Seeing a Premier League Club on Their US Tour This Summer? Open Thread

Local doesn’t mean much any more. It used to. It used to be everything. Your local newspaper was an integral part of your day. The conversations with your friends, neighbors or family members about local events and local happenings were important. The local nightly news was something you and your parents used to tune in. But not anymore. Local, except for rare occurrences is dead.

Local has been killed by the Internet, globalization and hundreds of TV channels. Among the people living in your town or city, our interests are more varied. We’re no longer all watching the same ball game. We have less in common now more than ever.

Niche sites like this one pull together people with common interests; not across our local area, but around the world instead. The Premier League we follow is physically thousands of miles away from us, but in reality it’s only a click or a push of a button away. When I’m driving down the road in my car, listening to talkSport or BBC Five Live on my iPhone, I’m in my element. I have little or no patience for listening to local radio, even local sports radio, because the vast majority of topics covered are ones I don’t care to listen to.

This week, everything changes. The Premier League becomes local for many of us living in the States, when Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Stoke, Aston Villa and even Swansea come to our doorsteps for their North American tours. It’s an opportunity to see many of the stars up close; the same footballers we’ll be watching week-in week-out from August through May. If any Premier League clubs are coming close to your city, definitely go ahead and see them play. Unless you live in Seattle, it could be years before they come again.

If you’re planning on seeing a friendly this summer involving a Premier League club, let us know in the comments section below. Which game(s) are you going to? Where are your seats? And if you’re interested in meeting up with fellow EPL Talk readers for a beer before, during or after the game, let everyone know in the comments section below.

I was originally planning on following Swansea play their three friendlies in the US this summer, but I’ve decided to go see them play in Wales this Autumn instead. Instead, I’ll be going to the Chelsea-AC Milan match on Saturday, July 28. And I’m trying to sandwich another game in depending on my travel plans this summer.

Are you excited about seeing a Premier League play this summer? Also, if you’re interested in taking photos at the game and sending them in to EPL Talk to be published, or to write a first-person account of your experience at a match this summer, let me know in the comments section below.

It’s going to be a fabulous summer of Premier League soccer. I can’t wait!

49 thoughts on “Seeing a Premier League Club on Their US Tour This Summer? Open Thread”

  1. Seeing the Galaxy – Spurs match at the Home Depot Center. Have tickets in a suite through my employer. Looking forward to it.

  2. Seeing Liverpool vs. Tottenham in Baltimore, from the 8th row. As a Liverpool fan, I’ll be seeing the Reds in person for my first time and I can’t wait.

    1. I’ll be at the game also, but hoping Spurs win. However, I’m happy for you being able to see your team for the first time. Hope you have a great experience. I will always remember seeing my first Spurs game at White Hart Lane in Sept. 1973. They lost 3-0 to Leeds United (who won the league that year). Still a great memory.

    2. I will also be at the Baltimore game, LFC supporters section, 14th row or so. I am beyond excited, the toughest part is trying to convince my 10 year old stepdaughter that she should enjoy Liverpool and the Beautiful game, I am hoping this experience will help that project.

  3. I’ll be at Sporting KC vs. Stoke in my usual seats at Livestrong Sporting Park. While I’d much rather be in Baltimore for Tottenham vs. Liverpool a) the travel budget was basically nonexistent this year and b) at least I still get to see an EPL team at our fantastic home stadium.

  4. Seeing Sporting KC play Stoke City. This will be my third time to see an EPL team in KC (Man U and Newcastle last two years).

  5. Standby – long missive coming in…

    I’ve become a football-crazed fanatic over the last three years. Initially started following the closest MLS team (San Jose Earthquakes), but also watched as much European football as was provided by Fox and ESPN. In the middle of the 09-10 season I decided that it was time to pick a few teams over in Europe that I could follow. After some extensive R&B (research and beer) the teams were chosen: Wolverhampton and Napoli.

    In the 18 months since, I’ve gotten quite the education regarding football through the Wolves. This past season was heartbreaking, but there are high hopes for the Championship this year and a return to the EPL next season. No fair weather fan here! And while I was waking up at 6am on Saturdays to catch the Gold and Black on Fox or the internet, my wife caught a bit of the bug and wanted to choose a team to root for herself. Took her half a year before she finally committed to Swansea City. I highly approve – their persistant attacking style is a beauty to watch. I’d be right there with her…but FWAW.

