TV Schedule Revealed For Premier League Matches On US Television

The Premier League has announced which matches will be shown on UK television between now and December, so we now know at least some of the games that will be shown on US television. This is by no means a complete list. All of the Premier League matches are shown live in the United States, across TV and the Internet. But here’s what we know so far. And, by early August, we should know more after FOX Soccer and ESPN2 reveal their TV schedules for the first 1-3 weeks of the season.

To stay updated on all of the Premier League TV and Internet listings throughout the Premier League season, be sure to bookmark EPL Talk’s Premier League TV schedule page.

Here’s what we know so far. All times are eastern. And TV listings are subject to change.

Saturday, August 18:

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur, 12:30 pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, August 19:

Wigan vs Chelsea, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Manchester City vs Southampton, 11am, FOX Soccer

Monday, August 20:

Everton vs Manchester United, 3pm, ESPN2

Saturday, August 25:

Swansea City vs West Ham United, 7:45am, ESPN2
Chelsea vs Newcastle, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, August 26:

Stoke City vs Arsenal, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Liverpool vs Manchester City, 11am, FOX Soccer

Saturday, September 1:

West Ham United vs Fulham, 7:45am, ESPN2
Manchester City vs QPR, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, September 2:

Liverpool vs Arsenal, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Southampton vs Manchester United, 11am, FOX Soccer

Saturday, September 15:

Norwich vs West Ham, 7:45am, ESPN2
Sunderland vs Liverpool, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, September 16:

Reading vs Tottenham, 11am, FOX Soccer

Monday, September 17:

Everton vs Newcastle United, 3pm, ESPN Deportes and

Saturday, September 22:

Swansea City vs Everton, 7:45am, ESPN2

Sunday, September 23:

Liverpool vs Manchester United, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Manchester City vs Arsenal, 11am, FOX Soccer

Saturday, September 29:

Arsenal vs Chelsea, 7:45am, ESPN2
Manchester United vs Tottenham, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, September 30:

Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion, 11am, FOX Soccer

Monday, October 1:

QPR vs West Ham United, 3pm, ESPN Deportes and

Saturday, October 6:

Manchester City vs Sunderland, 7:45am, ESPN2
West Ham vs Arsenal, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, October 7:

Southampton vs Fulham, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Newcastle United vs Manchester United, 11am, FOX Soccer

Saturday, October 20:

Tottenham vs Chelsea, 7:45am, ESPN2
Norwich vs Arsenal, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, October 21:

Sunderland vs Newcastle, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
QPR vs Everton, 11am, FOX Soccer

Saturday, October 27:

Everton vs Liverpool, 7:45am, ESPN2
Manchester City vs Swansea City, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, October 28:

Aston Villa vs Norwich, 9:30am, FOX Soccer
Chelsea vs Manchester United, Noon, FOX Soccer

Saturday, November 3:

Manchester United vs Arsenal, 8:45am, ESPN2
West Ham vs Manchester City, 1:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, November 4:

QPR vs Reading, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Liverpool vs Newcastle, 11am, FOX Soccer

Monday, November 5:

West Brom vs Southampton, 3pm, ESPN Deportes and

Saturday, November 10:

Aston Villa v Manchester United, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, November 11:

Man City vs Spurs, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Chelsea vs Liverpool, 11am, FOX Soccer

Saturday, November 17:

Arsenal vs Spurs, 7:45am, ESPN2
Norwich vs Man United, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, November 18:

Fulham vs Sunderland, 11am, FOX Soccer

Monday, November 19:

West Ham vs Stoke, 3pm, ESPN Deportes and

Saturday, November 24:

Swansea vs Liverpool, 7:45am, ESPN2
Aston Villa vs Arsenal, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Sunday, November 25:

Sunderland vs West Brom, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Chelsea vs Man City, 11am, FOX Soccer

35 thoughts on “TV Schedule Revealed For Premier League Matches On US Television”

  1. Gaffer
    With the huge ratings increase for EURO 2012 any chance comcast will make FS+ an option? I email once a week asking for it to be added no luck yet.

