The Billionaire Boys Club: Why It’s Time For Tottenham’s Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy To Spend

The dismissal of Harry Redknapp and the new appointment of Andre Villas-Boas supposedly will usher in a new era for Tottenham Hotspur.  Both club owner Joe Lewis but chiefly chairman Daniel Levy state they have a new and exciting vision for the club. Will Andre Villas-Boas be a success? Only time will tell. What I think is worth discussing is the role of Levy and Lewis. Assuming there is a new vision for the club. Lewis and Levy have been at this for about eleven years. What will they do different this time?

I will admit I am not a supporter of Daniel Levy as chairman of the club. I think he has done well in maintaining the club’s books. However, I doubt his ability to provide proper direction or even leadership for the club. Since he became chairman in 2001, he has gone through eight managers and just hired his ninth. I find this trend extremely alarming. This indicates a chairman who lacks a coherent vision for the club. Out of eight individuals, he couldn’t find one individual that meets his desires or aspirations. If Levy wasn’t a close friend or assistant of Lewis, I think he would have been fired years ago, just as any other ordinary chairman of a company. How do you expect a coach to develop a team or a new direction if time isn’t given?

I think the key to success is being patient and willing to accept the ups and downs to build for a future. There will be struggles in the beginning and downright disappointment but that is the learning process. I believe Redknapp and even Martin Jol were doing what was asked of them.  Look at any team and you will see time is vital. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in day.” Living in a society where instant gratification is the norm doesn’t help. People demand instant attention, victories and glory. If that doesn’t happen, it demands instant change. People are so impatient today. That isn’t the model for a business and whether people want to admit it or not, sports is a business. Did Levy and Lewis give enough time to managers such as Redknapp, Jol or even Hoddle to develop a game winning philosophy? I don’t think so. They were too hungry for success and truly lacked the patience. Look what Sir Alex Ferguson created since becoming manager in 1986.

Since I have been a Spurs supporter, Martin Jol and Harry Redknapp have been the two most successful managers I have witnessed. I realize in the 07/08 season Jol was having a difficult time but Levy handled the situation very poorly and very unprofessionally. I understand the lure and desire to be successful and compete with the power clubs, but it all takes time. You have to be willing to take the hits before reaching the top. The success of Manchester United didn’t develop overnight; Ferguson was given time, resources and money. In the case of Redknapp, we will never know if he could have taken the club to a higher level. In addition, Levy didn’t provide Redknapp the money and resources. Levy claims he wants to focus on the young players and develop their talent. I agree that was a good idea. Before Jol departed, wasn’t he recruiting younger players, such as Gareth Bale? The same was true for Redknapp in developing the young players with Walker and Livermore. Sending other youth players on loan to gain experience, while Harry Kane could be a top striker for the club in the future. Not to mention most of Tottenham’s youth played a prominent role in last season’s Europa League matches.

There were the stories about how Redknapp and Levy didn’t get along. Levy wanted a director of football and Redknapp didn’t. I believe Levy wanted a director to have more influence over transfer policy and have someone in his corner to counter the coach’s decisions on players. But in the end it was about money — the millions of British pounds to spend on players that Redknapp thought were needed and Levy’s unwieldiness to spend on quality players requested by the manager.

Tottenham generally speaking have been thrifty with spending. The message from Levy and his supporters is “Keep the books in the black, don’t mimic Manchester City.” In the four years Redknapp had been in charge, he was allowed to spend £47 million on players — cheap compared to other clubs. I do believe if you want to build a strong club and attract key players, you need to spend more and pay more in salaries. It’s a money game. I know people don’t like and I admit I don’t care for it, but it has become a reality. Money and a belief of success attract people, in this case players and facilities. I think Levy and Lewis really need to consider that idea. Of course, Levy spent £30 million on David Bentley and Roman Pavlyuchenko in 2008, which seemed a bit out of character. Currently, Bentley is lost in the wilderness and Pavyuchenko returned to Russia — not the best investment. Levy has wasted time and money on the Olympic Stadium that fell through and then shifted back to the Northumberland Development Project. But no construction on the new stadium creates doubt in how committed the board is to the development of the new stadium.  I have heard some rumors that current stadium is adequate. More attendants to games equals more revenue to spend. The thinking is that the upcoming United States summer tour will be good in getting the club’s brand out there and I believe the Under Armour deal could prove very positive as well, allowing easier access to club merchandise to American supporters.  Club revenue has increased over the years and it would seem responsible to invest the money back into the club, chiefly quality players, training grounds and a new stadium. Why not have the best? When it comes to Levy, he just appears to be all over the map with what he wants and doesn’t want.

