Arsenal Puts Their Purple Away Kit Into Action in FIFA 13 [VIDEO]

The verdict on Arsenal’s new away kit is still divided. A lot of Gunners fans love the shirt. A lot of them hate it. But for a bit of fun, EA Sports has taken the new Arsenal away kit and put the players into FIFA 13 to produce this brief highlight video.

Seeing the shirt worn in FIFA 13, it doesn’t look that bad.

I’m not sure why both Arsenal and Chelsea are wearing away shirts in the video, but it’s still nice to see Mikel Arteta get past John Terry with ease.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal Puts Their Purple Away Kit Into Action in FIFA 13 [VIDEO]”

  1. Err…something is wrong with this pic either that or there is a horrid bug in the game, there is just this purple digital noise instead of a football jersey, looks terrible….wait if you look at it for long enough you can see a schooner…. ;)

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