    1. Unfortunately nothing yet. With Comcast being in bed with NBC, it looks like they’re not in any rush to add the channel of one of their competitors.

      The Gaffer

        1. Only if you choose to go down that highway. I don’t…Now if only Fox would reduce the price of FoxSoccer2Go we could be in business!! To say $4.99/month. 😆 =))

    2. More likely for Comcast to add beIN SPORT 1 and beIN SPORT DOS than FOX Soccer Plus, which will have more rugby than soccer during the 2012-2013 season.

      Don’t understand why FOX Soccer Plus hasn’t been rebranded FOX Sports Plus by now.

    1. Glad to see the Hammers back up and all, but yeah – what is up with 3 of their matches being shown in a four week stretch?

  2. I don’t understand how ESPN gets away with putting matches they have TV rights to on a channel almost nobody gets and an online service not everyone can get access to.

        1. Most people have access to If not, contact your local cable company and give them hell :)

          The Gaffer

          1. I don’t have access to ESPN3 through MY ISP and my they are too small to subscribe to it…but my son has TWC and he added me to his account…so, voilà, I have ESPN3.

          2. Gaffer,

            My cable/ISP isn’t the best of friends with ESPN since they own MSG. Also I don’t really have any leverage against my ISP since I will not leave them because the only other high speed internet in my area is at&t and they can’t give me the internet speed that Cablevision can. (12mbps vs 30-50mbps) Optimum Online is one of the highest rated internet services in the country according to PC Magazine.

            1. Sorry to hear that. You’re stuck. And unfortunately, I can’t think of a solution for this – unless one of the readers has an idea?

              The Gaffer

        2. WatchESPN and ESPN3 aren’t the same thing. WatchESPN has live streams of whatever ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU are showing plus all of ESPN3, which is a combination of live and on-demand streaming video. Most of the benefit of WatchESPN is being able to watch live video on portable devices (at a much higher cost… for the provider… than the cellular broadcast video streams common in many Asian countries).

  3. ESPN2’s games could change. For instance Nov 26 last year Blackburn-Stoke was the 7:45 game but they showed Newcastle-Manu instead. Qpr-Bolton March 10 probably would’ve got the same treatment except for them airing a college ball game at 11 AM.

    I’d venture to guess they’ll end up showing Fulham-Manu the second week as opposed to West Ham-Swansea

    1. The only 7.45am ET Saturday matches on ESPN2 that may change are:

      1) Everton v Liverpool — October 27 — Should Liverpool be involved in the Europa League the preceding Thursday, this match will move to Sunday 28 October 8.30am ET.
      2) Swansea City v Liverpool — November 24 — Should Liverpool be involved in the Europa League the preceding Thursday, this match will move to Sunday 25 November 8.30am ET.

      The Gaffer

      1. Those may change, but as I was saying it’s not unprecedented for them to choose a 10 AM game that is more attractive than the 7:45 offering

        1. The only way they’ll show a 10am ET Saturday game is when there’s no 7.45am ET game on during that day.

          The Gaffer

    1. I haven’t heard anything. It’s quite possible that those games won’t be shown on TV in the United States. If we hear anything, we’ll update the EPL Talk Premier League TV guide.

      The Gaffer

      1. I’m just guessing here but maybe because those games have not yet been confirmed on a particular time of day. United’s website shows TBC.

  4. Hey Gaffer,

    On another note, any updates on BeinSport? I cannot find when it will be coming, what channels, if it is available for comcast. Also, the important question is will they get an internet offer like No news anywhere on that.


  5. Are we certain all the early Sunday games will be on FSC, not FS+?

    Typically matches involving the Big 4/6 were on FSC, but something like a Southampton/Fulham would be on FS+. FSC would just show infomercials or some ****.

