How Do You Rate Your Club’s Chances Now That The EPL Schedule Has Been Released?

Earlier today, the Premier League revealed the fixtures for the 2012-13 season. In the world of soccer blogs, today is a Black Monday (more about that later), but what do you think of the fixtures that have been revealed for your team? Do you think your club will get a good start to the season? Or do you think has been unkind to your club?

Share your opinions in the comments section below.

For Swansea, the club has a much easier start to the season compared to last August where they kicked off their opening game against Manchester City. While Swansea’s start to the season will be far easier than last year, the fixture computer has been unkind to the Swans in terms of who they play during the last fortnight of the season, where they’re up against some of the top clubs in the league.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned which clubs the Swans will be playing again. And that’s on purpose. Today feels like a Black Monday to me because no websites are allowed to publish any of the fixtures for the Premier League unless that site has purchased a license to do so. The cost of the license is several thousand dollars, which most blogs cannot afford. It’s a ridiculous policy that is fueled by the Premier League’s desire to make as much money as possible. Personally, I believe it hurts them more than it helps them.

Last summer, I decided to be a bit cute when posting the opening weekend Premier League fixtures. Instead of listing the team names, I listed the unlicensed team names that are used in the video game PES. So, for example, instead of listing Manchester United, I wrote Man Red. And instead of Liverpool, I wrote Merseyside Red. And so on. You would think that would get around the arcane rules the Premier League has in place (or, Football DataCo, to be exact — which is owned by the Premier League and Football League). However, after posting the PES names, I received a blunt e-mail from Football DataCo representatives saying that I was in violation of their license agreement. Needless to say, the experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth, but it’s unfortunately par for the course in regards to how the Premier League treats other websites.

Back to the original question, let us know what you think of the fixtures that have been announced, and post your opinions in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “How Do You Rate Your Club’s Chances Now That The EPL Schedule Has Been Released?”

  1. I was really hoping for a slow and steady start to let the players and Rodgers bed in… what do we get instead? A first game of the season against none other than Steve Clarke’s team who will know us inside out, followed by our first home game against Manchester City, a week later Arsenal are here then 2 weeks later Manchester United are at Anfield.

    I hope Rodgers is buckled in because it’s going to be a roller coaster ride from the first kick!

    1. Correct. It’s completely absurd. If anything, in today’s day and age, it’s backwards.

      The Gaffer

      1. Backwards is an understatement. Not content with the £3 billion they’re set to receive, they try and gain more money (which in the bigger picture is pennies to them!) from people wanting to look ahead to the games in their league and create even more of a buzz. To me, you publishing the fixtures here would do nothing more than further promote their league so how they look at it negatively is just crazy.

        1. Paul, I believe this fits right in with one of your earlier posts (rants) 😉 on another thread about UEFA, etal, being nothing more than money grubbers. What the hell is their problem? More publicity means more faithful followers, means more $$ for everybody. Guess they don’t like that “everybody” idea. 😛

  2. Manchester United have a crazy stretch from September 22 through November 3. They play 5 of last season’s top 8 in that six week period.

    There are potential matches on NFL Conference Championship day and Super Bowl Sunday that look appealing for Fox to show. I wonder if they will have a couple live matches again?

    1. The opening day fixture won’t be too easy for Man U either though, having to take a trip to Goodison. Newcastle v Spurs being the other stand out game from the opening weekend.

  3. Pretty straightforward start for Saints. Wigan should prove a test but the other three opponents (Man C, Man U and Arsenal) will be like taking candy from a baby.

  4. the fixture list has a strange rhythm to it for spurs, the way the various levels of competition seems (and only seems) a little easier than normal at the end of the season and over the xmas period.

    Newcastle is a big test for a new manager no matter who it is, par dew will have his guys pumped.

    I just hope when Modric goes we don’t get just the big money $35 M but perhaps, just perhaps this could be true?

    Fingers are so crossed right now, they may break!

  5. As the article implies, I think Modric is WAY overrated. If he does indeed go to Real he will be nothing more than a situational sub. You can have one or the other, money or playing time, but you don’t always get both. Me? I’d want to play.

  6. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You need a “license” to post what is essentially open information. You’re a good man, Gaffer. I would have told them to suck it.

  7. That’s completely crazy – I have been following the EPL since 1993 and I never knew about that idiotic rule. Probably because I never read a website up to now in the offseason where someone had the stones to essentially call them on their crap.

    The EPL does not seem to have really caught up to the notion that INCREASING ACCESS to the product is a good thing. In this regard they are way behind most American leagues (although not all – see NFL and its idiotic blackout rules).

    I SHUDDER to think how much money these clubs could make if they got behind a concept like Major League Baseball where you can watch pretty much 100% of all games in both leagues all season long over the internet for like $100 total. The mind just boggles at how much revenue there would be worldwide.

  8. I was just about to analyze Arsenal’s fixtures on my site. Good thing I read this before I got too far into writing the article. It’s a ridiculous policy, and one that definitely needs to be changed.

  9. Stoke City seem like last season, playing some tough teams early, with three of the top five or six squads in the first five matches. Liverpool much the same sort of schedule early. We’ll see where they stand very quickly.

    The end of the season is much more gentle for both squads.

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