Manchester United Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season; New Leaked Images [PHOTO]

New photos of Manchester United’s away shirt have been leaked on the Internet ahead of the official release.

The new images reveal a white Manchester United away shirt with a unique red collar design and red trim on the sleeves. The sponsor name and team crest are shown in black. Overall, the shirt design looks pretty good and is a departure from previous designs that have been more involved.

The shorts for the new Manchester United away kit, meanwhile, look like a design you’d be more accustomed to seeing on a pair of boxer shorts (see below).

What do you think of the new design of the shirt and shorts? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

H/T Todo Sobre Camisetas.

59 thoughts on “Manchester United Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season; New Leaked Images [PHOTO]”

  1. I think both the shirt & shorts look fantastic.

    Second straight year I’ve favored the road kit over the home kit.

      1. As another City fan, I have to third the motion, but I think the kit would look even better covered with the tear stains from another trophy-less season.

        1. City won in the last second and they’re acting like they own the world. Just remember without Sheikh Mansoor, they are nothing. 19 league titles > 3 league titles. Atleast United won the Champions League 3 times more than City’s best position at 3rd in group stages.

          1. I didn’t say anything about City owning the world. They still have a lot to accomplish to be considered a world class team. Nor did I try to knock what United has accomplished over the last couple of decades. I’m simply saying it’s a pleasure to see them eat a little bit of humble pie for a change, and even more of a pleasure that their noisy neighbors (or neighbours, if you prefer) got to serve them the biggest slice.

        2. And wow it took u guy what 44 years to win the cup wow well done hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha let’s hope those tears feture on your kit should say finally

  2. Class Kit but why white??? Do they not know that White is our bad luck colour? Think of the 2 CL finals against Barca.

  3. Honestly….I almost look forward to the away shorts more than anything else. While the kit tops are nice and I like to have one to wear while watch the games, I don’t really wear them around in public that much.

    But….the kit shorts…..they make wonderful swimming trunks. Seriously, I wear these things around half of the summer, to pools, lakes, fishing, whitewater rafting, etc.

    I’ll definitely own a pair of these next year.

    Now….as for whether the team should be playing in something I’m happy to wear as swim trunks…. That’s another questions entirely.

    1. It’s definitely real! Look at the Nike Store website and search Manchester United. They have the toddler away kit already up, possibly by mistake, and it’s this kit exactly!

      1. Oops, nevermind. They took it down, obviously a mistake. But take my word for it, yesterday it was there and it was this exact kit.

  4. With a white away kit we won the cup winners cup in 91 also the treble in 99 and leagues in 07 and 09 an 10.
    Nice kit !!!

  5. Wow, this shirt looks awesome. I definitely will be purchasing one when they are available. I’m not too fond of the shorts. I would much rather prefer just black without the pattern.

  6. i wonder how many of these so called city fans are actually from manchester, its bizarre how many city shirts im seeing all over the country now because of glory supporters, especially in london,

    now where have I heard that one before???

  7. As for the away shirt, it is a very classy shirt, a lot better than the home shirt and other shirts of the past couple of seasons,

    its a shame they didn’t put a proper collar on it, if they did it would look like a smart fred perry or ben sherman shirt, its about time they bring a proper collar back, the days of cantona turning his collar up looked ace!

    im considering getting one of these though!

  8. it looks gr8 and 4 those who are worried its bad look having a white jersey get real how many big games have we lost wearing red r any other colour its just a colour :)

    any1 knw wen its getting released…………………..

  9. I actually saw this in person yesterday, looks very (japanese) with that collar, wonder if its anything to do with selling Kagawa shirts 😉

  10. Looks like a Thai massage parlour girls uniform……… still I supose its better than the other 2 kits as they look like they have been fashioned out of pound shop tea towels!

  11. As a die hard gooner of over 30 years, I should hate everything about the Mancs but……… the shirt is VERY nice. just wish Nike would stop pissing around with our kit!!!!

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