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Euro 2012 News: Rio Ferdinand Criticizes Hodgson’s England Tactics and Selections

rio ferdinand england Euro 2012 News: Rio Ferdinand Criticizes Hodgsons England Tactics and Selections

Rio Ferdinand is at it again. Before the tournament, he was opening his big mouth. And now after the tournament, he’s digging his own England grave by criticizing Roy Hodgson’s England tactics and selections. With Hodgson in charge for the next World Cup, Ferdinand is essentially ending any chance of playing for England. Maybe he should concentrate on his club form instead of using his mouth?

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9 Responses to Euro 2012 News: Rio Ferdinand Criticizes Hodgson’s England Tactics and Selections

  1. Norm says:

    Except… he’s right…

    And his club form was solid last year.

  2. Guy says:

    I didn’t see anything in his comments that an awful lot of people would disagree with. If Hodgson does…oh, well.

  3. Dust says:

    The original story that everyone else is using in their stories is an exclusive “the sun”, not the guardian, what’s up with the obsession with the guardian?

    • trickybrkn says:

      probably just not wanting to give credit to a rag that is known to lie whenever possible. but I could be wrong.

  4. Dave says:

    Ferdinand is only half right. Hodgson’s tactics were poor but so were the performances of his United teammates. Instead of raving about Welbeck and Jones he should have said how poor both Rooney and Young were. His comments were only complimentary to his United teammates and didn’t say anything positive about any other England player. Yes, Hodgson got his tactics wrong but the so-called Engalnd stars didn’t show up either.

  5. Paul says:

    Ferdinand doesn’t have to dig his grave since he was already buried by Hodgson(LOL). So he has no qualms about speaking the truth.

    You can excuse’s Rooney’s poor form. hodgson is the one who threw him into the fire and still kept him in it when he was having bad game. The midfield setup didn’t help him either.

  6. gbewing says:

    more over-reaction to a man’s opinion. What’s galls people is he’s right
    instead of snide personal attacks debate the man’s points honestly-

  7. scrumper says:

    He’s just guaranteed he’ll never be considered for England again. Hodgson’s going to be in the chair at least through the WC qualifiers and Brazil (if we qualify).There are lots of players left home by Hodgson who weren’t impressed by our performances but you won’t hear them carping. That’s what being a professional is all about.

  8. daS says:

    “england were too old and too defensive” – says a 33 year old centre back…

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