Fulham Deny Report of Clint Dempsey Joining Liverpool; Plus More EPL Headlines

It’s been a hectic 24 hours in the world of Premier League football. Our top story today is that Fulham has come out and denied reports that Clint Dempsey is joining Liverpool. In fact, the west London club says that they have received no bids for Dempsey. That doesn’t mean that Liverpool isn’t interested, but it’s certainly a case of John W. Henry-owned NESN jumping the gun. Read the story below for the full details.

In the meantime, it’s a big day for Premier League clubs in the United States. Chelsea plays Seattle tonight, while Aston Villa takes on Philadelphia Union. Plus Manchester United’s first friendly of the summer will be televised live on TV in the States. Check out the TV schedule for the full details for the Chelsea and Manchester United games.

Here are the latest Premier League news headlines:

16 thoughts on “Fulham Deny Report of Clint Dempsey Joining Liverpool; Plus More EPL Headlines”

    1. Yes, i have seen him play, along with plenty of other people. He’s a lazy player who just has good positioning.

  1. Sometimes a club makes a statement about not receiving bids for a player in the hope that a bid will be made. Of course, also saying a player is not for sale means nothing if the player asks for a transfer. Nothing new here.

    I think Liverpool maybe interested in Dempsey, and possibly other targets for their front line, but will do nothing till Andy Carroll is sold.

  2. Don’t underestimate the US owner US international player connection. At the same time, I am not sure Dempsey is a fit for Rodgers’ style of play…and he and Suarez might spend the whole game getting in each others way…

  3. What I don’t get is that Dempsey said he wants to play in the CL. While he would have more of a chance of that at Liverpool, they weren’t anywhere near in the last few seasons. That’s what I don’t understand.

  4. Dempsey probably a better fit for Arsenal – especially if RVP is out of there. Or even better, if he isn’t, as it would seem those two could work in a complimentary way up front.

    Now whether Arsenal is any better of an idea than LFC for Dempsey is certainly questionable if he wants Champions League play. I don’t think they are any more likely than LFC to get into the top 4. Spurs have had a much stronger off-season thus far than either.

  5. Guarantee he proves all the critics wrong if he goes to Liverpool. His mentality and work ethic alone will make him a Kop hero.

    Strong on the ball, good header, great shot, versatile, tough as nails, quick, hard tackler (and not in a reckless way), has played in tough environments (try Azteca stadium as a USA national for tough), physical, determined, good vision, intelligent. He will succeed.

    1. I agree with pretty much all of that. That guy is a very nice player and I hope he gets a shot at performing on the big stage. LFC (or whoever) going deep into European play with him as a big star for them? Probably be pretty good for the growth of the game in the US.

  6. Dempsey does want to play CL football but none of those clubs in the CL are interested in him.

    He is a good player but I don’t see him as a good fit at Liverpool.

  7. Ehhhh, Not completely inconceivable for them to climb back to that level pretty quickly. They’ve been out three years but were in for most of the 10 prior.

    You have to think the two Manchester clubs will be up there. And Chelsea. Past that, LFC competes with Arsenal (also looking shaky) and then what? Everton, the Spurs, Newcastle. All had good seasons but you can’t say they are fundamentally looking stronger over the longer term than LFC.

    Those “name” clubs will always be a better bet in the long haul than those that are not. And I think it takes a little more than 3 off years to lose one’s “name” status.

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