According to news reports Levy has given the new Spurs manager £100 million to spend this summer. I find this rather shocking since I believe Levy’s checkbook is glued shut most of the time. If true, he wanted eleven years to spend some money. Last summer, Levy refused to listen to any discussion about core players; Modric was staying. It was a test of strength for the other clubs to see. Levy drew a line in the sand and wouldn’t sell but now all that tough talk seems to have disappeared and Modric looks to be leaving; a complete turnaround without much explanation. Of course, this could be just another repeat of him selling Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov and then just wasting the money. But in the end you want to bring in players you need and think will fit into the squad and vision you have created for the club.

Granted there have some recent signings this summer. Jan Vertonghen has finally arrived but that was a player Redknapp was pursing before his dismissal. And Gylfi Sigurdsson has just arrived. There is talk of a final move for Adebayor from Manchester City. Are the new signings the answers to Tottenham’s new direction? Time will tell. At the moment the checkbook is becoming a little un-glued. However, if it comes down to acquiring an expensive star player that the manager wants, will Levy let it happen?

It appears to me that Levy is what I would call a frustrated manager. He wants greater control over day-to-day operations but isn’t suited for the position. I think that is why he wants to re-instate the director of football position. I suspect that Levy wants to appoint an individual he can control concerning transfer policy thus having influence over the coach and players. I believe this was an area Levy and Redknapp clashed. It appeared Redknapp wanted greater control who was brought in and who left. In my view, the coach should have complete control over transfers. Who else would know better what the team requires? Unless the board can provide a good explanation to block a transfer, I think the coach should have the final say.

Joe Lewis has all the markings of an absentee owner who enjoys the status of owning a professional athletic team without using his resources to build the team. Lewis really hasn’t demonstrated any interest in putting his own resources into the club. According to Forbes, as of 2012 Lewis is ranked the 290th richest individual in the world and the 7th richest in the United Kingdom. In March 2011, Lewis lost $1.2 billion in the collapse of Bear Stearns. According to an anonymous source in The Guardian, the person stated that Lewis wasn’t really troubled about the loss, since he had another $2 billion left over. Plus, Lewis had made a fortune on currency speculation, which can be extremely risky, but he still won’t invest his own assets. Recently, Lewis spent £65 million on a new super yacht. To be fair, it is his money and he can do what he likes with it, but it would seem to me if he truly wants a world class team, he would better use his resources. If Lewis and Levy really wanted to get the building of a new stadium underway, Lewis could front most, if not all of the money. I think another problem facing Spurs is an owner who really isn’t in the game; Tottenham is just one tiny part of his economic holdings.

Last season, Manchester City took a lot of criticism for the amount of money spent on players. Many claimed Manchester City was buying the league title. It is well known that Tottenham wouldn’t pay those wages, at least not yet.  I think in this day and age of professional sports the desire to be successful and win titles attracts players. You must spend money. Running a team on a shoestring just isn’t going to work. It’s time to break the bank open and spend but be responsible.  If Lewis and Levy want a winning team, they need to compete with wages, construction of a larger stadium, state of the art training facilities and a strong marketing campaign to sell the club as a contender to the likes of Manchester United.

The passive interest that Lewis shows in football isn’t going to build a strong foundation for the future.

