Tottenham Hotspur Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season: Official Images [PHOTO]

Official photos of Tottenham Hotspur’s new home and away kits have been released for next season. They’re highly anticipated because the club has moved from Puma to Under Armour. And just like the Warrior shirts that the US company designed for Liverpool, these Tottenham shirts are quite unique.

The deal with Tottenham Hotspur is Under Armour’s largest team sports deal. It is a five year deal and UA’s first with a Barclays Premier League team.

First, the home shirt.

When I saw the leaked images of the new Spurs home shirt, I thought the shirt looked okay. But seeing close-up images of the shirt has changed my mind. The amount of detail is beautiful — everything from the silver trim on the sleeve and across the shoulders. The collar also looks very classy.

On the back of the home shirt (see above), you can see the amount of detail. It’s definitely not just a plain white shirt on the back.

Second, here’s the away shirt:

The navy blue shirt looked pretty straightforward in the blurry leaked photos, but the real deal is another animal. The lighter blue design on the shoulder makes the shirt look like it has shoulder pads, which look awesome. And the back of the shirt is even more adventurous (see below).

According to Under Armour, “In order to maximise this revolutionary fabric on-pitch, the authentic Tottenham Hotspur range as worn by the players will have a distinct, aggressive look with the shirts cut to Under Armour’s Fitted Fit, close to the body for optimal moisture management, breathability, and performance. A tailored collar and placket brings smartness and timelessness to the home shirt, whilst silver taping in both kits adds elevated design to the shoulders, back-neck, and sleeve. A fully perforated Tottenham Hotspur cockerel design decorates the back panel of the white kit for optimal heat dumping. Built in a classic V-neck style, a laser cut sublimated back panel on the away shirts brings to life inspirational elements of White Hart Lane. Both shirts are equipped with side mesh panel insets to create the ventilation necessary to perform at a world-class level. A ventilated back yoke adds breathability to both the home and away shorts.”

What do you think of Tottenham’s new home and away kits? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season: Official Images [PHOTO]”

  1. The home whites are as class as Scotty Parker. The back of the aways are as trash as Alan Hutton.


    Parker, Sandro and Livermore!

  2. Why do we (all clubs!!) need an away kit for every game when most of the season it is not needed…and a THIRD!!??Why? Oh Yes………It’s money!!! I forgot

  3. I think all the kits look great, even though the 3rd kit isn’t posted. Goalkeepers kits looking good as well. I did enjoy the Puma kits but last seasons wasn’t the greatest, but did like the black kit. The only thing I would have changed on the home kit would have been removing the collar not a huge fan of the collar.

  4. The home fit looks like it was designed by BIKE in 1982. and the back of the away kit looks like it should have Giant L in a yellow box on it.

  5. The home kit looks great, I’ll be buying one at midnight tonight west coast time, UA did a great job. The away front is nice although, I’m not sure what the large chevrons on the back are supposed to be about, perhaps a reminder of what direction the ground is in?


  6. French..but nice. What is up with the keeper this year? Why so damn boring? I watch a lot of MLS…same thing there…no style!

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