    Back here in Northern California my son and I have become solid Quakes fans. We’ve made the 100 mile trek through the Bay Area to go watch games – just came back from last night’s 5-0 pasting of Real Salt Lake, took in the incredible comeback against Beckham and the Galaxy at Stanford Stadium at the beginning on the month, and we also picked up three tickets for the Earthquakes v. Swansea City tilt on the 31st of July. I don’t have any other teams or stadiums to compare it to, but I’m highly impressed with the atmosphere that the supporters of the Earthquakes bring to the games. It is going to be a great time – and I would love to meet up with anyone else who is going to be at the match.

    All right – tl;dr: I’m going to the Earthquakes v. Swansea City match on the 31st – lets get together and have a beer before the match.

    1. Thanks Timothy for sharing your story. Sounds like your wife and you will have a great time seeing the Swans. You’re lucky to have such an understanding wife!

      Swansea will have new signings Jonathan De Guzman and Chico Flores in the squad. Joe Allen, Scott Sinclair and Neil Taylor will be on Team GB Olympic duty, but you’ll also have the privilege of seeing the legendary Michael Laudrup, the Swans new manager.

      Have a blast!

      The Gaffer

  6. Going to Boston first to see Liverpool vs Roma on the 25th, then driving down to Baltimore to see LFC again vs Tottenham on the 28th.

    1. Evan, I’ll be section 114 too. I’m in row 5, seats 5 and 6 — if you, or any of the EPL Talk readers, want to say hello.

      The Gaffer

  7. Going to Baltimore for the LFC v Spurs game, and then heading to the DC United v PSG game that evening…also going to the Real Madrid v Celtics game in Philly in August.

    For all of you coming to B more, would anyone be interested in meeting up?

    1. Also going to Baltimore for LFC v Spurs! I’d love to join you at a bar/pub before or after the match if I can convince my non-footy-fan hubby how much fun it will be. Pick the place, pick the time, give me directions, and I’ll even offer to drive in Baltimore so poor hubby doesn’t have anything else to complain about (ha ha ha).

      1. My friends and I will be at Slainte in Fells before the match. Come on down! It’ll (sadly for me) be a sea of red…

        1. And nothing at all for all five of us Spurs fans! According to Spurs’ website, there’s a supporters club in Dundalk (?!?) of all places, but they don’t seem to be particularly organized.

  8. Seeing Aston Villa v. Philadelphia Union on 7/18 with my son who’s a LFC fan. Then, going to Baltimore on the 28th with my daughter (also a LFC fan) to see my Spurs v. LFC. Is this bad parenting :) ????? Been to White Hart Lane 3 times in 30 years and saw Spurs in NY last year. Never saw LFC. Hoping Stevie G. plays. Also hoping Spurs win.

  9. Gaffer
    which match or matches are you hoping to catch this fall? my vacation budget is used up for a 3 week trip to OZ so i will have to be a voyeur and live thru the blog. i am jealous i think Harry has the best set up of matches so far.

    1. I’m hoping to do a trip to England and Wales over Thanksgiving. Top on my list will be Swansea against Liverpool at the Liberty, but it all depends on the travel itinerary, etc. But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to Chelsea-AC Milan in Miami in a couple of weeks!

      The Gaffer

  10. I’ll be covering the Liverpool/Tottenham game in Baltimore for WBAL (local TV station) as well as EPL Talk, so anyone who is interested in stopping by and saying hello and having a chat can follow me on the Twitter (@Morgan_Green) for my locations throughout the game or contact me and I’ll try to make it over to your area. I’ll also be trying to get down on the sidelines before, during & after the match, so keep an eye out for an attractive gentleman with a fine mustache

  11. I was given a bunch of free tickets in suite for the Real Madrid v Celtic game at the Linc so I guess I’ll be at that game. Air conditioning and the fact I can walk out my front door and be at the stadium in less than 15 minutes is the only reason I’m going.

  12. I’ll be seeing “Liverpool FC” play Toronto, but according to an article I just read, I’m not certain who from the first team will actually be playing. None of the EURO 2012 England players will be there, nor will Kuyt (who was transferred), Suarez (Olympics), Pepe Reina isn’t expected to play either. I didn’t expect to see all of these guys play a full 90 minutes, but geesh, it sounds like almost no one familiar will play in that game. I’m regretting getting tickets!

    I hope the match up of Stoke v Columbus Crew will be better.

    1. Yes, those that played in the euros are still on holiday and Suarez and Coates will be with Olympic team, but youll still get new signing Borini, the return of Lucas and to a lesser extent Aqualini and Cole. And dont forget Sterling who should feature more this year. Wont be full compliment of players but youre not going to see the Under 18 reserve team either.

  13. Following the Stoke tour – Columbus on 7/24, Orlando on 7/28 and KC on 8/1. First time they’ve come over in my 17 years here, never know if they’ll be back!

