Premier League News Links: Man United Join City In Race to Sign Robin van Persie, says Report

So let the transfer rumors begin. Now that Robin van Persie has handed his Arsenal card in, the race is on to see who will secure the signature of one of the top strikers in the world.

Just when you thought that the Premier League news cycle would go into a slumber for two weeks until the preseason friendlies begin, the league that never sleeps returns with the RVP transfer race. Expect newspapers and media outlets to be all over this story from now through the end of August.

Here are the top Premier League news stories for today:

18 thoughts on “Premier League News Links: Man United Join City In Race to Sign Robin van Persie, says Report”

  1. I don’t believe this one for one minute…Man Utd needs more urgency on midfield / defense than striker. With Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez, I think they are ok and I don’t think they could afford RVP.

    I am giving this rumor the side eye

  2. Aren’t ManU, City, & Barca pretty much thrown into the rumor mill on any big names up for transfer?
    Regardless of validity that is.

  3. What a disgrace! After all that Wenger and Arsenal fans have done to this crook over the years, putting up with all his injuries that couldn’t have come at a worst possible time for the club, he comes back and stabs on the back, when’s he had one injury free season. Talk about being disloyal. This guy can talk ‘respect to Wenger’ all he wants, but we know it’s all hollow respect that does nothing where the sun don’t shine.

    Buddy, you can talk all you want about how much you produced last year and there was no help and you single-handedly did this and that, fact of the matter it cannot compensate for the countless hours of medical table that you put yourself in playing meaningless friendlies when we were in the verge of ‘what if’ trophies. It’s good you showed your true colors otherwise I, who have been your avid supporters over the years, who have blinded myself from what you are, one of those mercenary types, and will never be in the same status as the one ‘Dennis Bergkamp, your fellow dutch man, who never thought anything other than Arsenal.

    Grass is not always greener on the other side, you can ask countless Arsenal players that left for greener pastures and have nothing to show for. You can go to Man City, Utd, Barca, Madrid, and yes, you may win trophies, but you will always be second fiddle to others, then you’ll come back and regret, you could have been on the same stature, the legend at Arsenal like Dennis, but oh farewell, get the hell out right now you mercenary.

    1. you see speaking from a fan’s perspective so you lack some logic. If you were in line to receive 225K a week, you would have pushed for a move too.
      Arsenal was here before RVP and it will still be here after RVP. If it survived henry leaving, then it most likely will survive RVP leaving.

  4. Man utd have want a quality striker to make a pair with rooney.. We already sign Kagawa, he is a wonderful attacking midfielder.. And hernades and welback is not able to make 1st half goals and mis alot of chances. And we saw at champions league and europa man utd have a lack of Quality striker.. Van persi have the experienced striker in EPL and Man city is have strong line up and we want the title back to man utd.. Welcome Robin Van Persi.

  5. I like RVP but his injury record is terrible, he always seems to be one knock away from missing major parts if the season. All players get knocks but RVP dosnt seem to be able to play through them like a lot of players.

    I wouldn’t gamble on him at 20m not when our central midfield needs sorted first, someone who will compliment Kagawa in the middle should be our priority. For the same reasons I have my doubts about RVP I wouldn’t be bothered if he signed for city, although I can seem him moving abroad.

  6. He’s going to Juve. It’s the perfect scenario. He has a genius like Pirlo to feed him and a true void to fill.

    As far as the rhetoric let’s be frank. Big players leave big clubs All. The. Time. Kaka, Etu, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ibramovic, Owen, Beckham…the list goes on and on and on. This notion that Arsenal are no longer a “big club” because they don’t overpay for players just because is ridiculous. Their standing in the world hasn’t changed regardless of Chelsea’s or City’s spending. Chelsea have been outspending them for years and yet can’t overtake them in fanbase etc.

    Furthermore ANY team can overpay and lure a star away. Frankly once the fervor of all of this passes the question will have to be answered about how daft it is to pay a 29 year old striker 180k a week. But we can’t do that because roasting Arsenal sells print.

    Also only Cesc was a “big” player to leave (as admittedly is RvP and he took a paycut to g back home and went so far as to agree to a buyback clause if Barca sell him int he next few years, yeah he really doesn’t believe in AFC either.

    Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy and Tore are all good players but hardly huge stars.

    And lastly a point everyone seems to forget is that all great strikers will create goals, i.e. goals only they can score out of nothing, but most are created by other talented players and most importantly the system. When RvP was out Chamakh was on fire, then Nasri, then RvP came back and went on a rampage and stayed healthy for the first time in his ENTIRE career at AFC. So many of his goals were his teammates feeding him gimmies so he, the captain could finish. I watched every singe game and no one was more selfless than Walcott for instance.

    I watched Ligue 1 a bit last year and was very impressed with Giroud. He’s a rare bird; a player who worked his @ss off to get where he is and most of his goals were from merely working hard and going where the ball will be unlike many strikers and he made a few assists. He’s solid. Is he a RvP replacement? Of course not, but he’s no joke. Ligue 1 was one of the most competitive leagues and he was top scorer. Let’s not be so arrogant and write that off.

    All this said I am saddened by RvP’s exit and mostly how he did it, but life will go on. It’s the system not the players and until Wenger retires and we look back will we realize that all along it was him not the players that made this era of Arsenal great. Can Arsene have been this lucky to have plucked so many obscure players and made them mega stars? Really? Sure not all are winners but you only need a few great ones every few years anyway. Watch Ramsey, Wilshere, Ryu and Ox the next few seasons. There’s always been a plan and the next big star is waiting in the wings, just wait and see…

  7. As a Gooner I say sell him and do it quickly. No repeat of the Cesc drama. He wants to move on – let him go. One healthy season does not mean he’s over the injury bug that has plagued him. Sell him and move on.

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