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  1. sorry, sure this is a decent article, but you lost me at “not a supporter of Levy”. I don’t really know why I opened it thinking about it as personally I’m very anti the belief that chairmen/owners have to throw oodles of cash at the situation. we have one of the best run clubs around, able to support us with or without the golden goose egg of Champions league football. And by that rationale think Levy should be knighted as we find ourselves the 11th richest club on the planet. 10 years ago we couldn’t even finish 11th in the league. good luck to you though

    1. I had to stop reading after this part:

      ‘I will admit I am not a supporter of Daniel Levy as chairman of the club. I think he has done well in maintaining the club’s books. However, I doubt his ability to provide proper direction or even leadership for the club’.

      He is a class Chairman, his decision making and shrewdness in transfers have been spot on. I’m extremely happy to have him as our Chairman. We would probably be in the position of Villa, Liverpool or worse without him.

      1. I never said I hated the man and I will give credit where credit is due. Since his background is in economics I would hope he would be competent. But that doesn’t make him a person with the big picture or a visionary. The man has gone through 8 managers in 11 years with the current 9th. You call that successful. I think it presents a clear case of a man who is out of his deft. He would have been fired it not for his relationship with the owner. You read about chairman’s getting fired for a lot less.

        1. Oh dear this is without doubt one of the most idiotic and ill informed articles that I have ever read, you are clearly clueless regarding to how good a chairman Daniel Levy has been for Spurs since ENIC took a controlling interest in the club in 2001.

          Firstly you stupidly claim that Levy keeps his chequebook closed most of the time, and yet the facts are that Spurs have spent £325m since 2004 the 4th highest in the Premier League, only Liverpool have spent as much as Spurs apart from the 2 plastic clubs City and Chelsea, you don’t know what you are talking about do you.

          Spurs have gone from a bog average mid table team with players like Nethercott, Doherty, Ricketts etc, to a squad full of stars that is worth £300m or so, but according to you Levy should be sacked LOL, yes managers have been sacked, how many have Chelsea sacked then, once the players wont play for a manager anymore he has to go mate, the players had clearly downed tools with the likes of Hoddle and Ramos, but you cant grasp that can you.

          Daniel Levy has taken Spurs to a club that is now consistently challenging at the top, financially to a club where only 10 clubs in the world generate more money than Spurs do in annual turnover, he has successfully seen us build a new world class £45m training ground, and has already invested over £90m on out soon to be built 63,000 capacity stadium.

          But you want him sacked, you really are clueless aren’t you.

          1. I must have struck a nerve or you have a chip on your shoulder. I never said Levy should be fired but in the business community that might have happened, learn to read. Has ground been broken on the new stadium? However, I think you have missed the point, spend money wisely. I never said to just throw money around. Personal attacks and name calling is the true sign of an intellectual midget and chill out a bit.

          2. Gary-
            Assuming your source is correct about Levy spending 325 million since 2004 that breaks down to about 40 million a year. I wouldn’t consider that too much if you factor in new players, wage increase to personal (staff, players, and board members), new staffing hires, repairs to facilities and other general expenses.

          3. You can’t compare the footballing days of Stuart Nethercott,etc,to what we have now.Even though it’s not that long ago,the game was totally different during that time.Nobody was throwing massive amounts of money at players except maybe Man Utd.There were no Arab Sheiks,American squillionaires or any sorts of Sugar Daddys involved in the game back then.

    2. Fair enough but what has it gotten us? It’s a business you re-invest your earnings to expand and to make the company even better.

  2. I laugh at critics who want clubs to spend money they don’t have but when a situation like rangers come up, they all want to talk about reckless spending and such. Like I said before, any fan whose desires are in direct conflict of the welfare of the club is not a true fan. Tottenham have a very good chairman in Levy. His refusal to sell Modric was an important step in showing to other clubs that they can’t just come, unsettle players and force them to sell. Even if they sell Modric this summer, it will because “they”(tottenham”) think its time.

    Does Lewis take money out of the club to pay debt? He can’t just pump money into the club because it will be in conflict with FFP. Why don’t you write about how United(utd fan here)’s debt has forced it out of the market for the best players??

    1. Paul-
      If Modric is sold it is because he wants to leave and is an unsettled player, if they try to hold onto to him it will more trouble than it is worth.

