Liverpool Third Shirt for 2012-13 Season: New Leaked Image [PHOTO]

A new photo has been leaked of Liverpool’s third shirt for the 2012-13 season.

Designed and manufactured by Warrior, Liverpool’s new third shirt is dark purple with orange trim. The Liverpool crest, sponsor name and apparel logo, meanwhile, are a gold-yellow color.

After a promising start by Warrior after they unveiled Liverpool’s new home shirt, it’s been downhill since then. Liverpool’s new away shirt looks like a Batman cape. And now the dark purple third shirt (pictured above) is passable.

What’s your opinion about Liverpool’s new third shirt? Post your feedback in the comments section below.

76 thoughts on “Liverpool Third Shirt for 2012-13 Season: New Leaked Image [PHOTO]”

  1. Agree with Alex, and really think the home kit could have used the slightest bit of white outline on the gold emblems/lettering on front.
    I may get the home kit as I’m not fond of the old Adidas one (all Adidas kits look the same).

      1. Living up to your name as usual. It’s a third kit so why would they be laughing stock of the league? It’ll primarily be used on Thursday nights and won’t be used in the league (virtually) at all. It’s really not that bad as a kit… it’s just not very Liverpool.

        1. Paul you are definitely one to talk. However living up to your normal contributions you didn’t quite comprehend what I said. I said, “Liverpool is already the laughing stock of the league”. Believe me the shirt has nothing to do with it just adds to the spectacle that the mid-tier club has become.

          As I said in the ‘Invest in Africa” kit article can’t you see we have illiterate people right here on this very blog! Please donate at least a dollar to Paul, with that one dollar he can eat rice for months. We can even get running water in his tenement. Please help the cause!

          1. Since we now understand that Paul is unable to comprehend simple posts – laughing stock of the league wasn’t in reference to the shirt, Paul could you please give me a few examples of me ‘living up to my name as usual’? Pretty sweeping statement…

          2. Let me clarify. That is a horrible idea for a shirt. I don’t care if it’s a 3rd kit, a 1st kit or an 8th kit. Those sleeves are horrendous.

            Color scheme is subjective, I don’t mind the purple. Whatever. But a tribal tattoo design on anything in the year 2012 is a dated misstep.

          3. Couldn’t agree with you more Ryan. It’s a joke just like the Inter ‘dragon’ sleeve shirt the other year.

          4. since you called liverpool the laughing stock of the league i suppose you are not a liverpool fan. may i then ask you why you have posted 6 comments about liverpools new third kit?

          5. You absolutely can Mianus, because I can. I can comment on any article I choose. The shirt is ugly and if I want to voice that the COMMENTS section is where I can do so. I’d say 3-4 of the posts were in direct response to others.

            Can I ask you why YOU care so much? Why would you take interest if I didn’t speak some truth. Hit some sort of nerve?

          6. Liverpool ‘is’ the laughing stock of the league?

            At least get your English correct if you’re going to be an arrogant git.

          7. It would take an “arrogant git” such as yourself Craig to point out grammatical errors in the comments section. That’s reserved for trolls and those without an intelligent argument. I think with you it’s the latter.

            Liverpool ARE the laughing stock of the league! Let’s hear a response to the kit or the statement?

            IS/ARE – so sad, the next time I type a comment I’ll make sure my grammar, punctuation, tense, etc. are on point for you “arrogant git”. However since I know you have no argument I won’t hear back. Take care!

            One more thing, don’t mistake confidence and the knowledge that your club is slowly slipping away as arrogance.

          8. No response Craig? For someone to call another an ‘arrogant git’ you sure got quiet once your one grammatical error was corrected. Good reason to post Craig, keep the gems coming.

          9. Since the gaffer deletes my posts now you’ll never get my reply about how sad it is when you think in terms of winning and losing in the comments section – I would ask you to get a life. Since this pairlesss webmaster allows others to spew what they wish but changes it for others – I’ll get my enjoyment from watching the tasteless-classless Liverpool fall even further. 8th ha!

            1. I don’t delete your comments, but if you include swearing in them, then they’re automatically placed into moderation. If you have something intelligent to say, without swearing, your comment will be approved.

              The Gaffer

          10. There are plenty of football forums on the web that allow swearing, and I’m sure more than a few of us wouldn’t mind if you decided to take your belittling, antagonistic diatribes elsewhere.

          11. Neither had a curse word in them. Funny though you allow others to completely go off topic and resort to sandbox name calling, appreciate you looking out for those. It really only happens in Liverpool posts which proves my point – classless fans and a club on a downward spiral.

          12. Clampdown and Cody both are unable to intelligently discuss their point (they rarely have one). I guess when someone exposes that the hate comes out. Check any of our exchanges you unintelligent sad boys.

          13. I’d check that again. I’m American and in one of my responses I quoted the word because it was it was used in one of your English friend’s post! Funny how that wasn’t deleted. Check Craig’s post. So now its confirmed. You selectively police the site. I’ve proved my point and now it’s time to go outside and enjoy the pool.

