16 thoughts on “Decide Which Of These Euro 2012 Opening Titles Is The Best [POLL]”

  1. I would actually like to watch an ESPN version of a game, I hear a lot about Lalas, I want to know if it’s as bad as everyone says.

      1. I just watched a few clips on Youtube, I had to laugh when he was talking about the lack of England’s talent going forward with Welbeck and Young. Like Lalas would ever get near the starting 11 for Man Utd, he wouldn’t have made the starting 11 for Wigan

        The guy talks like he spent all his career playing for Barca and Madrid, not some crappy Italian side

  2. ESPN easy.

    BBC is just pro England and thought that was little lame. I thought I was watching the start of a Harry Potter movie on the ITV.

    1. To be fair to the BBC it is funded by the British people not commercial sponsers so it makes sense that it is pro the only British team in the tournament

  3. I have watched all the games on itv and the beeb! The itv opening grows on you. Btw – why does ESPN insist on giving us Alexis Lalas?? He hates the English and the premier league and his knowledge of the game is nil!!

  4. The ITV intro reminds me of Moral Orel on Adult Swim. The BBC would be better if it wasn’t so pro England, but guess who is mostly watching it.

  5. ESPN or ITV. I just loved the ESPN song and how they showed all the historic players. I like the ITV song too and the animation. Hmmm…tough one. Finally, I know BBC, is an English station but it would have been nice if they made a neutral intro instead and also, that’a Match of the Day intro. That’s why it only showed England and Ireland.

    1. The majority of live football on the BBC is under the ‘MOTD’ banner. It’s always pushed as ‘MOTD Live:’ then whatever match of tournament it is.
      The BBC has every right to focus its attention on the only home nation side in the tournament. The nations hopes rest on the 3 Lions so if our national (and publicly funded) service can’t feature a prominence of its own team then there is something seriously up with the world, especially when people from other countries are commenting on how it should be neutral. I wouldn’t comment if ESPN US showed the USA team in its World Cup intro, or if a French broadcaster dared to feature the French side more prominently than other nations in its Euro 2012 intro.

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