Germany vs Greece, Euro 2012 Quarterfinal: Open Thread

Germany vs Greece: 2:45pm ET
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On paper, this is the most one-sided quarter-final match of Euro 2012. But that’s before it kicks off. Once the referee blows the whistle to kick off this game, anything goes. Don’t underestimate the Greek team. It all just depends which Greece team shows up. The one who was awful during their first half against Poland, or the one who was so dangerous against Russia.

Before, during and after today’s Euro 2012 match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

54 thoughts on “Germany vs Greece, Euro 2012 Quarterfinal: Open Thread”

  1. I’m torn, I want Greece to win because losing to the Germans politically and in a game of football in one week isn’t right. However, Lalas wants the greeks, he will be unbearable if they do, that plus I want england to beat the germans in the next round if they get pased italy on Sunday.

    Greece 2-1 in overtime I think especially if schwienstiger doesn’t play.

    1. Greeks may have lost to Germans politically but only after they lost to themselves economically. And football will follow.

      “Politics is concentrated economics”. Leo Trotsky

      1. Without wanting this to turn into a political discussion, the structure of the euro and all the economic policies of those in the euro monetary system means they are not in charge of their own economic destiny, the central bank is, which is also why Portugal, Spain, Ireland and italy are also in dire economic situations. The Greeks are just percieved to be worse off because they are politically unstable.

        If it was a true “european union” then Germany wouldn’t be dictating fiscal policy restricting bailouts for the Greece, Spain,Ireland, Portugal unless they meet their demands….anyways….

        The Germans look up for it already, the pitch looks terrible, very choppy underfoot.

        1. @Dust: but being politically unstable is practically the definition of a backwards country. Whenever you visit the third world, the US state department issues warnings based on whether it is “politically stable” or not as a kind of code word for being backwards and full of delinquents because coming right out and saying so is controversial and not PC.

          Even many corporations have the same policy when discouraging their investors from certain regions by saying they are “politically unstable”.

          And generally speaking, ALL republics become unstable when there is a lack of money flowing because that’s what makes republics run: the parties need bribes/donations to keep functioning as a status-quo maintaining institution, once the money dries up, as we saw in Greece, the ideologues/nazis/commies will win the elections.

    2. Dust FTW for comment of the week – supporting Germany because LALAS supports the Greeks (he is Greek-American, actually).

      Love it! I’ll second that 100%!

  2. Does anyone know what the typewriter sound is that always goes off during football matches? I used to think it was just the crap quality of fox soccer channel but I’ve been hearing it during this tournament. It almost always goes off as a team clears a free kick or corner out of its own zone. I’ve wondered for years but never really looked into it.

  3. Ian darke in his bubble, hasn’t noticed the riots, bananas on the pitch, neo nazi salutes and apparent attempted pitch invasions that several countries had been fined for. LoL

  4. That girl need to learn to smile lol

    Ok game over for Greece, they had their moments, let the real football nation real play football now.

  5. Oh well, too bad Greece. Germsny have played far better footbalI, I personally don’t think the Germans will make the final, the winner of Italy England will. Great strike from Rues.

    1. Well at least they showed that park the bus tactics don’t really work against them. A note for England if they make the semifinal.

      1. true, I think they can be exposed at the back, Really excited for the game on Sunday! I hope Roy lets Stevie g off the leash!

  6. I already have my prediction as Spain beating Portugal and England beating Germany so a Greece win tonight would have messed that up

  7. I guess the Greeks will just have to be happy with being the founders of civilization, democracy, western philosophy, Comedy, satire and theatre, Geometry, Marathons, the Olympics, olive oil, the alphabet, beautiful architecture, the occasional tragedy and Great food.

    1. None of that can make up for the 90mins of my life, taken away by that stupid-@$$ Greek Wedding movie :(
      Back then I wished their entire country going bankrupt from the Olympics. If only I were half as good in picking lottery numbers….

  8. Did we just see the future Euro 2012 champions?

    Incredible performance by Germany. Much more impressive than the Spaniards thus far.

    The Gaffer

    1. I agree. Some may say it was just Greece but I think it is unfair. Greeks are the most under appreciated team in this tournament. Today they showed true quality and grit but Germans were just too much for them. One thing is clear – it is practically impossible to keep a clean sheet against this German team. Sooner or later they will find the way to score. You have to outplay and outscore them in order to beat them.

          1. Yes they do. But they are also capable of scoring a bundle and that is my point. Whatever tactics you employ it has to assume that Germany will score.

    1. Instead of just saying “alpahbet” I should have been more specific, the Greeks put the vowels in the alphabet, which lead to modern western laguages and alphabets, (latin, gothic, runic, Coptic, Cyrillic, Armenian,Georgian ) pretty important none the less.

      Sure the Phoenician alphabet spawned most others like Arabic, Hebrew, Greek etc

      Without nerding out to much, the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet is the oldest alphabet we can find and is from the middle bronze age and the basis of the phonecian alphabet.

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