Who Will Win Euro 2012? [POLL]

Only eight teams remain in the Euro 2012 tournament, and we’re edging closer and closer to finding out who will be the champion of Europe.

But now that the group phase is out of the way, who do you think will win the tournament?

Has your opinions changed about England’s chances? Are you second-guessing your original prediction about Spain based on their so-so performance against Croatia? Is Germany cruising for a Euro crisis of their own against Greece? Is Portugal the dark horse? Can Italy keep Balotelli sane?

Cast your vote below for who you think will win Euro 2012.

10 thoughts on “Who Will Win Euro 2012? [POLL]”

  1. Germany and Germany.

    They are the only team playing free flowing football (maybe Portugal, but those guys are so Ronaldo-ey), I hope they get it.

  2. Based on what I’ve seen in the group stage I actually fancy England chances to go at least to the final. There is no standout team(s) in this tournament and negative tactically astute football can get you far. England will beat Italy on penalties. Then they will score a ghost goal against Germany and defend 1-0 lead till death. And it will be 50/50 roll in the final no matter England play.

  3. Sticking with my Germany beating Spain in the final pick. I do like how there is only one quarterfinal that I am not to pleased with (Germany Greece).

  4. Seems like Spain or Germany on paper have the best shot. Balotelli is the wild card (a red card induced loss or a brilliant brace for a win). lefraud won in the nba, which bodes well for asshats in sport everywhere.

  5. Portugal,because Cristiano is on fire
    The most shots on target in euro 2012 is produced by Portugal,no one can mess with Portugal.
    Viva Portugal

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