  3. Article is spot on. Levy has won nothing in his time and will continue to be unsuccesful while he holds the purse strings.Time to step aside and let someone who will invest in the club properly.Unfortunatly much in the same vein as Sugar who was equally useless in his ten year reign.

  4. Dear friend, I don’t know you personally but I think you’re my friend as you talk a lot of sense about the role of Levy and the future of our beloved club with two failed [Levy and VBM] in charge, unfortunately. Why Spurs can never be Man U or [dare I say] Arsenal or Chelsea because of the instability and uncertainty that Levy has initiated and will cause surely initiate in the short/long term. Say day and days ahead for our loving club!!!!!! I see myself dying a shameful death! Long live Spurs and blessed with billions in future. Love to all my Spurs friends.

  5. A good article based on solid facts but sadly i think you miss the point slightly. Tottenham is a PLC and as such we are commended for running a tight ship but to win the EPL we would have to loosen the purse strings. Daniel Levy has never shown an inclination to do that. I dont beleive he’s at fault as he is working to a remit from the owners. I fear our obsession with having a Coach rather than manager and bringing in younger players is so that as a PLC we can sell the players for profit and increase EBITDA. Modric wasn’t sold because i suspect last year he was considered instrumental to gaining Champions League football. This didn’t happen and while some may bemoan CHelsea’s good fortune the fact was that we were 13 points ahead of Arsenal and the England speculation resulted in a poor run of form. I think Levy is banking on winning it with youth and having the opt out clause to gain Champions League football or sell players on as we mistakenly did with Carrick and Berbatov under Jol’s reign.

  6. Why do Jol and Redknapp get credit for Bale and Walker while Pav and Bently are solely on the shoulders of Levy? SPIN.

  7. You go on about how we need to spend to attract more players and become more successful. If you look how much we spend on players wages ect youll see were one of the lowest in the league,if you compare ours with arsenal youll see a massive difference for what? One point. Weve worked hard with what weve got and done well and noone can take that away from us

  8. Joe Lewis may be rich, but much of his wealth isn’t liquid. The man lost over a BILLION US dollars when Bear Sterns was sold. and While his wealth is valued at close to 4 Billion total, that’s not car in the bank he can withdraw and just go buy Messi et al..

    Besides there are now rules about club investment…

    and to compare Spurs, with Manchester United is so typical of Tottenham fans.

  9. Spending someone else’s money is always easy. The issue here is integrity of the league. When City, Man. U. and Chelsea have so much money to spend and others don’t, what good does that do for the league? They, along with Arsenal, all have new or renovated stadiums holding well over 40,000 people–and they’re all losing (or making very little) money. I’d love to see a salary cap put into effect in the EPL.

    And, you mention Spurs management footing the bill to build to a new stadium. In the US, that’s a laugh. Just about all new stadiums are built (unfortunately) with tax-payer money.

    I’ve been a Spurs fan (yes, I’m American) since 1968 and would love to see them win the EPL and make the Champions League. On a level playing field, I think could do it. Institute a salary cap.

    1. My understanding of EU law is that a salary cap could not be instituted in any member country as it would constitute a “restraint of trade”, which is strictly prohibited by the EU charter.

      In any event, such a cap would have to be agreed to by every single FA in Europe, otherwise the best players would simply gravitate to the “uncapped” leagues. However, it is a moot point since even UEFA can not formulate a rule/law in violation of the EU charter.

  10. So every team should be on an equal playing field, even if one club is richer than another? For me that isn’t what competition is all about. If a company or in this case a sports team (which is a company) can’t make it on their own then they should go by the wayside. I don’t mind seeing the same teams win all the time, if they are best they deserve to win. I believe players should be paid what that are worth, so must disagree about the salary caps. Salary caps are the death to sports.

    1. The NFL (National Football League) in the US is one of the most financially successful and most recognized sports leagues in the world and have a salary cap!!! Also, how many EPL teams have lost massive amounts of money in recent years–plenty.

      And, what does it really mean when City are able to buy an EPL title?? If they fielded their second team, they would probably finish 4th or 5th. Your model has the wealthiest people from anywhere in the world buying up “toys” to play with, unconcerned about making money. Hardly the successful business model you’re professing. These wealthy owners made the money in something other than soccer. What’s going on in the EPL is unsustainable.

