Germany vs Denmark and Netherlands vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Germany vs Denmark: 2:45pm ET
Netherlands vs Portugal: 2:45pm ET
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First of all, for those of you who fall into this category, Happy Father’s Day. No matter whether you’re a father or not, it’s going to be a wonderful Sunday with two massive matches today — Germany against Denmark, and Netherlands versus Portugal. Two nations will progress to the quarterfinals. Two will go home.

Everyone expects the Germans to win today against Denmark, so where’s the fun in that? But between Portugal and Netherlands, expect one of the two major soccer countries to exit Euro 2012 after today. Will it be Portugal, led by captain Cristiano Ronaldo? Or will it be the ego-driven Netherlands team who are filled with so much talent?

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Germany vs Denmark and Netherlands vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread”

  1. Guy
    I will make it easy for you.i would take both so you don’t have to wonder left or right.2 thumbs up it looks like the soccer balls need some fine tuning.

    1. I was expecting to see yes and yes from someone :)

      As for the football, I’m not bothered who wins, I’m just hoping for a good game

  2. My prediction of Russia to top group A and Poland to come 2nd didn’t exactly work out so here’s hoping my Germany & Holland prediction comes up tonight!

  3. I’m expecting Holland to win but Germany and Denmark to draw. So it will be Germany and Denmark to go through.

  4. Holland could come out and smash Portugal by three or four or they could get hammered themselves. Trying to work out how this Dutch team will play and what the result will be is close to impossible

  5. Ronaldo doesn’t fancy playing for his country. he only cares about Real Madrid and Champions League and $$$.

  6. Is Van Persie playing? Hes really been poor this tournament. I know he scored one goal but overall hes been disappointing.

  7. Netherlands should get a dressing down in the locker room at half time. Especially the kid Jetro Willems. He’s been utter rubbish throughout the first half. He’s being taken to school by Nani.

    1. That kid is only 18yrs old and playing in the Dutch league. I blame the coach for playing him, what did they expect would happen.

      1. not many 18 year olds make millions of $$ every year. he deserves any criticism he gets. he’s not an infant. he can deal with it and should be able to deal with it. especially when ur representing ur country at a major tournament.

        1. Sounds like your criticism is based on the fact that he makes a lot money rather than any footballing errors he might make.
          Facts are, he’s getting no help. The Centre-backs aren’t very good either. look how easily they were beaten. By the time Nani made the pass for Ronaldo, williams had already been subbed

          1. yest, but before he was subbed, he was atrocious. even if he didn’t concede the goal, he was being manhandled by Nani in the first half. Even Van Der Weil was atrocious. The center-backs were also not that good, but I was surprised by Heitinga. You normally expect much better from him. Vlaar, don’t get me talking about him.

            as for your point about me criticizing him because of money, well you’ve chosen a profession where you’re going to be scrutinized by the media, especially when you’re playing for your country. In this age of technology, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to a 17 year old. he knew the spotlight was going to be on him every time he played for the country. he shouldn’t be sheltered from criticism. he should learn to take it like a man. when I was his age, I got yelled at by my boss a few times but I took it like a man. And so should this millionaire 17 year old.

      2. and the Dutch league isn’t all that bad. It’s one of the top ten leagues in Europe. the coach played him because the main left back was injured. u have to step up as the replacement. u only get a handful of chances to play for ur country.

        1. I understand that but im merely saying, the dutch league is a weak league defensively. Its top 10 rating is due to its offensive players not its defensive players. BTW he is getting alot of blame eventhough only one of the goals the dutch have conceded this whole tournament was his fault. Van Der Weil, Heitinga & Vlaar have been awful this whole tournament aswell.

  8. I think one of the biggest reasons that this Dutch team has struggled was that Sneijder has not been in good form. Hes the best player on the team, and in 2008 & 2010 he was superman. He created and scored many goals in those 2 tournys. He’s had a poor season at Inter and has not played well this Euro.

  9. The Euro tournament has been TIMES better than the South Africa World Cup.

    Better football (open football, plenty of goals, few boring moments).

    Better ball( no Jabulani abomination, Tango12 looks like a normal ball).

    Better atmosphere (no Vuvuzelas).

    Bring it on!

  10. Afellay, Willems, Van Der Weil, De Jong…that’s what happens when u have players on the team who don’t look Dutch and the only reason they are playing for the team is because their parents and grandparents migrated to the Netherlands. smh.

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