Newcastle United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Official [PHOTO]

Newcastle United today unveiled their new home shirt for the 2012-13 season.

The Tyneside club wore their new home kit for the first time in a friendly, which they lost 1-0 in Germany against third division side Chemnitzer.

Newcastle’s new home shirt is designed by Puma, and features the famous black and white stripes that Newcastle United have won for decades. Instead of the racing-car stripe design that Newcastle wore last season, the club and Puma have returned to a more traditional design. The differences are that the collar is white, while the Puma logo appears to be in gold.

Overall, I like the design of the new Newcastle United home shirt, but it does remind me more of Juventus than previous Newcastle United shirt designs.

It’s clean, classy and should be a big hit at St. James’s Park this season.

What are your thoughts regarding Newcastle’s new home kit?

19 thoughts on “Newcastle United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Official [PHOTO]”

  1. Not a big fan of the white collar and for sure looks a lot like Juve, but does have a classic design and look.

  2. ‘How to ruin a decent kit’, by Puma

    Puma kit designer 1 – “So what do you think?”
    Puma kit designer 2 – “Black and white stripes?.. It looks good but it just needs alittle something extra”.
    Puma kit designer 1 – “I know what it needs!… Spikes!”


  3. The overall design looks good if you can look past the awful virgin money “strap”, but its barely possible to do so. Considering how much that logo sticks out from the rest of the shirt, they should provide an additional 10 million pounds to be used for a good signing.

  4. Its too white. The collar and the shoulders should have been black. I wont buy it. The change strip is much better.

  5. People forget tha Juve’s kit was taken for Notts County. Newcastle probably was wearing stripes before Juve was formed.

    As for the kit, better than recent ones, only to be ruined by that god awful sponsor…Shame that Virgin couldn’t compromise their aesthetic the way “standard chartered” and Stoke’s sponsor did.

  6. The Juve kit was not taken from Notts County at all. When West Auckland went to play Juve in the first ever “World club Cup” they didn’t have a strip so they borrowed one off of Newcastle. When West Auckland won, Juve decided to adopt the same strip.

    1. getting your stories a little mixed up here,Juve copied their kit fom notts county,read up on the world cup story, west auckland never borrowed newcastles kit!

  7. Not exactly “clean” or “classy” like to be fair. Whether you like it or not they’re not the words to describe it. The away kit looks clean, simplistic and modern, just like the 11/12 home kit but this looks a bit old fashioned and cheap like a knock off you’d buy on holiday. The broken/distorted stripes thing is dump. I think if they kept the stripes clean and normal and included some more black around the colar, shoulders and back area then it’d look a bit more clean and classy…

  8. A bunch of things working against this shirt. For one, the collar is too thick. And the white on the shoulders and back makes this just too plain. Quite frankly, it looks cheap. A definite step backwards from last year.

  9. Overall, I like the new jerseys. If you haven’t seen the glow in the dark third kit yet, I’m not a huge fan of those. Also, being picky, I wish they had kept the striped socks over the all black socks.

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