      1. For the record, the NFL is not the most recognized sports league in the world. In the United States, yes. Abroad, no. The Premier League is, by far, the most recognized and popular sports league in the world.

        The Gaffer

        1. I didn’t say it was the most recognised–only one of the most recognized. And, for the owners, it is probably the most profitable.

  11. Actually if you look at the massive growth of a league like the NFL since instituting salary caps and profit sharing measures back in the 90’s there is no other league that compares (proof is that EPL brought in roughly $5 billion last year in total revenue compared to $11 billion for the NFL). The popularity involved with the league comes from parity (something that European football lacks) that the NFL contains. This is a shame because even though I love me some American Football, the English version is far more dramatic and exciting to witness (even sitting and supporting my girl’s hometown Peterborough United was as exciting as watching my favorite NFL team win a playoff game on the road to winning the Superbowl 2 years ago). As an American, I chose Spurs years ago to support because of the shrewdness that they approach the business end of football with. Being a Chelsea fan and seeing your team win trophies with players that were developed through other systems and merely purchased for the fun of it is probably far less fulfilling than what fans of other teams experience. Teams can be developed and win, it’s a fact in sport, whether there are salary caps or not.

    This is also a main reason why Spurs are seriously growing in popularity in the States. Fans who front-run across the pond here are shunned as fraudulent and a joke. City fans really want to celebrate and behave as if something was built properly and fairly? It’s comedic, and as mentioned above, it is unsustainable and detrimental to the game. You mean to tell me sitting Tevez on the bench behind Dzeko, who sits behind Balotelli, who sits behind Aguero is good? It will catch up to the league. Gareth Bale signing and staying with Spurs is the biggest deal in the world to me because I come from a culture of sports loyalty. Growing up watching my Phillies play baseball every night of the summer the players become household names, almost like part of the family. And whether they win or lose, it goes deeper than winning trophies and this sentiment is why I’m proud to support Spurs (the style of football helps a ton too). I couldn’t support a team that’s bankrolled by the affects of OPEC or Putin’s energy policies… There’s just no heart in that.


    1. Dan, you do make some good points, but I think there is some stuff you haven’t looked at, or maybe you have and reached a different conclusion to me.

      Would you consider transfer buyouts as part of the salary cap space? Do you apply a salary cap to the academies and reserve squads? It’s a much more complicated system in Football as compared to the NFL. What about the fact that there are a bunch of young guys who are knocking about in the ‘team’ that could be called up any time. Would you have to amend the salary cap if I want to bring a promising youngster up. The teams for Football are more fluid than those in American sports, so I think that the systems in play to create parity in American sports won’t work in most other settings.

      I do think financial fair play rules should be established, like the fact that you have to at least break even. That would not handicap teams that have huge fanbases and are responsible with their money, but it would stop both Manchester clubs in their tracks. Man Utd is around 80 million in debt.

    2. The NFL makes more money than the Premier League, yes. But the NFL isn’t more recognizable or popular worldwide than the EPL.

      The Gaffer

    3. Thank god!!!

      Someone talks sense!!!!! And an American too?? Love the response dude, somewhere people’s ideas of support and love for a club have become blurred by stupid amounts of money!!! Business it may be but if Man City were a REAL business/company, call it what you will, then the bank would have made them insolvent by now! No business/company on earth would be able to spend those sorts of money and get away with it. A bank maybe……….and look whats happening to those! A level playing field MAKES FOR A BETTER COMPETITION!!! You can’t be the best team by going out and buying the best players with money that isn’t yours or you haven’t earned yourself!

      Football is crazy and it aint no business/company or whatever you want to call it!

      1. Chris-
        Professional sports are a business. As with any other business they want to make a profit and of course win. Some professional teams have shareholders to answer to. What is your definition of a business? Banks seldom ever go after huge debtor companies because the bank will see them too big to risk losing, they are to big to go under. The bank or lender has invested so much they find a way to make it succeed to get their money back. Plus, your remake about an American making sense is rather condensing. Since every nation has more than their fair share of fools, including yours.