  14. Stoke City vs Sporting KC -I’ll be there also at Montpellier -Sporting game

    first things first 8/8 Cup final vs Seattle

  15. packing 3 16 year olds in the car and heading from Halifax down to Boston for LFC v Roma game

    we’re sitting with the Roma fans behind the net for the sheer purpose of ripping on Andy Carroll

  16. Living in Southeast Michigan makes it difficult to see EPL or other European teams when they come to the US each summer. However, with two daughters living in the Pacific Northwest summer plans always include visiting them. Over the years I have had the opportunity to see Man U. play in Seattle and watch Man U. and Manchester City train at Nike world headquaters in Beaverton, Or which happens to be located about three miles from my daughter’s home. Seeing the players train is as up close and personal as it gets.

    This year I have tickets for Aston Villa v Portland Timbers on July 24 at Jeld Wen Field in Portland. I will be sitting in Section 209, Row K, Seats 9 and 10. I would love to meet and chat with any EPL Talk fans before or after the game. Going to this game satisfys two wishes: to see an EPL team and to experience the atmosphere at Jeld Wen.

    1. Awesome, Bob. If you can e-mail them to me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com, I’d love to post the photos and story on the site.

      The Gaffer

  17. I’m one of like five Spurs fans living in Baltimore, so imagine my surprise (and utter glee) when I found out they were coming to play here. I’m seeing Spurs/Liverpool in two weeks with two Liverpool fan friends. Since I bought the tickets, I really, really wanted to sit them in the Spurs fan section, but thought it would be cruel — mostly to my fellow Spurs fans who are already going to be outnumbered — to have those red shirts in a fan section of blue and white. Instead, we’re sitting in the 24th row behind the Spurs bench.

    Then I’m taking a week off of work to head up to NYC to see some friends I don’t see enough, but mostly to sit among my people in the fan section to see Spurs play the Red Bulls. The Red Bulls offered up a really nice price on those tickets…

    Two Spurs matches in four days? Karma is definitely getting me back for a completely miserable 2011. I could not be more excited — especially about the Spurs/Reds match. The last time I saw Spurs play live was when I lived in Prague and they drew Slavia in the (then) UEFA League round of 32. Tickets were much, *much* cheaper in Prague, by the way.

  18. I’ll be seeing Liverpool vs. Tottenham in Baltimore July 28th and I’ll be wearing my RED Lucas #21 jersey. Can’t wait to see my first pro soccer game (albeit an exhibition). The summer of Denis continues!

  19. I’ll be seeing my Blues take on the MLS All-Stars in Philadelphia on July 25th. I’m probably going to buy tickets to see Chelsea against PSG in NYC on the 22nd. I can’t wait to see Chelsea for the first time in person. KTBFFH

  20. I’ll be at LFC v Roma at Fenway, then head down to Baltimore for the match against Spurs. I am pretty sure I will be at Slainte as well, Maggie.

    I may also be at the PSG-Chelsea match the next day at Yankee Stadium (depends if we come back to NY right after LFC-Spurs).

  21. If any of you going to the Stoke matches fancy meeting up with the Potters travelling support and showing them some hospitality have a look here:

    I’m sure they’d be up for any tailgate antics that may be aranged, as per cathedral Square in Valencia:

    I hope they make this a regular thing and I’ll get over there myself and adopt an MLS team! I’ve already got the missus organising a trip to the west coast when my studies finish.

  22. I’ll be in Settle for Chelsea vs. Sounders. I went and saw them back in 2009, so I’m making the return trip. I live in Portland, so I’ll be seeing Aston Villa too. Taking pictures of both matches.

  23. Seeing Spurs and Liverpool in Baltimore. 504, row 6. I support Spurs but my 5 friends who are going with me go for Liverpool.

  24. Going to the AVFC vs. FCF97 (I support both though decidedly more of a Villa fan) match in Chicago. Can’t wait to see my Villans! Lambert has them moving in the right direction and we have some good players coming in. Hutton being told to stay home made my week. Now if we could only sell off Dunne, Collins, Warnock, etc….lol. UTV.

  25. LA Galaxy and Tottenham at the Home Depot Center. Seats are right up front but don’t have the tickets handy. Can’t wait!!

  26. FYI there are Liverpool vs Tottenham tix on Groupon in Baltimore area. Good deal if you’re tight on cash and do live in the area. My girlfriend has a ticket to that game but I have family obligations that day. Her brother-in-law is a massive LFC fan.

    I’ll be at the MLS all-star game in Philly watching my Blues for the 2nd time ever. Skipping the NYC game since I have to work at 730am in Philly and wouldn’t get home until nearly midnight otherwise.

    I’ll take a couple free tix to Celtic vs. Real Madrid though!

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