Introducing PES 2013: Game Modes (Episode 1) [VIDEO]

Konami has released a new video to promote its forthcoming release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

This first episode focuses on the game modes in PES 2013. The game, which will be released later this year, is scheduled to have a demo available for download in late July. In the meantime, enjoy the above video and feel free to post your feedback in the comments section below if you’re think the new enhancements look good enough or not.

2 thoughts on “Introducing PES 2013: Game Modes (Episode 1) [VIDEO]”

  1. Only thing that PES has over FIFA that I’ve seen in these videos is the speed of the play. FIFA is way too fast. PES has the speed of the movements right.

  2. It looks like you can purchase training equipment per player (looked like 3 slots). That’s an interesting way to customize player development — where last year you could only develop the team as a whole, and even that barely seemed to work. Looks good.
    I’d like to see more about the club managing mode (can’t remember the name, right now) since that’s what I play almost exclusively. I’m also still hoping that they add more divisions to each league. I’d love to be able to pick an unknown D4 team and develop them into Premier League champions (over several season, of course).
    To me it’s less fun to take a currently established top 5 team (or any team in the Premier League, actually) and take them to the top — it’s not a huge stretch.

    Anyway, looks good and I can’t wait to play it. If only they would release it on Steam…

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