  12. To the Iron fan on here,you can be as snide as you like.But at least our CEO”S have a few brains in their heads.Unlike your pair of comedians.You have a half decent club,being run by idiots.

  13. I like the way Levy has run the club, since we’ve been doing better under his leadership. I think he has to stick with AVB for at least 3-4 years now. If you hand him that war chest, let him turn the squad into what he wants, just wait for the results. Yes Levy has been impatient, but he has also built a sterling academy, oversaw the development of one of the nicest training grounds in the world, and is pushing for a new stadium. Could he have done a better job? Yes. He could have asked Lewis to spend a bit more, and help a bit more with the financing of a stadium. But overall, he’s done a good job. Now if he can get Moutinho, sell Modric for a heap of cash, and buy another creative midfielder, we’re all set.

    1. David-
      I think that is very well thought out. My trust in Levy and Lewis has been fading lately. I thought we had something really great in Redknapp but nevertheless I thought the Spurs’ leadership was worth addressing.

  14. Martin, you have obviously put a lot of time and effort into your artical but you are mistaken on so many points that I eventually stoped reading when you started stating that AVB has been given 100 million to spend, where did you read this? I read 100s of spurs new pages every week and most said he got 50m and some even 75m but never 100m.

    Anyway back to the point, Levy I think has been a totally superb Director, he has made mistakes but havent we all, I was only speaking to a fellow spurs fan at work the other day and we were saying how Levy is possibly the best Director in the Prem. Even Alan suger did wonders for Tottenham, when he took over we were in massive debt, owed the banks a fortune, he came in and although he didnt invest his fortune in players he did invest his money into the club, he started the work on making us the financially secure and well run club we are today. Many Spurs fans didnt like Sugar (at the time neither did I, I even went to a demo at Enfield when El Tel was sacked, “We want T no Sugar”) but looking back I can accept without him Spurs wouldnt be where they are today

    Most football fans are just too narrow minded, would you sell up your house and invest your hard earned money in a football club, the answer for most of us would be “no” so why should we expect others to do the same?

    Levy has helped to move Tottenham forward, he has given us Champs League football, top 4 finishes and even some of the most exciting football the prem has ever seen, certainly the best Suprs fans have expirenced in many, many years.

    Lets stop knocking these people and get behind them, COYS!!!!!!!!!

    1. I read 100 million in a online newspapers magazines. Unless that was a typo on their part. When I saw that figure I was shocked but I did mention it sence it was what I read. In my opinion most of the credit for Champions League football rest on the shoulders of the players and Redknapp. They did all the hard work.

  15. Take the Blinkers off Mate… Dan Levy has done a great job at Spurs. 9 managers!!!!!! So what? You can only give people a chance it’s up to them to perform.

    I was gutted when Jol got the sack and then again when Harry left but I have 100% trust in Dan Levy. Harry Redknapp did have money to spend! Live on tele pre season Harry said that the chairman was offering him players ie; Rafa, and Harry’s words we’re ” i don’t want to spend your money.) Harry Redknapp is a fantasic manager but the first thing he should of addressed when he walked in the door was a proper young center half, which AVB has done straight away!

    We played some incredible football this year and last but I can remember some games that we chucked away and cost us big time. Even when we was winning with 10/15 mins on the clock we didn’t shut up shop and came unstuck from being wide open.

    AVB will come good

  16. Doesn’t the leadership at Spurs share any responsible in the fact they have 9 managers in 11 years. I agree the managers and players need to perform. But what does it say about the owner/chairman’s judgment in selecting them. Don’t they share a burden of the blame for failure on the field? I know a lot people don’t like to think club aren’t a business but they are. They are to win and make a profit. If this wasn’t your team what would you say if a “regular” business went through as many CEOs (managers) in the same period, would you have the same kind of faith still in them? I agree the team did throw away key games and that does rest on the players shoulders. I agree, I hope AVB performs well.

