Euro 2012 News: Cristiano Ronaldo Says Coach Told Him to Take Fifth Penalty

There’s a ton of Euro 2012 news today. Each of the following news headlines could be its own story on EPL Talk, so let’s jump right into the day’s news:

10 thoughts on “Euro 2012 News: Cristiano Ronaldo Says Coach Told Him to Take Fifth Penalty”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks the controversy around this is misplaced?

    I can see why the coach wanted Ronaldo at 5, because that is always a high pressure penalty so it makes sense to put your most confident kicker there.

    If the coach had done what everyone seems to be demanding he should have, it still doesn’t solve the problem of needing Bruno Alves to score.

    Or to put it another way….even if he had put Ronaldo at 1, Portugal would have still been left with the situation of Alves going up to take penalty no.5 knowing if he misses, Portugal are out. Which is even more pressure than he faced kicking it at 4. And surely more pressure makes it even less likely Alves scores?

    1. Exactly! I don’t understand why people have a low opinion of him and think he did it for glory (ballack suggested). He is not a perfect human, but when it comes to being part of a football team he is the consumate professional.

      Even the walking wet perm that is Steve mcmanaman acknowledged that everyone person at eevery club Ronaldo has been at thinks every footballer should be built like, him, his work ethic, dedication, lifestyle, stays out of trouble. I guess because he likes his hair to be perfect even when running at 30 miles and hour on the football field, he gets a bad wrap.

      Perhaps the world cup will be where he wins one?

    2. Soccernomics agrees with you and CR7 shooting last. Regardless of when he shoots, it’s still only one shot. You need 4 more to go into, and Ronny can’t take ’em all.

      If there is a controversy around the shootout, it’s why Portugal allowed Alves to shoot after brainfarting and thinking he was up before his turn. He was rattled and clearly his head was not right. Just like when Carragher shot before the whistle in 2006, it wasn’t hard to tell either was going to miss.

      When he bungled it and went up too soon, he should have been told he was “injured” and that Portugal needed to sub in a shooter who wasn’t bricking himself.

      1. Well at that point it would have been to late for Alves not to take it, once the five names and the order they are shooting are submitted to the ref they can’t be changed so he didn’t really have a choice.

        You would hope after his mental screw up the captain or someone with experiance put a arm around him and told him to just relax and refocus on his next penalty. Much like Ashley young he hit the ball well and was just unlucky in hitting the bar, it’s not like he pulled a John Terry and took a terrible penalty with the world watching.

        1. The players can change the order. The referee only needs to know the 5 players from each team that will be taking the kicks.

          The Gaffer

          1. Interesting gaffer in all my years watching football I never knew the order could be changed once the ref has the list of penalty takers, learn something new everyday around here.

      1. And when you do that you run the risk of him not getting to take his penalty like yesterday. The 3rd and 5th penaltys are really important simply because if you miss your first two attempts and the other team scores then #3 becomes a “must score” penalty. Same with number #5 if it’s level and you miss you have little or no chance to recover so it’s not a bad idea to keep your best penalty takers for those spots. At the end of the day it’s all about luck. Alves strikes the ball well and hits the bar and it bounces out, Fabergas penatly didn’t look like a good strike but it hits the post and bounces in that’s the way it goes sometimes.

  2. I agree, mostly, with you James. But there is a confidence situation. Ronaldo could have set the tone for his squad or something. Logistically, you’re probably right, but is there a mental aspect to consider as well?

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