Italy vs Spain, Euro 2012 Final: Open Thread

Spain vs Italy 2:45pm ET
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With the news that Vicente Del Bosque has decided to start three strikers for Spain today, it sounds like we’ll have a match in store. Will Del Bosque’s late decision to play three strikers have a detrimental impact on Spain since they’re not used to playing that system, or is Del Bosque being coy and will still play a 4-6-0 that can revert to a 4-3-3 on the attack?

No matter what happens, today is a wonderful day to enjoy watching two of the best teams in Europe battle against each other. There are so many talented footballers on the pitch today. Who knows which ones will grab the headlines?

This is the match that we’ve all been anticipating. This is a match that will go down in history. I can’t wait!

Before, during or after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below. Join in the conversation.

35 thoughts on “Italy vs Spain, Euro 2012 Final: Open Thread”

  1. No strikers for Spain. Fabregas starts. With Pirlo, Casano, Buffon and Super Mario, it’s difficult not to cheer for Italia. Here’s to a spectacle of football.

  2. I’m not a big international football fan, but I’m cheering for Italia today, Hopefully football will win today and anti-football will loose.

  3. Actually figures to be just about as interesting a match as you could see with Spain involved. Certainly should be at least a pronounced clash in styles. (Football v “Anti-Football” is well put here.)

    It sure would be nice to see Italy get one early on and force Spain to try for other than a 0-0 win on penalties or some such.

    1. True, but Italy is not out of it yet. They had a couple of dangerous shots from outside the box that were well-saved by Casillas.

      The Gaffer

      1. I agree i actually want Italy to win,but all that boring talk was crazy to me, because Spain gets blamed for other teams parking the bus, and this is what happens when the opposition actually tries to play football.

  4. watch Lalas blame Balotelli for Italy being down…lol

    Just goes to show you how stupid pundits are about false 9s.

    on a sidenote, Italy needs go with 3 at the back again.

  5. Its a shame, Italy had less rest, and lost a player because of poor substitution use. But Spain have been very very good. They deserve the win.

      1. Congratulations to Spain. Deserved European champions and the best football team in the world.

        The Gaffer

  6. Congrats to Fernando Torres for seizing the opportunity of winning the golden boot.

    Surely, he knew that 1 goal and 1 assist would win him the award barring any Balotelli strikes, but either way he is very much an unselfish and hard working team player in spite of all of the criticism he gets.

  7. Spain deserved the victory but shame Italy played the final 30 minutes with 10-men…not saying they would come back to tie the game but they had their chances when it was 11 v. 11. 4:0 was a little harsh for Italy

  8. I think Prandelli should have brought on Diamanti instead of Thiago Motta. Motta is not a good player. He is a disgrace. He let his “country” down by getting injured. He’s Brazilian, but wants to play for Italy. He should have chosen Spain when he was playing for Barcelona. Jk. He’s a mercenary. He left Inter Milan to go to PSG for more $$. Shows you his love for his “country”. He will be never be an Italian. He’ll never know what is it like to play for the Azzuri, like Pirlo does, like Buffon does, like Totti and Del Piero do. I’m pretty sure he knew that Italy had used all three substitutions, so he could have told Prandelli he wasn’t fit to play. Prandelli could have brought on Diamanti. But he wants to tell his children that he played in a Euro cup final for his “country”, even if for only 5 minutes. That’s his class and height of ambition. He’s a disgrace. Should never play for Italy again. Deserves all the abuse and criticism from Italian fans and media when he flies back to his adopted homeland. I’m pretty sure the Italian fans are collecting charity to pay the Brazilian FA to take back this chump. lol.I hope Balotelli beat the crap out of him after the match. Which Italian player wouldn’t? I could understand Cheillini coming off, but when Motta came on, Italy were down 2-0 and needed an attacking substitution. He should have told the gaffer he wasn’t ready because his hamstring was still bad and that someone else should come on in place of him, knowing it was the last substitution. Thiago Motta=disgrace.

    1. He pulled a hamstring, surely you cannot blame him for that!?

      At the end of the day, the book stops with the manager. If Prandelli wanted him to go on, then he was going to go on. He would have surely been more of a supposed ‘disgrace’ if he had refused to play (a-la Tevez).

  9. Hopefully this will put to rest all the idiotic comments about how boring the Spanish are and how they don’t attack and score enough goals. Oh, they also play pretty good defense having only allowed one goal all tournament.

  10. I’m nostalgic about catennacio football. I’m nostalgic for tough, hard defending and tackling, for working very hard to not let in a goal. 11 men working together as a team, trying to clear their lines and going forward when the chance presents itself. that’s classic football. Not 11 players kicking and passing the ball around like fairies. Oo look at us, we look so slick passing the ball. we make people salivate.

  11. Great display by Spain. Obviously the better team won today. This Spanish team (2008-2012) must go down as one of the best teams ever.
    Gooner: Passing the ball, moving it up, splitting the defense, scoring 4 goals is playing like fairies? Come back to reality. Football is all about the pass! If you can’t pass the ball, good luck. Go back to watching 1970’s reruns.

    1. “Football is all about the pass!”-it’s not ALL about the passing. It’s also about defending, tackling, blocking shots, and attacking and counter-attacking the goal. If you just pass the ball and not do anything with it, then what’s the point? the objective is to not to lose, and then win the game. you make sure you don’t lose by defending well, and then when you get the chance, you can pass the ball around and find an opening in the opposition’s defense.

  12. Italy was no match against the teamwork and co-ordination of the Spaniards. Italians were all over the place and Spain showed some great piece of football with exceptionally well short passes. Kudos for Spain

  13. If Spain is getting stick for their style of play that has brought them 3 major trophies, I can’t begin to imagine the criticism that would be leveled at Stoke if they were ever win a trophy. Congrats to Spain for having cemented themselves among the best, but nothing beats Brazil’s run of 3 world cups in 58, 62, and 70.

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