            1. That one slipped through, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll go ahead and delete that comment.

              The Gaffer

  2. The colour scheme was shocking at first glance – what does purple and orange have to do with the Club, but then Liverpool has broken with tradition in the past with grey and the controversial green. On its own, not a bad shirt.

  3. Can everyone get a life judging all the jerseys. Warrior will release 3 jersys every year. They will not all be to everyone’s taste and they certainly will have licence to try different colours for the away jerseys. Why would we be a laughing stock? Who cares? It’s actually a nice jersey in my opinion, far better than the bright purple that was doing the rounds on the internet over the laset few weeks. If we were to stick to tradition we would have a white jeresy every year for the away kit. Adidas and Reebok tried numerous colours over the years, yellow, different shades of green, black, white, ecru. And Warrior are entitled to try a different colour if it helps to sell jerseys. How else will they make their 25m back that they are giving us?

    1. hey man, do you work for warrior or something? liverpool football club is built on tradition and class..over decades..I didnt like any of the “groovy colours” reebok, adidas and now warrior apparently are tryin to introduce..our abiding colours are red, white and yellow (which i stomach with gritted teeth) but they are historically consistent..hell why dont we just start turning up in a tie dye kit and get sponsored by skittles?!! get real man..crasss american commercialism is the deathknell to a proud respected institution.. “do you know your history”….

      1. Ron Maxwell, chill out! This is the commercial world we live in, like it or not. “LFC is built on tradition and class”, how do you determine or quantify that? Yeah, Moores and Parry were classy, so too was Hicks and Gillet, and Purslow. Gimme a break. We can’t live on past glories. I’m a LFC fan for 25 years since a kid and the away jersey colours have never bothered me cause they don’t affect what happens on the pitch. Every team has gone with a different away colour over the years, otherwise it would be very boring sticking with a white or yellow away kit every year like I said in my post. And if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Go and put your money where your mouth is and get the red home jersey every year if it makes you happy – at least then you will be contributing money to the club every year. “do you know your history” – yes I do Ron, and history tells me that you don’t win trophies based on the colour of your jersey. By the way, I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m just saying it as I see it. “crasss american commercialism is the deathknell to a proud respected institution” – maybe so, but have you forgotten that we are owned by Americans and our kit supplier are American. Does that mean LFC will die soon in your opinion?

      2. “crasss american commercialism is the deathknell to a proud respected institution”????

        Now, now, Ron. Other than MLS, at least the American professional leagues haven’t been reduced to wearing a sponsor’s name blazoned across their jerseys. Seems like England is way ahead of us in the crass commercialism category. 😉

      3. if you know your history you’ll know our home kit was blue and white originally, should we have stuck with that? Or the red shirt and white shorts of the 60’s ? It was only when Shankly arrived that we started wearing all red, so i think you’ll agree, having a different colour for our 3rd choice kit every year isn’t really that big a deal is it?

      4. Our historical colours are red white and yellow??? Well up until 1897 we wore blue as our home colour, until 1946 we wore black socks. Yellow was only introduced in the late 60’s (and only for one match because we were playing Ajax and our away kit was white, we had never used yellow as our away kit proper until 1982) but we’ve had black in our away kit on a regular basis since 1906, so why is yellow one of our historical colours but not black?? Personally, I despise the grey kits, love the green kits and think my all time favourite was probably the gold and blue one that we won the FA Cup in 2001. The argument over our historical colours is nonsensical, especially in terms of a third kit. If we introduced pink now as an away kit and stuck with it for 50 years that would then be a ‘historical’ colour for an away kit. Point is we have only used yellow for 5 more years than grey and 9 more than green, so we’re certainly no more obliged to use it than black, grey or green.

        On an almost unrelated note, this will not be our third kit because our away kit is black and this is navy blue, what would be the point?? It’s a convincing fake. Away kit will either be White or Yellow (my fingers are crossed for White and Green to make a come-back) unless they introduce a new colour.

  4. I love the idea of a purple third jersey. The black second jersey is odd looking, but a purple third jersey is awesome.

  5. Yeah 3rd kit is ok,lot better than light purple one that was on the net! Really like home kit with it’s retro look,warrior have done a good job there & overall in my opinion ! YNWA

  6. Obviously none of you lot are from Liverpool …..a purple is the adopted colour of Liverpool city council.The refuse bins are purple and so are the tracksuits of the various representative teams of merseyside and tHe accompanying vests/shirts etc.Thats why it’s purple.

    1. The reason the ‘adopted colour of the City’ as you call it is that it’s a mixture of Liverpool red and Everton blue, so why on earth would a Liverpool kit be based on that? I agree people overreact about the kits but your reasoning for the purple is pretty questionable. Where did you acquire this information, or did you put 2 and 2 together and state it as fact?

  7. Don’t worry, before long they will have gone through all the colors in the RGB gamut. It’s all about making money by changing the jerseys every year. Tradition no longer plays any part in it. This is happening to all the clubs.

