Tottenham Hotspur Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season; Under Armour Leak [PHOTO]

Photos of Tottenham Hotspur’s home and away shirts for the 2012-13 season have been leaked on the Internet.

Tottenham’s new home and away kits, which are designed for the first time by Under Armour, are featured in the above promo photos. Tottenham’s new home shirt looks great. I love the retro collar. Plus, the detail over the shoulder makes the shirt look like a classic Leeds United kit — all that’s missing is a bit of yellow. Thankfully, Spurs have included navy blue as their trim color.

Tottenham’s new away shirt, meanwhile, is navy blue with white trim.

The much anticipated release of Tottenham’s new home and away kits will be officially unveiled this Friday, but you now know what they’ll look like before the rest of the world sees them. The third kit will be released later this summer. Here’s a sneak peek of Tottenham’s third shirt, too.

What’s your opinion about Tottenham’s new home and away kits? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

H/T Tottenblog and EPL Talk reader Dust.

17 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season; Under Armour Leak [PHOTO]”

    1. I completely disagree. UA is junk. Puma is at least quality material….do what you can to avoid UA, fades, pills, snags….I’ll never buy it again.

  1. ………….the 3rd shirt, the half grey half black thing, IS UTTER FUKKIN GARBAGE!!!!! Why the phuk these smart ar5e w4nkers couldnt design a nice plain yellow shirt for the 3rd kit?

    1. I agree. I really like the details added to the Home kit, but I have never been a fan of shirts with collars.

      The away kit looks great too though!

  2. I use the Under Armour Heat Gear Compression T-Shirt playing soccer and I think they are great. I hope the jerseys are just as good. I like all three shirts including the third one but I would have liked an all black third jersey.

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