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Denmark vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

denmark fans Denmark vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Denmark vs Portugal: Noon ET
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Sir Alex Ferguson is nowhere near the Euro 2012 tournament this summer, but we are — in his words – entering the squeaky bum time of the season, where nations need to win to have any chance of progressing. After Portugal’s 1-0 loss against Germany, the side led by Cristiano Ronaldo now finds itself in a position where they have to get three points against Germany to keep the possibility open that they may reach the quarter-finals of Euro 2012.

On the other hand, Denmark — having beaten Netherlands — can almost guarantee a spot in the quarter-finals stage with a win against Portugal.

Just as yesterday’s Poland against Russia game was a marvelous spectacle to watch, today’s Denmark against Portugal match should be the same, too — with so much on the line.

Before, during and after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

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16 Responses to Denmark vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

  1. Dust says:

    C’mon Portugal make it interesting!

  2. Dust says:

    Great goal by pepe.

    Woot! Di Matteo just named chelski manager.

  3. Dust says:

    WoW that defending by Portugal was just terrible

  4. Andrei says:

    Now if Netherlands beat Germany we will have a cracker finish in this group.

  5. dust says:

    I have the aljazera audio over the op of the ESPN feed, its a lot better. Commentating team more focused on the game, instead of inane chit chat.

  6. jtm371 says:

    CR7 forgot to bring his finishing boots.

  7. dust says:

    bad miss

  8. dust says:

    wow! 2-2 misses by Ronaldo shame they weren’t this bad against England 8 years ago!

  9. jtm371 says:

    did F Torres dye his hair and switch sides and now the Danes tied it up.another tournament to forget for CR7.

  10. dust says:

    Pepe is the only one in the defense that’s got a clue, but he cant do it all.

  11. dust says:

    no no no, dont sub before a corner!

  12. jtm371 says:

    nice strike could be the match of the tournament so far CR7 gets off the hook.

  13. dust says:

    Ruud offering some great insight on what its like for CR7 talking about, how he felt in 88 after the season with Milan and how he was tired and was not allowed by his coach to not even take a free kick until he got his fitness back in the final and then in that last game setup the Dutch goal.

    According to Rudd he is just exhausted mentally and physically.

    Ruud gets it, even Tim Sherwood sounding good

  14. Casper Larsen says:

    Damn this was such a tough loss…

    We made too many mistakes againts Portugal but honestly felt that we played better in parts of the game….We gave away two stupid goals in the first half but fought back only to concede just before the final whistle….

    Portugal deserves congratulations…….Im so disappointed, but proud of our boys….They are showing the world that we can play up with the best despite having a team of rather average players by comparison….

    We prodably need to go out and beat Germany which is a very tough task.

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