  8. Funny as! This has gone down like a lead balloon over here. It’s been doing the rounds for weeks as a mock up but people weren’t sure they’d actually make it. Channel 5 Thursday night’s shirt I guess.

  9. Looks like something closer to a Wolves shirt than a Liverpool shirt. So little of this shirt has anything to do with the club IMO other than the liver bird crest.

  10. This is definitely not a third kit of any kind. It is far too close in colour to the black second strip so would therefore be rendered useless. This is either a fake, knocked up in China somewhere or (and I doubt this too) it could be a training kit of some kind.

    My guess is that it is fake.

    1. Chris, I have it on good authority that it’s the real thing. The colors don’t look the greatest in this photo. The real one looks closer to a purple than a black.

      It’s not fake.

      The Gaffer

        1. You know what they say about assuming? How can you write something as fact when you have NO idea. I have no real connection to Man U. However if you want to compare Manchester United with Liverpool this season we can do that:

          Were classless, racist, delusional coach, made some of the poorest trades, FINISHED 8TH!, should I go on?

          Manchester United
          FINISHED 2ND………………….

          1. I can’t help but marvel that your comments lack any substance and still haven’t answered any questions. No connection with Man U so your comment was completely off – didn’t want to touch on that though did you?

          2. OK, Nonsense. I admit, I forgot that you are a Mainz fan (or at least claim to be). You have in the past offered comments that would suggest you are a fan of Man U while consistently bashing Liverpool on this site. You post a ridiculous number of messages about Liverpool, which I find odd. Then again, you post a lot of messages about everything. I can only imagine how torturous it would be to stand next to you at the bar during a match while you yammer away.

          3. At least claim to be? You’re idiot if you think I would claim Mainz if it wasn’t true – but then again you are an idiot. Please quote all these Man U quotes that show I am a true blood Man U fan? Could you also please post all the Liverpool posts I made bashing the team other than racist Suarez situation and the unprofessional way the club handled the situation. You and I know you can’t.

            You wouldn’t want to end up in a bar with me – we’ll leave it at that.

            Once again you haven’t responded to the article or my comment. You have no intelligent comment to make so you resort to talking about pretend posts, bars, etc. anything but the subject at hand.

            You’re a joke along with your club

  11. Dark Purple?? … From the picture, it looks like Dark Blue … personally I think it looks great, the white, gold and dark/navy blue strip … good for casual wear too, on jeans! 😉

    This stip is much better than that gawdy magenta/purple and orange shorts excuse of a strip that was making its rounds around the internet. This one is pretty classy in comparison.

    What matters actually is that Liverpool perform where it counts … on the football pitch!!

  12. The only thing I will say in its defense is that I think that mess on the shoulders is supposed to be an “Anfield Gates” look rather than any kind of tribal tattoo-type thing (which would be pretty atrocious to have on a kit.)

    But in the end, it is a third kit. So whatever. Not exactly the end of the world there.

  13. Tribal designs???
    You really are a bunce of imbeciles!!

    It’s the top of the shankley gates!!
    Tribal, you are the laughing stock of this forum!!

    It’s a 3rd jersey. Stop fretting everyone.

    Laughing stock!! It’s a feckin jersey!!


    Well i like it.

    Tribal? Feck me !

    1. “It’s the top of the shankley gates!!”

      Aidy – you’re looking like the imbecile you called everyone now. OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE ON KIT: officially labeled as “nighshade,” which is a poisonous plant with orange trim and white shirt sleeves that feature “ancient tribal warrior markings”. Once again, “ancient tribal warrior markings….HA!

  14. Why do so many people believe that the third kit is going to be Navy Blue when our away kit us black. There is literally no scenario in which we would wear this apart from if we decided to for away European matches. The actual third kit will be yellow or white so that it isn’t the same as our home or away kits.

  15. This is one of warriors junior lacrosse jerseys released in the here in the US. The embroidery is sh*t and the print shines . This fake. Rumors on this side of the pond are that newbalance mdc have scrapped the purple templates all together because of fan outrage.

  16. This looks navy blue to me which as already said is too close to our black Away kit. Arms look like a throwback to the jazzy GK jerseys of a decade or so back..awful. Seems like a fake. Dont know why they make a 3rd kit to sell..v rarely used!
    Home kit looks good but away kit is ruined by the grey insert-a nod to the City’s maritime past, but makes it look like a wetsuit!
    As for the comment about purple being used because the Liverpool City Council use it, they have no direct link with lfc and its never been used by the club…no connection at all- id imagine only youth teams run by the City Council might-i live not far away from Liverpool and havent seen 1 yet.

  17. The kit is revolting! its not liverpool colours and the desighn is tacky as hell!
    Who ever decided to release that and design it needs shooting!

  18. Love the kit, don’t really care what anyone says. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It certainly has a lot of people talking though, maybe that was the idea in the first place.

  19. Has anyone heard about when Liverpool will be practicing at Harvard Stadium when they are in Boston for the game at Fenway Park?

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