Magic Moments in European Championship History [PHOTO]

Artist Dave Williams from Liverpool, England has put together 16 original illustrations to represent a different magic moment in European Championship history for each of the teams participating in Euro 2012.

According to Williams, “The illustrations use the national flags of the 16 finalists to recreate an iconic moment from their history.”

Here are all 16:

Croatia: Euro ’96 Schmeichel Lobbed

Czech Republic: Euro ’96 Karel’s Chip

Denmark: Euro ’92 Jensen’s Rocket

England: Euro ’96 Seaman Saves

France: Euro ’84 Platini’s Freekick

Germany: Euro ’96 German Golden Goal

Greece: Euro ’04 Corner Kick Conquerors

Ireland: Euro ’88 Whelan’s Overhead

Italy: Euro ’00 Penalty Progress

Netherlands: Euro ’88 Van Basten’s Volley

Poland: Euro ’08 Pole Offside Goal

Portugal: Euro ’04 Ronaldo’s Tears

Russia: Euro ’08 Arshavin Runs Dutch Ragged

Spain: Euro ’08 Spain Celebrate

Sweden: Euro ’04 Zlatan’s Backheel

Ukraine: Euro ’12 First Time Finalists

4 thoughts on “Magic Moments in European Championship History [PHOTO]”

  1. After I read the intro I was expecting the horizontal arc of the St. George’s cross to represent Gareth Southgate kicking the ball straight at the German goalkeeper.

    Seriously, this is very cool and creative.

    1. in-fact these “moments” reminded me of why England have been hyped up for a while in-spite of not winning. The fractions of a moment be it luck or brilliance that push one team on or one team out. I have some suggestions of moments for your interpretation if I may?

      Mexico 86 “the hand of god”.

      We reached the semis of the world cup in italia 90 and were several “moments” away from the final, Gazza sliding and missing putting the ball the open net by 2 inches. The Penalty misses by Waddle and Pearce just minutes after the miss by Gazza.

      The realization of not Qualifying for the 94 WC (the dark years of english football with Graham Taylor)

      The Penalty misses in the semis of Euro 96.

      Beckham tantrum against Argentina in WC 98

      Sol Campbell’s 1st disallowed goal against Argentina in WC 98 (horrendous decision, I think I cried for 2 days after that one).

      Euro 2004 Sol Campell’s career second winning goal to be disallowed, this time against Portugal after owen hits the bar and then loosing on penalties…again.

      WC 2006 England going out on penalties again to Portugal just 2 years after the last disappointment.
      (at some point you’d like to think that every practice England ever have, everyone takes at least 20 practice penalties before they do anything else)

      WC 2010 Dempsey goal against Rob Green.

      Just some moments that have scared many an english fans over the years and lead to a (what I feel is a justified) belief that we are the unluckiest team ever in international football.

      What can you do with those moments? your english, it may even be cathartic…

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