Aston Villa Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season [PHOTO]

Aston Villa has unveiled their home and away shirts for the 2012-13 season.

Designed and manufactured by Macron, Aston Villa’s new home shirt, according to the club website, “remains faithful to the classic claret and blue tradition.” The shirt design features a turn-down collar, and is inspired by the club’s 1980-81 championship-winning design. Inside the neck the size tag is personalized with a yellow lion figure on a sky background.

The new Aston Villa away shirt, meanwhile, is lime with navy blue trim. The away shirt features a round neck design made with a knitwear profile and in navy blue colour.

What are your thoughts about Aston Villa’s new home and away kits? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “Aston Villa Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season [PHOTO]”

  1. Love it! Classic Claret and Blue! & Inspired by Trevor Brooking and 1981 Fairs Cup winning squad is mega cool! Retro! Collar is Class! I’m new to football as am american who recently moved to London, but will definetly be buying this! Up The Hammers! Ordering tonight!

    1. Richard – Before you run off an order, you do realize that this is Aston Villa, and not West Ham, right? Same colors, yes, but different teams.

  2. Wow, good save. I’ve been reading alot about west hamshire united since I moved to south london (seeing as they are the local team) and wanted to buy the kit.

    Seems crazy to have the same color kits? I guess they don’t ever have to worry about clashing because the hammers are in the english premier league now, but if Aston Villians ever get promoted then it could be a risk.

    Cool kit though. Thanks for the advise bro!

    Good luck next season though, Awesome Kit! I hope you do well!

  3. Richard,

    Aston Villa is in the Premier League. That’s why teams have different Home/Away kits. When Aston Villa travel to West Ham they’ll be wearing green.

  4. sorry richard i gather you support the blue and white socks so as you support a team who have no chance of promotion you wish we were in your league so you could have a proper derby lol yes our kit is awesome and your kit is … oh sorry you dont have a kit as no one will sponsor a crook good luck for the upcoming season in coca cola n power autowindow screen league oh whatever the league is called below the epl as we have never been out of it i dont usually look that low utv sotc

  5. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to cause offense, I assumed the Aston Villians were low league like they were WHU’s second team (reserve) due to the fact they have some kit and sponsors. Sorry about that. Away kit makes sense, I assumed that was for tours/Exhibition games etc.

    Good luck with the season ahead and can’t wait to see you play at West Hart Lane next year when you take on the Hammers!

    Such a nice kit tho! Jealous bro!

  6. I know quite about about Premier league, I went to watch Chelsea vs Valencia in the premier league at the stamford stadium in Fulham 4 years ago and have been learning more and more since, it wasn’t till I moved to england that i really began to study. But i now know all about Glen Waddle, John Barnes and Peter Southgate, How Blackpool won the league in 1995. Arsenal and the invicable team who won every game unbeaten in all competetions. So actually I know alot about epl! It’s just im still learning about the kits and teams!

    Gimme a break man, im still learning ok!

    Good luck witht he new season! Go Hammers!

    PS Does anyone know if west hamshire fans sing ‘It’s hammer time’ by MC hammer at games? would be so awesome if they did?

    1. Richard

      Nothing wrong with being new and learning

      West Ham (not Hamshire) Hampshire is a county not a club.
      White Hart lane is where Tottenham Hotspur play
      Glen Hoddle
      Chris Waddle
      Gareth Southgate
      No, West Ham fans do not sing MC Hammer, they sing some stupid song about bubbles

      There is no need to apologise, learning and getting into the game is not something to be sorry about.


  7. Take it easy on Richard – he’s learning the sport and its ways and is just enthusiastic for it.

    Don’t let any haters get to you, Richard. Welcome aboard (in terms of more in-depth EPL fandom).

  8. To the point of the kit, I love the 1981 look on the home. The “Saturday Night Bowling League” look on the away? Not so much.

  9. Home shirt: Good: Decent shirt, nice collar.

    Bad: Unecessary, over-sized logos on shoulders, mediocre tailoring.

    The away shirt doesn’t inspire tradition or good taste.

  10. guys, richard is clearly mocking you…. probably just highlighting the fact that the new kit is suspiciously west ham like with the lighter blue sleeves and same kitmaker. just a championship bluenose methinks… care to respond richard?

  11. Hey, I really wasn’t taking the piss. Sorry i have only just moved here from the states, I honestly though it was the same club. In the US, if a kit and sponsor is the same as another teams they are usually a B-team/differn’t league. Like we have MLS but we also have NASL and College leagues, so it’s differn’t over there.

    I have been to a few games on vacation before but like i said, I’ve not seen the hammers play yet. I’m just supporting them because i’ve been told they are the closest team to me in London Bridge, where i live.

    Honestly, didn’t mean to cause offense, most of my premier league knowledge is from books i have bought recently so sorry for not getting Gary southgates name right etc. I like how the game works and the goals are converted but I haven’t got the grips with all the terms yet.

    Thanks for being so cool guys and like i said no offense meant, What got me hooked was the man united QPR game last year when manchester won the title. Its a cool game, you’d never have such a close title run in with american sports.

    Anyways. Congrats to the Ashton Villans, such a cool kit. I’m tempted to buy one for my buddy in the states. hey if anyone knows any good books to read let me know. would love to know more about Ashton? My buddy told me they won the champions league in the 60’s?

    Thanks guys!

  12. Great looking outfit to suit a great team people will take note when trying beat us just how great the Villa are! Villa till I die

  13. This guy is probably making fun of Americans, and the perceived ignorance of the game. No Americans say “taking a piss” as in making fun, we call the “states” the US. Plus, he started by calling it Aston Villans, the changed it to Ashton for some reason. This is a joke, a dumb one, but a joke nonetheless.

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