Robin van Persie Won’t Be Signing A New Contract At Arsenal

Last season, Arsenal lost Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. And now this summer, they risk losing Arsenal striker Robin van Persie who has stated, on his official website, that he will not be signing a new contract at Arsenal and does not agree with the way that Arsenal should move forward.

Here’s what Robin van Persie said today:

“As announced earlier this year I had a meeting with the boss [Arsène Wenger] and Mr [Ivan] Gazidis after the season. This was a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.

“I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days. Out of my huge respect for Mr Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal should move forward.

“I’ve thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract. You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I will always respect your opinions.

“I love the club and the fans, no matter what happens. I have grown up and became a man during my time with Arsenal. Everybody at the club and the fans have always supported me over the years and I have always given my all (and more) on and off the pitch.

“I am very proud of being part of this fantastic club for the last eight years. As soon as Mr Gazidis is back from his two-week holiday in America, further meetings will follow and I will update you if and when there are more developments.”

If van Persie won’t sign a new contract, Arsenal faces the choice of keeping the Dutch striker until January when his contract expires, and letting him go on a free transfer, or selling him this summer for a whopping fee.

The situation doesn’t look good for Arsenal supporters. We can suspect that van Persie wants to win silverware and wants Arsenal to spend more money in the transfer window to strengthen the team. Despite the signings of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, this doesn’t appear to be enough for van Persie.

If van Persie does leave Arsenal this summer, which club do you think will sign him? If you’re an Arsenal supporter, what are your feelings regarding the news? Is van Persie right in making a statement that he wants to leave? Do you think Arsenal should continue their plan as-is, or do you think they need to spend more money to keep top talent? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

44 thoughts on “Robin van Persie Won’t Be Signing A New Contract At Arsenal”

  1. My feeling regarding this “news” (only because once kind of saw it coming) is “here we go again”. Ashley Cole was a bit of a different case, but since Henry left in 2007, it’s been the same thing every summer. Arseblogger wrote just today that emotional investment in players is a dangerous thing. Well thank heavens, I’m comfortably numb. I intend to watch our pre-season and assess our chances.
    From a business angle, his statement (and wording thereof) really weakens Arsenal’s hand in terms of how much they could get for him. I thank him for his service (when it was available anyway, snort) and I move on. Burton Albion’s still got fans, so I see no reason for me to abandon Arsenal even though it’s not been great in our recent history..

  2. l dont think its about trophies, l think its about the money mancini has promised to give him, l personally am of the view that arsenal will go on to win a trophy or two this coming season, wenger must now make sure that theo signs a new good contract for himself and for the club.

    1. How can Arsenal go on to win a trophy or two this season if Robin van Persie scored 40% of Arsenal’s goals in the Premier League last season? That’s a HUGE hole to fill if RVP leaves.

      The Gaffer

  3. Losing Van Persie is a Big Hole in Squad , He Is a Great Captain, Great striker,and great Player.
    But Arsenal must be better, to prove that van persie wrong leaving arsenal.
    Arsenal must get 2 or 3 Big Signing like Neymar or Xabi Alonso or Kaka
    Hope we will not lose any stars again from our squad next season
    Wish arsenal can get a trophy next season although RvP doesn’t renew his contract

  4. There’s a bunch of Arsenal fans that Wenger NEVER gets any credit with (and to clarify, I’m not one of those who is the complete opposite, I’m in the middle. Middle child and all, even). When we relied on RvP, they complained. When we bought two strikers, they complained that we were strengthening in the wrong positions. If we hadn’t bought them and today had still happened anyway, imagine the outcry.

  5. Hmmmmm! Am realy disapointed with rvp bcoz he has to be patient with arsenal board nd his coach self, nd in oder hand i reason with it that arsenal board re not ready to sign a big player nd dey re not ready spent a huge money bcoz win trophy or no win is not concern them, pls rvp if ave better offer at juventus pls gooooooooooooooooooooooo?

    1. Hmmm Ademola, I’m disappointed that you don’t know how to use a keyboard or, a language that’s spoken on planet earth…

  6. whenever somebody say its not about the money, We know it is about the money!!!!

    Arsenal should have sold RVP the moment they knew that he wasn’t going to extend his contract. leaving all the leverage to the player is never a good option for clubs. But It seems they didn’t learn their lesson with Nasri and Fabregas.

  7. With all this details both party are wrong in one side because arsen wenger and the board are make a fool of all fans and they might loose all fan if they continue with all this careless way of buying players they might end up with nothing as they have been doing for the past six years and this the reason why they are loosing there best and talented players by not spending money to buy good quality players who can support the player’s in the team and as for RVP as all we fan’s can understand how he feels about winning trophy’s so we fan’s as well but there’s one thing called sacrifice which the club have given to RVP and he need to show respect to the fan’s and the club for all the bad times when the TEAM stood by him and no club see’s him then even no club to stand by him in his condition so RVP need to really think well before making decision because this this need to be is time of winning trophy’s with ARSENAL…..RVP STAY BACK TO WIN TROPHY”S.

  8. While I am focused on all the truly great things happening at Spurs. It would be incredibly disingenuous of me as a life long Spurs fan if i didnt appreciate and ackowledge what a great day to day is turning out to be with the news of the arse loosing thier savior.

