Premier League News Links: Andre Villas-Boas Named Tottenham Hotspur Boss

Starting today, we’re going to bring you a daily post featuring the latest Premier League news stories. Even though Euro 2012 is over and the Premier League season doesn’t start until mid-August, there’s still plenty of news as you can see below.

15 thoughts on “Premier League News Links: Andre Villas-Boas Named Tottenham Hotspur Boss”

  1. Unless Levy gives AVB the time to institute yet another one of his “projects.” I really can’t see this one ending well, assuming 5th place is not an option.

  2. If finishing top four two of the last three seasons isnt good enough, what does the Spurs chairman expect? This squad isnt good enough to win a title. They have locked down Bale so they can hold a top club for ransom. Modric wants out. The LB wants out. Adebeyor is on 170k/week and wont take a pay cut to move there. They need 2 CBs, two strikers, a holding midfielder. an attacking MF to replace Modric. And that is just for their first 11. If given the time and a lot of money maybe they could compete for a top four but not a title, they will always be outspent unless the rumors of a takeover are true. and even then the investment required would put them out of compliance for FFP as they do not have the gameday receipts required.
    AVB is a quality manager who was not given the backing nor the time required to change Chelsea. The current Spurs squad will resist the training methods as they were used to Harry’s “methods” which saw them lose steam at the end of every season. I think it could work out but it is Spurs and they find a way to screw up. It is their history. but also their future.

    1. Not to mention they really need to start looking for a quality goalkeeper. I am as big of a Freidel fan as anyone, but he started to really show signs of aging by the turn of the calendar.

    2. Personally, I don’t think Modric was great last season. Based on his form the $40 million Chelsea offered should have been accepted. Pienaar should be able to fill in nicely for Modric.He’s capable and will be motivated.

  3. The three year run of 4th-5th-4th was basically the best the Spurs have done since the early ’60s. Really not too bad of an accomplishment for Redknapp given the firepower (and money) now at the top of the tables.

    One thing they’re going to have to overcome is replacing their top scorer from last year – they’re probably not going to have Adebayor back on loan and that is about 18 goals right there.

  4. Having Bale resign should help AVB keep Tottenham in 5th place. Getting higher, however, might be difficult if Modrich leaves. AVB would do well to start showering Modrich with compliments and more lucrative contracts.

    Another question will be, who starts up front? I’m not sure if Defoe can take them to the Champions League. An offer for Sturridge has been discussed recently. That might be interesting.

    But I guess my most pressing concern is, has AVB learned anything from his Chelsea experience? He didn’t seem to gel with many of the players and they ultimately wouldn’t play for him. He’ll need to work on his man-management if he’s going to succeed in Tottenham.

  5. Haha! Love it! A great appointment! It screams ambition & boldness! So excited all the nay sayers will be proven wrong. Chelski and arsenal fans will be praying for him to be a flop. It’s not going to happen.

  6. Thank you, Gaffer and Alex for continuing this series into the Premier League season. I really appreciate it.

    Krohn-Delhi to Swansea wouldn’t hurt. :-)

  7. Was it (hiring AVB) a bold move? Yes. (To dare is to do…)

    He had problems at Chelsea which were largely man-management type but with some tactical problems seen as well. Still, he’s young and had an incredible chance to learn (through his mistakes) and while he needs to more more flexible, tactically, I think he has the right idea and it should gel with the Spurs squad.

    Spurs also don’t have high maintenance personalities (generally): Modric might be sold (but for enough cash to easily sign a replacement) but would be ideal under AVB so I can’t see him having a problem if he does stay; VdV (the only real concern for personality clash) has been great I’m not sure how well he’d fit — maybe it’s time to sell him; and Bale, who seems generally humble and should only improve with some tactical sense guiding him.

    Lastly, about the squad (mostly in response to Bucky’s post):

    Spurs do need 2 strikers, although I think Defoe could be more useful in an AVB 4-3-3 than he was under Redknapp — 1 really quality striker and 1 under study. Damiao and Castaignos would be ideal!

    Also 1 CB (not 2), and Vertonghen is very likely (and ideally) going to fill that role. Kaboul, Vert, Caulker, and Dawson — although I could see Dawson’s lack of pace making him a liability to the side and Spurs selling him. Bassong could actually be of use since he is quicker, especially if he was paired with someone more defensively aware, like Vertonghen.

    Midfield, Spurs have Sandro, Parker, Hudd, Modric, VdV, Livermore and possibly Carroll in the middle. Siggurdson might be in and would be a perfect replacement for VdV and if Modric goes we’d have the fee to sign a new replacement to step right in. I wouldn’t dismiss Hudd, though — he could be great with Sandro behind him and Gylfi/VdV in front.
    Bale and Lennon should be excellent in AVB’s 4-3-3, but could use (each) an understudy/injury backup. Ideally someone (or 2) that could operate either side. Pienaar is an option, but only if AVB can get his Everton form from him.
    Also — and he’s probably already gone — I could see Gio working really well in this 4-3-3 if he stays.

    No getting around the keeper replacement — need someone new/younger.

    Sorry for the long post, I’m very excited for next season (even if the whole season is something of a rebuild) and would rather gamble on a “could be great” than go with someone who would keep us comfortably in contention for the Europa League.

  8. It ended poorly for both club (Spurs) and manager (AVB) last season but I think this could be a good fit. Even if you don’t think this squad has more than 5th place in it they are certainly better than what they showed from February on. The players that remain will not have the ego/attitude/etc that enabled the lockerroom to turn over on Villas-Boas at Chelsea. They are going to be as eager to prove their worth to the footballing world as Villas-Boas will be to show he learned something from the debacle at Stamford Bridge.

  9. Given Levy’s panache for single-minded-ness, I would guess he has visualized a future that is unrealistic for this manager, or any other, for that matter.
    His legacy will be his failure to move the team out of WHL.

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