5 Changes Andre Villas-Boas Needs to Make at Tottenham Hotspur

Despite prolonged negotations, Andre Villas-Boas is now the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur. Replacing Harry Redknapp, Villas-Boas has plenty of work ahead of him. Here are 5 things AVB needs to do:

1. Get the players onboard
One thing, AVB should have learnt at Chelsea was the simplistic nature of player power. With hard heads like Lampard and Terry, to name a few, AVB failed to convert his ideas, which ultimately crushed him during his reign. The Portuguese has to get the players on his side and form a united dressing room. Breaking up the group, reminiscent of his actions of excluding certain Chelsea players, will harm the unity in the squad and begin turning the tide on the manager.

2. Resolve the Modric Situation
This is the big equation floating around the Tottenham board and dressing room. The Croatian wants Champions League football, but with Spurs’ unlucky failure last season, he missed out again. AVB can’t let the situation drag on like Redknapp did. Either he gets the Croat to stay, or he sells him to the highest bidder, and then spends the profit on a new squad. Waiting until the last moment to sell him might cost the team.

3. Sort out the striker conundrum
To keep Adebayor or not? The Togolese striker wants to get paid a pretty wage, one that Tottenham can’t afford. And given Daniel Levy’s history, won’t match; something Manchester City can. Another loan option isn’t possible, as City want to cut their wage bill. Jermain Defoe is the only other forward on the list, but after an average season, the hunt is on for another lethal striker, as their list is quite short.

4. Buy another centre back
Michael Dawson has been injured for a while; William Gallas’ youth is deserting him and Ledley King is on his last legs. They can maybe hold out another season, but AVB needs another solid defender in the backline; one that is youthful, fit, and adaptable to fit into AVB’s high pressure game plan. The search begins…

5. Fix the tactical enigma
AVB loves his 4-3-3, with a Barcelona flow and movement. It failed at Chelsea with the players unable to adapt. It ultimately cost him his job. By the time he went back to the basics, the knives were out behind AVB’s back. This can’t occur at Tottenham, with a trigger happy Daniel Levy hovering behind him (he fired Juande Ramos, don’t forget). AVB needs to hit the ground running. And getting the tactics spot on from the beginning is crucial to a good season.

19 thoughts on “5 Changes Andre Villas-Boas Needs to Make at Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. A lot of thought has gone into the article but I switched off after the first reference to DAVID Levy. Obviously not a typo as it’s repeated later on.This set me thinking about the need for a central back and the apparent complete lack of knowledge concerning Jan Vertonghen. At this stage I realised tha,t for the writer, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. More holes than a Swis cheese.

    1. My fault. Too many beers on the 4th of July. I should have caught that :)

      As for Jan Vertonghen, it looks like that deal is off as the player says he’s focused on playing for Ajax.

      The Gaffer

  2. Firstly its Daniel secondly odric is not a problem until he asks for a move thirdly the biggest problem will be keeping a talented squad happer when they are not playing especially Van Der Vaart. He also needs to get Gomes back playing without his gaffs or sell Friedel is 41 and have a look at Caulker Townsend Kane and see who is good enough to be in the 25. And lastly let the players show how they was the best footballing side most of the year and finished fourth best side and the best entertainers. If he does this dont tinker too much to quickly he will win all the fans and players over move too quick and things could become ugly in a flash.

  3. for one the players will be told they should not rebel and ruin things
    2. modric will be sold and replaced with either sigurdsson or oscar
    3.adebayor will sign for 70grand a week ,saying we cant afford wages is misinformed as bale is now on 115,000 a week and siggy is on 70 the wage cap at spurs finally seems to have been busted
    4.vertonghen is pretty much on his way to spurs which solves the cb problem
    5.he will look at the squad we have after the transfer window is closed and work out the best formation with the players at hand but we could play his favoured 433

    Walker Vertonghen Kaboul Ekotto
    Sigurdsson Oscar
    Lennon Adebayor Bale

      1. He’ll get eaten alive by the PL wingers, a full back Must be small & quick Jan is big skillfull and nice in the air, but he’s not a fullback like Benny or Kyle. Jan for CB role with Younis.

    1. All valid points, but how on earth are they going to get Lloris away from Lyon?! They would need to pay Manuel Neuer money for him, and he hasn’t been anywhere near world class since the World Cup.

  4. I don’t know if its reported in the English press, but Modric’s agent (whose father is the president of Dinamo Zagreb btw) is doing everything in his power to sell Modric to Real Madrid rather than another club in the EPL. There is a clause in Modric’s contract where if he is sold outside of England, Dinamo Zagreb 5% of the transfer fee.

    In my opinion, Modric is 99% gone, I’d be shocked if he stays at Spurs. I mean even last year Mamic was bitter Modric stayed at Tottenham, basically saying it was “unfortunate” Spurs didn’t sell him. I really think it was Mamic pushing for his transfer last season and got into Luka’s head but…I won’t get started on Mamic on this site too much lol

  5. 6. Make sure the fans are realistic about how long it might take for Spurs to get Champions League soccer. It might not happen in the first year.

  6. Not bad as a summary and, yes, I have read the mostly rubbish comments above.

    The problem will be:the old guard and IMHO we will see vdV leaving as he, who has NEVER been a >65min player will NOT fit in nor wish to do so and so >>>Schlake or Hamburg ASAP. That leaves defoe(certain to go IF we get two strikers) Parker(who apparently is NOT a bighead and Kaboul who may just be still flexible enough to fit it without trouble.
    Adebayor will NOT be coming. He is a striker supposedly. He does not score enough & not value for money.

    So, IMHO the old guard will retire or transfer out and so, will NOT be a problem.

    Modric? Replaceable by any 3 moutinho, Oscar, Dzaeko. But he isn’t stupid and if convinced by AVB might stay.

    I also would NOT write off Dos Santos unless AVB cannot change his mind and then only for 8 million.

    We do need a decent RW backup and definitely TWO all round(ie can actually HEAD a goal) strikers.

  7. “We do need a decent RW backup and definitely TWO all round(ie can actually HEAD a goal) strikers.”

    With Sigurdsson on corners, if we get Vertonghen, the strikers you want (who doesn’t?,) and have Kaboul all in the box, I can see us getting quite a few goals in this manner next season.

  8. Couple of thoughts as I travel, Striker wise, I think if passed fit, without any serious hamstring issues Loic Remy is likely to sign, as could potentially Hulk, the thing with the 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1, 4-1-2-3 variants of the 4-3-3, that AVB likes to play, Bale on the left and Falque on the right flanking a striker with Sandro, Sig in midfield, I would imagine Moutino or someone similar to replace Modric would fill the remaining midfield position. I think Parker is on the way out, I could be wrong , but he lacks the level of technical ability that AVB would want, and I think Sandro would win out, Parker on the right or left wouldn’t make much sense….thoughts.

  9. Davspurs… is spot on Spurs needs to access its development and reserves and determine who will take them to the next level in the future…. Caulker, Livermore, Townsend and Kane… the other is reserve goalkeeper Button who people forget is only 23 and has 31 England caps to his name. West Ham gave Green a chance and Man city gave Joe Hart his opportunity come on Spurs ou never know what you have until you give someone the opportunity to thrive.. you just have to look at the youngsters thriving at the Olympics now..

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