Liverpool and Aston Villa Jet to USA for Summer Tour; Plus Other News Headlines

Liverpool and Aston Villa are jetting to North America today to launch their 2012 summer tours. The 25-man Aston Villa squad will arrive in Philadelphia, while Liverpool will arrive today before getting ready to begin their training sessions at Harvard University this week.

In the meantime, Glen Johnson had the chance to answer a trivia question from the LFC website team. In the above video, Johnson is tasked with naming 20 North American professional sports teams in 60 seconds. Quite embarrassingly, he manages to name zero Major League Soccer teams. Ouch!

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

6 thoughts on “Liverpool and Aston Villa Jet to USA for Summer Tour; Plus Other News Headlines”

    1. I haven’t heard any news about it yet. I know the training sessions are open to the media (EPL Talk should have a blogger there). But if/when I hear anything about the training sessions, I’ll post something on EPL Talk.

      The Gaffer

  1. LFC and AVFC should stage a series of matches pitting once-great clubs now owned by nincompoop Americans who are running them into the ground. It could be called the “See what you’ve done to us, America” tour.

    I am particularly biased against Randy Lerner, whose Cleveland Browns (once a very proud and successful team) would have been relegated about to the 5th tier of league play if there was such a thing in American football. This after his father helped the old Browns franchise move to Baltimore – there to turn into a championship-winning and consistently solid program.

    1. didn’t the successful version of the Cleveland Browns (with Paul Brown) leave for Cincinatti and become the Bengals? then the browns started up again and then left, again to form the Ravens in baltimore because the Baltimore Colts left and went to Indiana.

      1. Actually the Bengals were established by the original founder of the Browns (Paul Brown). Franchise continued after Paul Brown left – having been forced out in an early-60’s power struggle by Art Modell (who subsequently moved the team to Baltimore with the connivance of his buddy Al Lerner (father of Randy).

        Got all that?

        Ironically it was the Browns #1 move to Baltimore in 1995 that caused the disgusted Browns fan in me to fully embrace my English heritage and start intently following the EPL. So that was a good thing. But then the NFL had to go and “bring back” the Browns and have them be run with about the level of incompetence Lerner shows with AVFC.

        1. LOL..thank goodness for the cleveland browns being incompetent then….Cleveland sports fan just have a torrid time don’t they? If the the major league franchises weren’t insular marketing machines that actually had a League with Relegation to divisions, then the browns might even be inspired to put out a good product for their fans instead of just taking the money and wasting draft picks.

          With no consequence in The National Rugby Type Game League but still wads of cash from american TV networks making a profit for every owner no matter how much they suck, they have no need to be concerned.

          A 3 hour 30 minute game with more advertising, breaks and sponsorship than the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade that has a total of maybe 11 minutes of actual play (from snap to play ending) no wonder they make so much money. that very reason is exactly why it’s not surprising the NFL failed in europe.

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