  17. I lost all faith in Levy when he tried to move us to the Olympic Stadium without any debate with us Spurs fans.As for the last January transfer window Levy well and truely blew it.We never came close to winning any trophies last season and ended up a major laughing stock.Lewis is a major share holder in ENIC and really does not give a damn about THFC.These are the real facts,Levy is just a puppet for ENIC who are waiting for the right offer to come along.Levy wants/needs success for Tottenham only because it gives a bigger sales price when Tottenham are sold.Levy a Tottenham fan,do not think so.When he has made his millions after selling Tottenham do you think you will see him at an away game on a cold wet wednesday night in December?.

    1. I think that is a very vaild point to discuss and something that really hasn’t cross my mind. Thank you for the feedback.

  18. what a strange article,my friend, i think you should try and get all your facts right before you give both barrels. Yes Levy isn’t perfect, but what would you rather have, Scholar back? and as for the Sugar haters you obviously dont remember 1990-91, when some of us were seriously looking at a life without spurs, the bloke put his money where his mouth was and saved our spurs, yes he didn’t throw money aroud like paper but his investment put the club in the right direction. He improved the Lane no end and yes we were a bit mediocre for too long but at least we were making money, so that we could start to build year on year.
    I wouldn’t swap the current regime for anything, i am a man of principle and there’s one way to win things and then there’s the Spurs way, i don’t know about you but i prefer the spurs way. Its not about boring the other lot to death, its about glory. Chelski have spent ridiculous amounts on players, as have Man City, but for all that money, have they really realised their potential? With the teams they have assembled, especially City last season, the Prem should have been done and dusted, not a last gasp injury time winner, in the death throws of the season.
    I like what Spurs are doing and the way they are doing it and yes if AVB can offload some of the deadwood and get £35 mil for Modric the we do have a war chest of about £100 mil, the best part of which is, we wont be going into the red to afford to spend that amount of cash, we also now have one of the best training facilities in the world.
    So if levy is doing such a poor job and needs replacing, then by your calculations Matthew, There are about 60 clubs in the Football League and Prem, that need to replace their chairmen and in 2 years the largest league system in the world will be down to 2 divisions and 60 or so teams. Good luck to you.

    1. This has got to be one the most ridiculous posts since this blog has come up. It’s no wonder Spurs are forever in the shadow of Arsenal or Chelsea.

        1. Actually Matthew your article wasn’t half bad. I was referring to the post above me by Wizmerlin however my post was unclear.

    2. I, too, would off-load Modric. The 35-40 million pounds he would bring should result in more than the 4 goals and 4 assists he produced last year. He’s a nice player, not great, and for all of his skill, gives the ball away too much and doesn’t produce enough.

  19. Disappointed in everybody on here. Why does every single comment Matthew made have so many thumbs down? Get over yourself, people.

  20. John-
    Thank you for the feedback. I really enjoy hearing constructive comments whether positive or negative. I am not getting paid to do this but it is something I enjoy very much. For me it’s a nice hobby. I enjoy watching and playing the game. I selected the topic because I believe in it and knew the story would be controversial. I think some people could use a re-fresher course in civics or just basic manners.

  21. By Winning the League cup, and nothing else in the last 20 years does not make Tottenham a big club.

    Their recent spending spree is all on the back of a pending Luka Modrić transfer. And no doubt, the greedy Levy will wait until the last moment to see if he can squeeze a few extra Shekels from the buying club. Whilst that may seem good business it can backfire.

    Well I for one hope that Luka decides to stay and at least then it can be said Levy has finally put his hand in his pocket to improve the team.

  22. Good job Matthew. Everyone has the right to express their point of view. Here’s mine….Levy is the unsung hero of White Hart Lane. Throughout his leadership and guidance we are wete wr are today because of him and his decision making. Managers past, present and future are all down to Daniel. He’s made mistakes and yet here we are embarking in unchartered waters as a new top 4 club in the EPL era. Thanks Daniel for having Tottenhams intetest at heart- unlike ‘Arry. YID ARMY!!

    1. Derryank,
      Thank you for comments. We may disagree on some points. I hope the right choices have been made and hopefully for the next season and getting backing back into Champions League Football.

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