Euro 2012 News: Hodgson’s Revolution Will See Several Youngsters Drafted Into England Camp

Roy Hodgson has given an insight into his revolution that he’ll be undertaking at England, now that he has more time to settle in to his position and to shape England’s future.

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Here are the latest Euro 2012 headlines:

6 thoughts on “Euro 2012 News: Hodgson’s Revolution Will See Several Youngsters Drafted Into England Camp”

  1. “At all costs, we have to retain….our defensive discipline, organisation and teamwork….”

    All well and good, but that doesn’t sound like much of a revolution to me. Bring in some younger players to do more of the same. Not one word about creating more shots on goal.

    Still, we need to wait and see if he has any mind to bring in players more capable of a fluid open style of play. More importantly, if he does so, will he let them put those skills to work? I have my doubts, so I expect England WC to look pretty much like England Euros in both form and function.

  2. I feel for these players, They have a lot of potential and when they play for their clubs can be very very good. Kyle Walker for example is not going to be given the freedom under Hodgpodge for him to achieve the same level of performance for England.

    What a nightmare, handing the countries initial crop of young talented players with unlimited potential to Hodgpodge to instill defensive, uninspired, negative tactics, just like when he was at Inter, fulham, Liverpool, & West Brom.

  3. I have a feeling that England missed a unique opportunity to start this revolution at Euro 2012. With low expectations and a lot of sympathy around team situation Roy Hodgson had very little to lose. He could have brought younger and hungrier players and let them show what they are capable of. That would have given a golden chance to see them in action and assess if they are really as talented as people think. And quite frankly given the opposition in the group the result would not be that much different even if these new players didn’t perform as expected. Instead Hodgson opted for old tired legs and negative tactics with old tired result.

    Now he has to manage expectations of qualifying for WC 2014. Therefore all this “at all costs, we have to retain our defensive discipline, organisation and teamwork” talk.

  4. Agree with Guy. It isnt just the players. It is the style of play that Roy plays. Look at his boring Fulham and Liverpool teams. But it is also the football education as a whole in England. You are not creating creative footballers. The FA is a failure and continues to fail at the lower levels. Not enough investment in youth coaches to produce what you are missing

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