Ukraine vs Sweden, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Sweden vs Ukraine: 2:45pm ET
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Out of all the opening round matches, Sweden against Ukraine is probably the one that people are least looking forward to. No one is really talking about Sweden’s chances, and no one is rating Ukraine.

But today is an opportunity for both sides to show what they’re made of, and to try to earn that vital first win to get out of a tough group.

Before, during or after the match today, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

34 thoughts on “Ukraine vs Sweden, Euro 2012: Open Thread”

  1. C’mon Sweden, a Swedish win here will really apply pressure to England for the next game and hopefully make them go after the win playing more attacking football.

    Plus looking forward to see what Ibrahimavic will do. A draw would not be good for the group.

  2. The funny fact is that both Ukraine and Sweden have the same team colors: yellow and blue. So it is going to be plenty of yellow and blue at the stadium :)

  3. “Least looking forward to”? As opposed to Ireland v Croatia, or Poland v Greece?

    Never worked out at Chelsea and he’s getting up there but I still respect Sheva as one of the best stikers the last 15 years, can’t say the same about Voronin

  4. Nothing to get too concerned about, it’s a case of if you can’t beat both of these teams you don’t deserve to go through

  5. with no dog in this fight you have to love when a guy like Shev can have a match like this in his home country.

  6. Why does everyone from England refer to “the wave” as “the Mexican wave”? We were doing that north of the Rio Grande 25 years ago.

    1. Most people around the world first saw the Mexican Wave in the 1986 World Cup, which was staged in Mexico. Thus, it’s known by most people around the world as the Mexican Wave.

      The Gaffer

          1. Good players and good teams are more likely to make you look average, they’re more likely to have more possession, and more shots. Now if you’re playing against an average team which Ukraine are you should look better against them and have more possession and more shots. You certainly shouldn’t be losing and looking poor while doing it. So who you’re playing has everything to do with how you play, how much possession you have and whether you win, lose or draw.

            England vs France – Draw
            Sweden vs Ukraine – Lose

            World of difference

        1. Yes drawing against France who played not to lose is one thing. It will require significantly different effort to defeat Swedes who will be fighting for their survival. And when Rooney comes back will he show as much heart playing for England as Shevchenko did playing for Ukraine today?

          1. The Swedes can’t just sit there, they’ve got zero points and have England and France to play. What are they going to do, try and play for the draw in the hope they can beat France? They are going to have to go for it and we will be ready to punish them.

            Rooney comes back and Young replaces Milner on the wing. That will be a big boost against them and from what I have seen from Sweden I expect England to win and win well

    1. Doing better than PGA and MLB. Encouraging numbers for certain. People are getting hooked on the sport for the first time and can’t get enough.

  7. I was impressed with Ukraine, but very disappointed with Sweden, they weren’t as good offensively as they were talked up to be

  8. @Pete Yes Sweden will attack and they have plenty of quality in front to be dangerous. And should they score first I’m not sure this England team has enough in them to respond in kind. Sweden are better team than Ukraine. Ukraine played very spirited if not skillful football and Swedes lost their plot at some point. Plus their finishing was atrocious today. But it would be a grave mistake on the England side to treat them as weaklings. This group is wide open and if England lose to Sweden and France beat Ukraine England are no longer in control of their fate. France and Sweden will simply play a comfortable draw which will end England and Ukraine campaign.

  9. I was geniunly suprised at first, It looked promising, but petered out after the goal, like they got scared of loosing and claimed up. They reverted to playing a slower game of football, not the same as the premier league at all.

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