Premier League News Ticker: Arsenal Scout Admits Giroud Was Signed to Replace Robin van Persie

Worrying news this morning for Arsenal fans… Arsenal scout Gilles Grimandi admitted that Olivier Giroud was signed as a back-up plan in case Robin van Persie left the London club. How a player like Giroud, while gifted, is supposed to be a replacement for a striker who scored 30 goals in the league last season (40% of the club’s entire goal output), I don’t know. There are only a few players who could rival van Persie, in terms of new signings. And Giroud is nowhere near that level.

Meanwhile, England’s u19 team will play against Greece today in the semi-final of the u19 Championship, held in Estonia. The game will be shown live on GolTV with coverage beginning at 10:30am ET.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

5 thoughts on “Premier League News Ticker: Arsenal Scout Admits Giroud Was Signed to Replace Robin van Persie”

  1. As a gunners fan, I have moved past the dissapointment that RVP is probably leaving. I enjoyed watching him last season, and I am thankful for what he did for the club. Not trying to take away from his brilliance last season, because he did finish when he needed to, but many of his goals were the result of great service from his team mates (his 2 goals at Anfield come to mind immediately in that regard), but yes, he did finish those chances, which was better than what most strikers could do.

    Look at last years summer window. City had poached Clichy and Nasri, Cesc was gone to Barca. The media was saying we would be lucky to finish top 10 and some had us lingering around relegation. Many were calling for Wenger’s head and saying he’ll be lucky to make it past Christmas. But things turned out ok. Actually, better than ok in my opinion. No trophies, but they got a top 4, which is pretty respectable considering the deep pockets of those around them at the top of the table….Only Newcastle impressed me more.

    We’ll be ok.

    1. God those balls Song played to him were glorious. I will miss seeing them (especially because it didn’t happen against Man United)…

  2. Let him come to Man United wen SCHOLES still has the energy and wisdom to make those crosses. We will lovw seeing him score against hjis former employers

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