    No wait…an incredible, hilarious, glorious day!

    Arsenal fans should be grateful he got them 3rd, without his goals they’d have finished 16th. The walls are crumbling at the arse. One can only hope it’s a long painfully uncontrolable experience that provides many laughable moments through out this next campaign, like the 8-2 drubbing at old trafford. I have been Laughing continuosly since seeing he news on twitter even between and during every bite of hamburger on this day of independence.

          1. Yes, hahaha. I heard that about Thierry Henry too. Arsenal will survive. As much as you hate to admit it.

          2. You’ve always got the “Thunderbolt” that is Walcott, LOL it’s this satisfaction with “Surviving” that lost you your best player, when Henry left you had RVP who do you have to replace him? the 18 year old that played 12 games all last season? there is no one to replace RVD….Wouldn’t it be a shocker if he walks over to the lane and signs up, just like Sol did the other way…LOL

          1. and RVD would rather play in the champions league somewhere else LOL you won’t even make it out of the group stage.

          2. he’ll leave coz he wants….. he’ll leave coz he wants…..Robin Van Dirty. he leaves coz he wants to win….LOL

        1. Good luck hanging on to Modric, Dust, you big bad keyboard warrior. All that happens to the Arsenal and it’s still much better than who you are backing.

    1. Getting to the CL is the goal of every team. Arsenal does that every year while playing on the best pitch in Europe. Arsenal may not have enough $ to win the Barcley’s but I wouldn’t bet against them making a top 4 finish.

  9. I wouldn’t be too downhearted if I were an Arsenal fan. 2 exciting signings in Giroud & Poldoski, Wilshere will be back next season, I believe Ramsey will be much better next season after his injury, the ox will have his first full Arsenal season plus the 25-30m they’ll get from the sale of RVP which will most likely result in more signings. I’d be excited!

  10. Wow this week has been outstanding! First AVB goes to Spurs and now this?!?! My money’s on the place with the most $. Yes, I’m looking at you City. Hopefully I’m wrong. It would be sad to see him leave Arsenal. He did one hell of a job stepping up in key moments two years ago, and last year he simply carried that team into the champions league.

    I would certainly love to see him wearing Man United red, though…

  11. Just another stinging indictment of Wenger’s transfer philosophy…one that’s not suited to succeed in the post Bosman football world…

  12. What’s worse than losing your top goal-scorer (and the Premiership’s come to that) is the signal this sends out about the Boards ambitions and ability to meet them. Clearly RVP wasn’t convinced back in May when he discussed the plans with Wenger and Gazidis.

    While they don’t really need to recoup the money they paid for him (2.75 million to Feyenoord eight years ago), they do now need the funds as they’ve already spent cash on Giroud and Podolski. It’s hard to see the club persuading him to play for one more year, or leaving him in the reserves to ‘rot’. Most likely destinations at this point would be Man City or PSG.

  13. It’s sad for Arsenal and of course it’s all about money. You’ll see where RvP will end! Podolski by the way is everything, but the holy gral.

  14. Arsenal should sell him this summer. His value will be much higher if he is available for Champions League football. As tempting as it might be to get the most out of him for the first half of the season, realistically an Arsenal squad that was second or third at Christmas then lost RVP would finish fifth or sixth anyway. Plus… we can all guess just how much he will command on the market right now.

  15. As good as RVP has been for Arsenal the past season one should not forget that for most of his Arsenal career he has been injury-prone. Whenever someone says it’s not about money you know it is about money. So Arsenal has to decide whether or not to pay him what he could earn at another club knowing that he has a history of picking up an injury. A club like Arsenal cannot afford to pay a high wage to a player that is injury-prone. Manchester City can afford to but not Arsenal.

  16. Wishfull thinking but…….
    I hope Arsenal move some dead weight (Bendtner, Arshavin, Gervinho, & Chamakh), spend some cash this summer, start out the 12-13 season red hot, and convince him to stay come January.

    Always seems to be 1 step forward, 2 steps back with my gunners.

    Gaffer: what do you have lined up for Podcasts this summer? How about asking Ahmed to do some analysis of Arsenal buys/sells?

  17. Up until this past season, I didn’t think RVP was all that. I actually remember looking over stats that proved he was not a “world class striker” that someone thought he was. Last season, he busted out and really showed he could be a great striker. Thing is, he was always injury prone. Each game last season was torture as I thought, okay, is this the match that he gets hurt? So while I think it would be nice to keep him, I also don’t think it is that big of a loss considering the players AW has purchased (and more coming I’m sure). Let’s hope AW buys a striker, a finisher….. or we could end up pulling a Spain 4-6-0

  18. at some point the front office at the emirates has to realize that it’s a balance. yes, they have to pay for the stadium and that takes frugality and arsene wenger’s ability to take promising talent and make the gunners the best feeder team in the world. but it’s also a matter of filling those seats to get the return on their investment. if they don’t sign some major MAJOR statements every once in a while to keep the silverware coming (and their stars from leaving), there are going to be less and less fans around the world and in the seats at the prices they charge. I’m sticking, but it takes those fair weather gooners to pay the bills.

  19. Rvp is rIght in his decision though but I remain a gunner forever. Come to think of it the old man and his gang are not ready to shift post on their policy.

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