    1. The Sunday 1330 London Time EPL matches will be on FOX Soccer this season, not FS+.

      Serie A has moved over to beIN SPORT 1 (USA) and

      FS+ will have either SPL or Rugby, depending on whether FOX decides to keep SPL or not. FOX has the option to walk away from its US TV rights deal for SPL with SPORTFIVE Int’l after the SPL clubs voted to exclude Rangers FC.

      FS+ will be an “overflow” EPL channel this season, with extra matches on Saturday at 1500, Sundays, and mid-week. Expect lots of Tottenham and Newcastle on FS+ on Sundays after Europa League Thursdays because Liverpool will be on FOX Soccer.

  6. it is just a mess with the new channels coming and goltv disappearing?

    leonardo has a point if bein will have an internet broadcast perhaps it is enough to get them as they will get the epl next season (they can outbid anyone anyway…)

    1. GolTV hasn’t disappeared. The channel is still chugging along.

      beIN Sport USA will be on television and the Internet. More details will be announced in the next few weeks. Bidding for the 2013-2016 seasons of the Premier League on US TV are expected to be complete in August or September. beIN Sport could be a leading candidate to acquire the rights, but I’m sure FOX will want to keep them to help lead into the 2015 Women’s World Cup and 2018 World Cup coverage.

      The Gaffer

  7. Reading finally gets back up and they are hardly on the schedule (for now). As someone who never dealt with trying to catch EPL games online, can anyone give up a primer on what to expect?


  8. I see ESPN is hoping to cash in on the West Ham’s promotion.
    and that means I’ll have this in my head all match as I hear the scouse swap from the tv

    McManaman der der der derde
    McManaman der der derde
    McManaman der der der derde, der
    derde, der derde

  9. Movement of TV products for 2012-2013 season:

    EPL – Sunday 1330 London Time matches are moving from FS+ to FOX Soccer. Everything else remains the same as 2011-2012.

    La Liga – Most matches are moving from GOLTV and ESPN Deportes/ to beIN SPORT DOS (USA) in Spanish. Some matches involving Barcelona and Real Madrid will be on beIN SPORT ONE (USA) in English. Some matches involving Valencia and Malaga might end up live exclusively on the new Time Warner Cable Deportes Spanish-language regional sports network serving Southern California. Both Barcelona-Real Madrid clasicos are expected to end up on NBC Sports Network (or CNBC if NBCSN were not available due to college football) and possibly Telemundo via time-buy are marketing/publicity events for beIN SPORT USA LLC.

    Serie A – Most matches are moving from FOX Soccer and FS+ to beIN SPORT ONE (USA) in English and (Internet streaming.) Coverage on beIN SPORT DOS (USA) in Spanish will be mostly tape-delayed.

    Ligue 1 – English-language coverage moving from FOX Soccer and FS+ to beIN SPORT ONE (USA) and Spanish-language coverage will remain on Univision Deportes Network through May 2014.

    UEFA Europa League – English-language coverage moving from DIRECTV and GOLTV to FOX Soccer and FS+. Spanish-language coverage moves from GOLTV to ESPN Deportes (TV only, no internet streaming, as ESPN did NOT sublicense Internet rights from FOX Sports.) Pay-per-view streaming will continue at

    Brazilian National Championship – GOLTV has sublicensed one match each round in English to and Spanish to ESPN Deportes (TV only, and usually delayed until Monday 4am ET due to awful viewership.) GOLTV is keeping the other match from each round. Deal through December 2015.

  10. For those anxious to see Reading on an EPL pitch near you thank Chelsea for winning the Champions League. It looks as though Chelsea vs Reading has been moved from Sat. September 1st at 10am to Wed. August 22nd at 245pm due to the UEFA Super Cup clash between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid Friday, August 31st 245pm in Monaco. Mr. Gaffer sir, do you think this game will be picked up by FoxSoccer midweek?

    1. We’ll have to wait and see. It could be either FOX Soccer, ESPN3 or FOX Soccer 2Go.

      One of them will carry it.

      The Gaffer

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