Everton Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Official Release [PHOTO]

In one week, Everton supporters will be able to get their hands on the new home kit, provided by Nike (which has a 3 year deal with Everton) taking over from Le Coq  Sportif, in time for the 2012-13 campaign.

Gone is the collar and replacing it is a white V neck.

Also in a somewhat similar vein to the Arsenal kit, Nike added a 2 tone look to the sleeve with a blue and white motif.  Noticeably absent in the new kit is any gold trim which was a part of the inside collar of last season’s kit.

Thankfully, Nike chose not to make any color changes to the logo.

I personally like the new design as it looks more athletic than last year’s offering.

What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Everton Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Official Release [PHOTO]”

  1. I think the white part of the sleeves is awful, otherwise it would’ve been very nice. One thing you can’t really see is a thick blue stripe going down the side of the shorts, looks pretty nice. But those sleeves, ugh.

  2. The white sleeve thing would have worked better if the sleeves were fitted. Logo? (You are so American) As in crest or badge you mean? That’s were Nike should have made their changes – the current “logo” is too cluttered, they should have modernized it.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but kit manufacturers cannot tinker with the crest. Villa’s crest got the update a few years back as a result of what the club wanted, if I remember correctly.

      It’s a classy shirt. Nike does good work. I hope that the pink pops up in either the away or third kits.

      1. The away kit has already been released weeks ago, it’s solid black with yellow letters, numbers, and crest. No pink.

  3. LOL, I don’t think John Heitinga was the right person to be marketing the Everton jersey,.after the crap tournament he had in Poland & Ukraine. He should be ashamed of his awful defending as should the other three defenders and all the other players. They all played good for their clubs, you would think it wouldn’t be too much to ask of them to play three decent games for their countries. I’m not Dutch. The kit is nice by the way.

  4. Disappointing – I know it’s a current template (see Brazil), but the chunky white cuffs make Heitinga appear to be wearing a poorly-fitted undershirt. Had the thickness of the cuffs matched the thickness of the collar stripe, it would be passable, though the color is less royal and more Wigan-ish than I’d like. The away kit is at least a classier template.

  5. If you just made the white cuffs the same width as the collar this is a pretty nice kit, But as is? Not so much. Edges Arsenal Home for “ugliest sleeve stripes”

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