the way a game handles in terms of the gameplay is a lot more important than if the faces of players have slightly more detail on this than on FIFA.
    Hope its a good game, I usually end up buying both to see how they are. Always ends up with me playing FIFA for a lot longer.

  2. was jus’ playin the pes13 demo, and man… I have to say, I love the camera work and how when your in “live broadcast” it switches to “ball follow”,,, was pretty cool, and something I hadn’t seen in fifa yet. What bothered me about fifa was the Century download teams?? well you know what I mean… they were corrupted, got to where the dlc I paid for was basically inoperable, have to say it sucked to say the least….the online season??? pointless… exactly; what are you payin’ for there… True Harry about the 360 degrees panning fifa has.. but I think that possibly,, to early to tell for sure,, that this pes13 may have a certain replay quality to it that soccer has been missing….. don’t mean to bash fifa so much, tis’ a pretty game… might add to easy to score and defense is weak in fifa too…. pes13 on the other hand, at first showed where defenders were running apart from the opponent attack… little concern there, was on a breakaway and didnt happen again as I became more in tune with the game….. in conclusion, confusing to know which is the better. I cant wait for the day we “sims, sports, eat drink sleep enitire one video game our lives!!” happy gamin’

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