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Euro 2012 News: Joe Hart Volunteers To Take Penalties for England, If Needed

joe hart Euro 2012 News: Joe Hart Volunteers To Take Penalties for England, If Needed

Plenty of Euro 2012 news headlines today! Here goes:

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3 Responses to Euro 2012 News: Joe Hart Volunteers To Take Penalties for England, If Needed

  1. Brn442 says:

    Rooney needs to get some more up-tempo stuff in there. That list looks dire. Appropriate after England crashes out on penalties.

  2. Matt says:

    I’d let him take it. Did you see the one he took in the u23 world cup a few years ago.

  3. Dust says:

    This kind of thing always makes me chuckle…pause…and then are me wonder how these players got where they are. I think it’s admirable that Hart volunteers. The thing is, why the hell aren’t the outfield players jumping at the chance? I have never understood that, you are a professional footballer, and not an average one, one that is deemed great enough to represent a nation, and not just any nation ENGLAND..

    To get to this point in your career, to represent your country! I expect these players to be big time players with swagger, and huge! great big cojones, and for every single one of them to step up and seize the moment, to want the ball at their feet in the crucial moment, that is what I expect of players that represent my country. If they don’t then they need to trained to think that way, to be clutch! that it is there god given right to put the ball on the spot and put the ball in the back of the net.

    Clearly joe hart has this mentality, but players that are supposed to have more skill with the ball at their feet should also have this mentality…especially given the extremely poor history that we have with penalties, I now these guys like me were sat inferno of the Telly as boys watching Pearce and waddle just devastate a nation, so why haven’t they made the adjustments and decided that will it be our fate again? Drives me nuts :). Way too much green tea this morning!

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